Rose gold is the perfect color to add glamor to your office. As much as we want to paint the office with rose gold paint or get a rose gold office chair, these aren’t always viable options. So what can you do to bring this gorgeous hue to your office? The answer is rose gold stationery.

Rose Gold Office Ideas: Stationery & Office Supplies

We spend most of our waking hours working at the desk. It can affect your mood and productivity if your desk is dull and boring and sad. So make your workplace look more fun and welcoming by adding some cute (and rose gold) office supplies.

If you are obsessed with rose gold, or you simply want some elegant touch, you’ll love the rose gold office supply selection we have in store for you. Below are 27 rose gold stationery and decorations that are affordable and chic. Upgrade your office space today!

P/S: Dear stationery addicts, please proceed reading with caution. You might end up hauling all these cute stationery.

1. Rose Gold Stationery Set

Modern working ladies definitely need this rose gold stationery set. It is the essential first step to make your work desk looks cute. There are diamond-shaped paper clips, rose gold pins, eraser, memo pad, binder clips, washi tape, pencil sharpener, and a glam ballpoint pen in this acrylic container.

By getting one box of this, you can get 21 pieces of rose gold stationery. Isn’t it a steal?

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Rose Gold Stationery Set
Dress My Desk Rose Gold Stationery Set

2. Rose Gold Heart Binder Clips

A rose gold office setup is incomplete without some binder clips. Give your papers some love, hold them together neatly with these heart-shaped binder clips.

3. Miss Greene Floral Rose Gold Desk Organizer Set

Rose Gold X Floral for the girl boss. Take your desk game to the next level with this stunning desk essentials. This is a desk organizer and accessories set you won’t find in any big box store or even Amazon. Choose from the set of 4, 6, or 7 to dress up your desk in luxe.

The luxurious style you can’t resist

4. Scotch Rose Gold Tape Dispenser

We love the clean and sleek design of this rose gold tape dispenser.

5. Folia Decorative Masking Washi Tape 

Give your art project a touch of rose gold here and there. This set of four washi tapes definitely looks cool.

6. Studio Oh! Hardcover Rose Gold Notebook

A metallic hardcover notebook that is easy to tuck into a work briefcase. It features super-soft leather-like covers with debossed accents.

7. Rose Gold Ruler

The ruler is a must-have for everyone’s office supplies collection. Because every inch counts, we have to measure it in style!

8. Rose Gold Push Pins

Add a pop of rose gold to the corkboard. The bulldog clip design at the front of this tack pin allows you to hang your photos and important memo without creating pin-holes. Don’t miss these cute things if you’re looking for small office supplies to add some rose gold hue to your office.

9. Westcott Rose Gold Scissors

This pair of sharp scissors is a must-have desk accessory to make your space looks extra glam. If your office supplies arsenal is lacking a pair of scissors, this pair of rose gold clippers is just what you need.

10. Diamond Rose Gold Ball Pens

If you want to get some elegant-looking pens to sit on your desk, this is a fantastic choice. It is shiny, chic, and inexpensive. P/S: We really love the sparkling diamonds inside.

11. Pentel Arts Slicci Pen

If you are into bullet journaling, this metallic rose gold gel pen must be added into your to-buy list. Its color is brilliant and the ink flows smoothly makes it perfect for fine detailing of your work.

12. Rose Gold Paint Marker

Fine point paint marker to write on surfaces like glass, paper, wood, porcelain, stone, metal, and mirrors.

13. NanoArt Rose Gold Liquid Chalk Markers

Perfect for temporary decoration like writing on chalkboard, glass, ceramic, and metal. Add amazing touch to your artworks and you can wipe them clean easily with a damp cloth.

Rose Gold Marble Office Supplies

14. Rose Gold Marble File Folders

Tasteful desk accessories for teachers. Organize your teacher’s desk the graceful way.

15. Get Sh*t Done: Motivational Notebook

We believe a pretty planner will help us get things done.

16. White Marble Rose Gold Stapler

Get this stapler to add a luxurious feel and instantly elevate the look of your desk.

17. Rose Gold Staples Stapler Refill

And only the rose gold stapler refill fits our stylish stapler.

18. Graphique Rose Marble Jotter Notepad

Not to forget a trendy desk accessory for jotting down notes and doodling.

19. Marble Rose Gold Pencil Case

Now you have all these beautiful rose gold office supplies, you got to find them a home. Stationery addicts, this waterproof case is perfect to store your stationery haul.

20. Rose Gold and Marble Mousepad

If you need a mouse pad, we recommend this non-slip rubber pad that is completed with a satin-like smooth fabric on top.

21. Deluxe Monthly Desk Calendar

It is also helpful to have this undated calendar on our desk. It has plenty of space for us to write down schedules and to-do list.

Desk Accessories & Decor in Rose Gold

22. Rose Gold Acrylic Desk Organizer

This C.R. Gibson product is a wonderful addition to any desk. It helps keep your office supplies organized and chic.

23. Rose Gold Word Clock

This clock has a new way to tell time. It is trendy, modern-looking, and functional. A cool rose gold office decoration that one cannot miss.

24. Rose Gold File Organizer Rack

A tasteful metal file holder for your folders and magazines. Without a proper and stylish file holder like this, astray files and folders would have put your rose gold office in jeopardy.

25. Zodaca Rose Gold Pen Holder 

It would be sad to see your office supplies in a disarray. You can keep them organized in this eye-catching rose gold stationery holder which features a unique twist design.

26. Stackable Rose Gold Office Tray

A sturdy two-tiered space-saving rack to sort out your letters, papers, and documents.

27. Asmwo Mug Warmer

If you like your coffee to stay warm for hours, this mug warmer will keep your drink toasty while your work.

28. Rose Gold Office Trash Can

When you want to get rid of things, throw them into this shiny trash can. The slim and modern design makes it matches well with any office decor.

What is your favorite office supply product?

And that wraps up our rose gold office supplies collection, did you find anything you like from the list? Isn’t rose gold a breathtaking color? Personally, it’s one of my favorite colors and I adore everything rose-gold from jewelry to, yes, stationery.

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