The month of July is warm and beautiful. It is the second month of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. There are so many fun activities that can be done in this month, one of them is to celebrate the birthdays of July babies. If you have a special girl in your life who was born in July, look here for inspiration on awesome birthday gifts for people who were born in July. People born in different months have different traits and preferences. Picking the perfect gift for each birth month can be tricky. In this article, there are 15 personalized ideas for the month of July based on their sign, birth month flower, and birthstone. These thoughtful gifts for perfect for the July-born women, whether it is for your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister, or friends.

So, read on to discover our favorite picks on 15 best gifts for July birthdays.

Best July Birthday Gifts for Her
Best Birthday Gifts for People Born in July

If she celebrates her birthday in the first 22 days of July, she is a Cancer. For those born from July 23nd to July 31st, they are the members of Leo sign.

1. July Horoscope Sign Necklace

1a. Presentski Cancer Constellation Horoscope Necklace

Bring extra sparkles to her life with this Cancer sign necklace. It features two bling charms that can be worn together or apart. This necklace looks trendy and cool. Wear it and feel the cosmic power brought by your own astrology sign.

1b. Sweet Romance Leo Sign Necklace

An awesome gift for those born under the sign of Leo. Wear this magical amulet to amplify the strong characteristics of Leo. She will love the antique bronze lion design within a silver crystal halo. This necklace also comes with a tiny star charm set with a personalized stone of her sun sign.

(You can find more Leo gifts from our gift guide for August-born who also shares the same star sign.)

2. Cancer Horoscope Journal

Practical and cheap, this chic journal has 100 lined pages for her to write down whatever she likes. It makes one of the best gifts for July birthdays under $10.

3. Zodiac Cancer Sign Wine Glass

A nice-looking wine glass for the July-born birthday girl who is into astrology. This wine glass has an exquisite constellation design adorned with shiny stones.

4. Cancer The Zodiac B*tch Candle by Malicious Women Candle Co

Your July-born pals need a good laugh on her special day. This is a sassy AF gift for the motherf’n Cancer aka the b*tch who is chill until you piss her off.

5. Lucky Feather Cancer Zodiac Bracelet

Give this cord bracelet to your friend who was born in the first 22 days of July. It is a stylish fashion accessory for her who loves her astrology sign.

6. PammyJ Crab Dangle Earrings

The Cancer horoscope symbol is the Crab. Get these crabs for her to show off her Cancer pride. They have great details and the colors are vibrant. It is a whimsical pair to add to her jewelry collection.

7. Gold Crab Jewelry Tray

Let this gold crab holds the Cancerian’s precious gems. It is made of great quality glazed ceramic. Sturdy and good-looking. It is an awesome birthday gift for Cancer women.

Gifts for People Born in July

July Birth Flower Gifts

The birth month flowers of July are the larkspur and water lily. Larkspur signifies strong bonds of love, and the water lily means purity.

8. Enesco July Birthday Flower Coffee Mug

Give this beautiful floral mug to those who celebrate their birthdays in July. It features the July birth flower, the larkspur. There is a heartfelt message on the back of this mug. It reads “you’re the best of the bunch.”

9. Water Lily Pattern Tote Bag

A beautiful fabric tote with pink water lilies and a motivational quote at the back. It reads “be like a water lily, it doesn’t get affected by its surroundings and flourish on its own.”

9. Pressed Flower Larkspur PopSockets

Give her pressed larkspur instead of a fresh flower which tends to wilt within a couple of days. This popular phone accessory comes in handy for every modern girl who uses her phone regularly. Attach it to the back of her phone to expand the grip. She can also use it as a stand for hands-free viewing or an earbud cord storage.

10. Blossom Water Lily Wood Tray

Your mom will appreciate this decorative plate expertly carved using mango tree wood. It is painted in black and brown with unique water lily details.

11. NOVICA White-Eyed Lotus Earrings

Another birth flower gift for the July babies in your life. A pair of water lily earrings handcrafted by a highly-skilled artisan from Bali. The flowers are crafted from sterling silver, giving it an interesting antique finish.

(The story behind: NOVICA is an impact marketplace that offers a free platform for artisans from around the world (many living in rural areas) to sell their work on the international market. In association with National Geographic, NOVICA works together with talented artisans to preserve ancient artistic traditions and produce precious keepsake treasures.)

12. Handcrafted Water Lily Porcelain Tea Pot

If she is a tea drinker, she will adore this lovely teapot. This is a Chinese teapot with delicate details of water lily and a dragonfly. The jade green color looks serene and peaceful.

July Birthday Gift Ideas

July Birthstone Gifts – Ruby

The birthstone of July is ruby. Ruby is a highly-prized gemstone that represents love, health, and wisdom. It was believed that wearing ruby will bring good fortune to its owner.

13. Ruby Jewelry for Women Born in July

13a. CDE Rose Gold Plated Ruby Necklace

This dainty necklace includes a stunning heart-shaped ruby and glittering crystals at the side. Whether it is for your mom, best friend, wife, or girlfriend, this gorgeous ruby necklace is the perfect birthday gift for her who was born in July.

13b. Leafael Infinity Love Heart Ruby Bracelet

Choose this for your wife to show how much you love her. Elegant design with loads of heart charms. The ruby hearts accented with tiny crystals look extra sparkly. This bracelet will surely make her happy.

14. July Angel Figurine

A heavenly birthday gift to bring good wishes for the July-born. This angel is finely crafted with July’s birth flower, larkspur floral design. She is also decorated with a ruby birthstone crystal.

15. Big Ruby Jewel Paperweight

If she spends a long hour on her work desk, help her to make her desk looks more welcoming. Pretty desk accessories will lift up the mood. Give her this big ruby. It is shaped like a diamond and has a brilliant cut that reflects the light. It is definitely an eye-catching piece to put on the desk.


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Best Gifts for July Birthdays
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