Coffee mugs are excellent gifts no matter what the occasion and who the recipient is. Plain coffee mugs are practical but boring. If you are looking to buy some cute mugs online (through Amazon, for example), here’s a list of 30 adorable coffee mugs coffee drinkers will love. They are perfect for other beverages such as tea too! So don’t feel left out, tea lovers. Oh, and there’s more, in part two of this article you will also find funny coffee mugs that have funny statements on them. Check out these cool mug gifts now.

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Cute Mugs: Coffee and Tea

Here is a selection of some of the cutest coffee mugs found online, such as on Amazon and Etsy.

1. Peach Shaped Mug

Bring a pop of color to your kitchen with this brightly-colored peach-shaped mug. It is round and cute. Perfect for people who love fruit.

2. Mermaid Tail Mug

For the aspiring mermaid. This pretty purple mug will be your happy mug. Check out our mermaid gift ideas post for more mermaid merchandise.

3. Personalized Floral Monogram Coffee Mug

Distinguish your mug from others, get yourself a special mug printed with your initial. We love the monogram with the beautiful floral design.

4. One Gigantic Coffee Mug

If regular mug won’t do, why not pick a large size mug. I mean a super big 64 ounces capacity mug. It will make sure the drinker has no problem of staying awake.

One Cup of Coffee Gigantic Mug - Big Cute Funny Coffee Mugs
One Cup of Coffee Gigantic Mug

5. Bamber Wood Mug

Bring a touch of nature to your space. Enjoy sipping your coffee while appreciating the beautiful wood grains.

6. Stay Sassy AF Mug

No fancy design. Just a simple and clear statement to remind girls to stay sassy.

7. Suite One Studio Mimira Mug

For someone who likes thing with a little sparkle. This coffee mug is inspired by watercolor paintings with a flourish of genuine gold.

8. Life of The Party Mug

We love the red polka dots pattern. It is chic and playful. By Kate Spade New York.

9. Pineapple Campfire Mug

It is big and nice. Perfect for the pineapple lovers.

10. Go Away Funny Coffee Mug

Funny mug with three measurements to show your current mood.

11. Funny Buddha Quote Coffee Mug

Follow the guidance of Buddha, let that sh*t go, and be a wise happy man.

12. Best Mug For Your Best Friend

Get this for your BFF because she is your favorite bitch.

Favorite Bitch Mug
Favorite Bitch Mug

13. Dick Cactus Coffee Mug

The jerks and assholes deserve this.

14. Unicorn Coffee Mug

Wake up to a magical day.

15. Lucky Cat Shaped Mug

Provides you with good luck every morning.

16. Pusheen Catpusheeno Mug

We love everything about this mug; the pastel color, the polka dots, and the adorable cat pretending to be a muffin in this oversized 18 oz mug.

17. I Do What I Want Bunny Mug

This badass bunny is showing some attitude.

18. 3D Deer Mug

Perfect for holiday mug swap at the office, school, and church.

3D Deer Mug by Homee
3D Deer Mug by Homee

19. Slow Brew Sloth Mug Set

Fun mug set for the tea lovers. Be like a sloth who knows how to live. Kick back, take a long, slow sip of perfectly brewed tea.

Slow Brew Infuser and Mug Gift Set by Fred & Friends
Slow Brew Infuser and Mug Set by Fred & Friends

20. Kutani Yaki Gold Flower Mug – Artistic Japanese Stoneware

The uneven shape, the gorgeous brushwork, the rich overglazed colors, and the gold flowers make this mug looks simply stunning.

21. Shanghai Infuser Porcelain Teacup Mug

The traditional Chinese style artwork and vibrant colors are truly eye-catching.

22.  Japanese Fine Art Ceramic Mug

Features famous Japanese painting “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Katsushika Hokusai.

Katsushika Hokusai The Great Wave Japanese Fine Art Ceramic Coffee Mug
Ukiyo-e violent ocean waves coffee mug

23. Chinese Lotus Porcelain Tea Mug

This elegant black mug set with gold lotus artwork is definitely a good choice.

Chinese Lotus Porcelain Tea Mug
Chinese Lotus Porcelain Tea Mug

24. Amazing Woman Mug And Coaster

Great mug with an uplifting message for women. It reads “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all”.

Amazing Woman Mug And Coaster
Amazing woman coffee mug

25. Sweetly Stated Mug – Rise and Shine

A cute mug to make you smile every morning.

26. Cath Kidston China Range Stackable Mugs

Mix and match the bold and colorful mugs by Cath Kidston.

27. Be Awesome Today Coffee Mug

Minimalist mug with an inspirational quote. This coffee mug gives you positive energy.


Because glitter is my favorite color.

29. Summer Bloom Double Walled Mug

Welcome the spring, bring in a garden of flowers to your kitchen.

30. Hello Gorgeous Coffee Mug

Start your day off with gold because it is fancy and chic.

That’s it! Those are the product recommended for cute mugs / cups you can get for yourself or anyone on your shopping list.

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