What’s the best gifts for people who love turtles? See here for our collection of 30 awesome turtle gifts and merchandise that every turtle enthusiast needs.

Turtles have been around since the dinosaur age. They are the oldest groups of reptiles living on earth. Over millions of years, they evolved and now we can find different types of turtles living all over the world. Turtles adapt well to different climates, and some even become our domestic pets, just like cats and dogs. Turtles are the symbol of good luck, longevity, persistence, and wisdom in many cultures. They are well-liked by people. If you have a friend or family member who loves turtles, see here for our favorite turtle themed gifts. From home decor, fashion accessories, school supplies, and more. These awesome turtle stuff are suitable for turtle owners and turtle lovers of all ages. Read on to find out 30 best gift ideas for turtle lovers.

Gift Guide for Turtle Lovers

Best Turtle Gifts

1. Lilly Pulitzer Blue Porcelain Turtle Trinket Tray

Let’s start our list of turtle gift guide with this gorgeous porcelain tray. It is beautifully crafted in turtle-shaped, painted with Lily Pulitzer‘s signature pattern, and finished with a gold trim accent. This little tray is perfect for holding your jewelry and other small items. It is definitely a turtley awesome addition to your vanity area.

Lilly Pulitzer Blue Porcelain Jewelry Trinket Tray
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2. Turquoise Network Turtle Pendant Necklace

A lovely gift for her who is obsessed with sea turtles. This turtle pendant is made of natural turquoise stone. Each of them has its own unique colors and patterns. It comes with a solid sterling silver chain.

Turquoise Network Turtle Pendant Necklace
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3. Pura Vida Turtle Charm Bracelet

A simple and cute bracelet for teen girls. This bracelet features a gold turtle charm and Pura Vida‘s popular P charm. It is adjustable and matches well with other bracelets. A must-have item for VSCO girls.

Pura Vida Bitty BB Turtle Charm Bracelet
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4. You Are Turtley Awesome Motivational Mug

Your turtley awesome friend totally deserves to own this mug. Features a huge turtle swimming in the ocean. This cool mug has an attractive boho flair.

You Are Turtley Awesome Motivational Mug
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5. JOVIVI Natural Stone Keychain

A small turtle themed gift loved by men and women. The turquoise stone looks nice.

JOVIVI Sea Turtle Natural Stone Keychain
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6. Decorative String Lights

Turtles make them happy. It is their dream to be surrounded by a lot of turtles. Hang these turtle fairy lights in their room and let these shell creatures accompany your turtle lover to sleep. They make a wonderful gift for kids who love turtles. It is also perfect for the grown-ups who are obsessed with sea turtles.

Turtle Decorative String Lights
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7. Betsey Johnson “Sea Excursion” Stud Earrings

A fabulous pair of turtle earrings no turtle lovers will reject. These little shell animals are rocking in antique gold and a fancy green shell decorated with purplish crystals. Their small details and color combination definitely caught our attention.

Betsey Johnson
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8. Turtle Shaped Pen Holder

This little guy is good at carrying your pens or succulent plant at its back. It is a charming decoration to brighten up your desk or windowsill.

Turtle Shaped Pen Holder
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9. Turtle Shaped Paper Clips

100 pieces of turtle-shaped paper clips for your turtle crazy friends because their loose papers need these turtles to hold them together.

Turtle Shaped Paper Clips
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10. VSCO Sea Turtles Stickers

A fun gift for the turtle loving girls to decorate their water bottle, phone, laptop, and any other stuff she likes with some turtley touch.

VSCO Sea Turtles Stickers
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11. Why The Shell Not Turtle Puns T-Shirt

Why the shell not give her this stylish T-shirt as a gift?

Why The Shell Not Turtle Puns T-Shirt
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12. Sea Turtle Matching Bracelets

When your BFF and you adore turtles so much you definitely need to get these turtle bracelets. These matching friendship bracelets are handmade with waxed ropes. They are waterproof and adjustable. It makes a meaningful gift for best friends to remind them of how “turtley awesome” they are.

Sea Turtle Matching Bracelets
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13. Lilly Pulitzer Turtle Villa Print ID Case Keychain Wallet

This charming mini wallet will become her new favorite. The design is practical, and the print is fun. Ditch your huge wallet, no more carrying around unnecessary extras. ID, cards, keys and some cash are all you need.

