Find cheerful stationery and desk accessories by Lilly Pulitzer to dress up your space. We have brought together a collection of 15 colorful school and office supplies in Lilly Pulitzer’s unique style. Use them to brighten up your desk and also your day!

Lilly Pulitzer School Supplies & Stationery

Lilly Pulitzer Office / School Supplies

Here’s a list of Lilly Pulitzer school supplies you will fall in love with immediately.

1. Lilly Pulitzer Planner

Tackle your to-do tasks one-by-one with this undated hardcover planner. It is completed with sections for your daily schedule, to-do’s, shopping lists, and top priorities. The golden palm cover is really gorgeous.

Lilly Pulitzer Planner
Lilly Pulitzer Metallic Palm Planner
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2. Letter Tray

This is a classy office decor to keep your desk away from the mess. It is great for organizing loose papers, documents, and office supplies.

Lilly Pulitzer Letter Tray
Lilly Pulitzer Gold Sea Side Letter Tray
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3. Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Pack

This adorable set will make the stationery addicts and journal lovers happy. The colorful pouch comes with one Lilly Pulitzer print pen, two sticker sheets, three magnetic page markers, and two tropical-themed paper clips.

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda - The Bonus Pack
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Agenda Bonus Pack
Agenda accessories inside
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4. Tech Sleeve

Protect your laptop the stylish way.

Lilly Pulitzer Tech Sleeve
Beach Loot Laptop Sleeve
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5. Earbuds

Listen to your favorite music while you work. These cute earbuds come with three sizes of earpiece to create the best custom fit.

Lilly Pulitzer Earbuds (Cheek to Cheek)
Lilly Pulitzer Earbuds (Cheek to Cheek)
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6. Colorful Pens

These pens are the must-have Lilly Pulitzer stationery for girls. Features four vibrant designs that each has its own characteristic.

Lilly Pulitzer Black Ink Pen Collection
Lilly Pulitzer Beach Loot Pen Set
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7. Large Notebook

This college-ruled notebook is perfect for writing down notes. You can bring it to class, work, meetings, or travel. It is lightweight and fits easily in your backpack.

Lilly Pulitzer Large College Ruled Notebook
Lilly Pulitzer Large College Ruled Notebook
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8. Mini Notebooks 

If you prefer a smaller size, get these instead. A set of 3 mini notebooks in beautiful Lilly Pulitzer patterns.

Lilly Pulitzer Mini Spiral Notebook Set
Mini Spiral Notebook Set
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9. Leatherette Strap Key Chain

We love the mermaid print and the gold logo charm.

Lilly Pulitzer Key Fob Key Chain
Lilly Pulitzer Strap Key Fob
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10. Agenda Padfolio

Attend the meetings in style with this leatherette padfolio. The gold leaf pattern looks feminine and tasteful.

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Folio Office Supplies
Lilly Pulitzer Gold Agenda Folio
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11. Lilly Pulitzer Journal

We adore the bright-colored, swirling floral Lilly Pulitzer print of this notebook.

Lilly Pulitzer Catch The Wave Journal
Lilly Pulitzer Journal (Catch The Wave)
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12. Note Pad Set

A turtle-y awesome note pad for your desk. It also makes a great small gift for people who love turtles.

Lilly Pulitzer Small List Pad with Acrylic Holder
Small List Pad with Acrylic Holder
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13. Lilly Pulitzer Heart and Soul Catchall Tray

A chic desk accessory for students and office dwellers. It is the perfect sweet spot to place your stationery, coins, and other small items.

Lilly Pulitzer Women's Trinket Tray
Heart and Soul Porcelain Tray
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14. Thermal Mug

This travel mug is patterned both inside and out, so the more you drink the cuter your mug gets! We also curated a list of cute coffee mugs here.

Lilly Pulitzer Lover's Coral Thermal Mug
Lilly Pulitzer Lover’s Coral Thermal Mug
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15. Lilly Pulitzer Planner Desk Pad

Place this colorful weekly calendar on your desk. Write down your schedule and keep track of them easily.

Lilly Pulitzer Planner Desk Pad and Pen Set
Planner Desk Pad and Pen Set
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That’s the collection of 15 Lilly Pulitzer school supplies. Did you find anything interesting? Thanks for reading.

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