Lilly Pulitzer ID Case Keychain Wallet
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14. Sea Turtle Bejeweled Jewelry Box

This is a brilliant gift for women who adore turtles. We know that women love jewelry. When you send her favorite animal to guard her treasure? This idea will definitely impress them. Moreover, this majestic turtle is not an ordinary turtle. It is a golden turtle with gorgeous colors and sparkling stone embellishment.

Sea Turtle Bejeweled Jewelry Box
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Sea Turtle Bejeweled Jewelry Box
Sea Turtle Bejeweled Jewelry Box
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15. Wearable Blanket

When your kid loves turtle so much he/ she dreams to be a turtle. Make her dream comes true, let her snuggle down in this sack blanket. It is really soft and warm. It is good a keeping her cozy and comfortable in the cold nights. This blanket surely makes one of the best turtle-themed gifts for kids.

Cozy Turtle Blanket
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16. Turtle Lovers Journal

A cheap and cute gift for your friend who is into everything turtles. This notebook has 160 lined pages for her to write the shell out of her mind.

I Just Freaking Love Turtles Journal
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17. Colorful Succulent Planter Pot

When your turtle enthusiast also happens to be a person who loves cactus. This adorable little pot will be a great house for their succulents. It is colorful and super cute!

Colorful Turtle Succulent Planter Pot
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18. Turquoise Hawaii Style Bracelet

A great-looking braided bracelet featuring four turquoise turtles. It is a trendy fashion accessory for teenagers, women, and men.

Turquoise Hawaii Style Turtle Bracelet
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19. Sea Turtles Family Tote Bag

Bring this beach bag along when you go to the beach next time. It is roomy and durable. Perfect for storing your swimsuit, beach towel, sunglasses, and other beach accessories.

Sea Turtles Family Tote Bag
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20. Mini Backpack

Carry a bunch of turtles wherever you go. This trendy mini backpack is suitable for kids and adults.

Bungalow 360 Turtle Pattern Mini Backpack
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21. Baby Sea Turtles Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

A travel mug with a peaceful graphic of baby sea turtles swimming in the sea. It is double-walled to keep your drinks warm or cold for up to 12 hours.


Tree-Free Greetings Baby Sea Turtles Vacuum Insulated Tumbler
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22. Turtley Awesome Socks

Let’s continue with cool turtle gifts for men. This pair of cotton socks will make his feet flap happily because he is turtley awesome!

Turtle Statement Socks
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23. Turtle Lovers Parking Sign

A funny metal sign for the turtle owners in your life. Interesting design, bright colors. Place this at his usual parking spot to make him smile.

Turtle Lovers Parking Sign 
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24. Blue Turtle Men’s Cufflink

A set of fancy sea turtles cufflinks for him. These cufflinks are finely crafted with attention to detail. The turtles look really nice from any angle. A fantastic men’s accessory for him to show off his love of turtles.

Sea Turtle Men's Cufflink
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25. Turtle Pattern Tie

When your turtle loving guy needs to dress up for a special occasion. This premium quality skinny tie will make him look cool. Features a classy blue background dotted with whimsical looking turtles. It is perfect for a beach wedding or any event by the sea.

Turtle Pattern Tie
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26. Save The Turtles Face Mask

2-in-1 goodness. Wear this cloth mask to help stop the spread of virus and to promote saving the turtles.

Save The Turtles Face Mask
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27. Mandala Beach Towel Blanket

A summer must-have. Don’t forget to bring a stylish beach blanket when you hit the beach. People who are into everything turtles will adore the vibrant colors, detailed mandala, and unique turtle graphic of this beach blanket.

Mandala Turtle Beach Towel Blanket
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28. Funbiz 2 Pack Reusable Straws

A real turtle lover must help save the turtles. Cut down the use of disposable straws, opt for reusable straws instead. These silicone straws are compact and portable. They are soft, foldable, and heat-resistant. Keep one in your pocket or hang it on your bag wherever you go out.

Funbiz 2 Pack Reusable Straws
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29. Happy Turtle Sayings Decorative Box Sign

Anything turtle will make them happy. And that, of course, includes turtle sayings, turtle puns, and turtle quotes. Place this wooden sign on their desktop, it will lift up the mood.

Happy Turtle Sayings Decorative Wooden Box Sign
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30. Lucky Little Turtle Wish Box Charm

Give this sweetest little guy to the turtle lovers in your life. It is tiny but it will bring an abundance of good luck to its owner. It is 1″ in size and the shell can be opened up to store your wish.

Lucky Little Turtle Wish Box Charm 
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That concludes our list of 30 best gifts for turtle enthusiasts. Thanks for reading.

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