Girls, gear up for school with our collection of 18 super cool back to school supplies. From fancy stationery, cool desk accessories, stylish school bag and more.

These must-have school essentials gonna make you feel so excited for going back to school.

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Awesomely Cute School Supplies Girls Love

Scroll down to discover now!

1.    Ardium Flowery Cherry Blossom Planner

Let’s start with this pretty pink flowery planner that every girl will adore. Hardcover, different flower-coded month tabs, and spacious calendar sheets for you to jot down your schedule. You gonna love it for keeping you organized and happy at all times.

Ardium Flowery Cherry Blossom Planner (School Supplies for Girls)
Ardium Flowery Cherry Blossom Planner
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2.   Cant Take My Eye Off You Tote Bag

Going back to school is more fun with this funky big eye tote. Bright color, cool style. A multipurpose bag that you can carry to school, dance class, shopping, and more!

Cant Take My Eye Off You Tote Bag (School Supplies for Girls)
Cant Take My Eye Off You Tote Bag
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3.   Little Green Sprout Bookmarks

Unique back to school supplies that you gotta have! Set of 6 green sprout bookmarks made from flexible silicone. Allows you to mark your pages and the last line read (because it is small and cute).

Little Green Sprout Bookmarks (School Supplies for Girls)
Little Green Sprout Bookmarks
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4.   Rose Gold Acrylic Desk Stapler

Preppy school supplies for girls. Rose gold stapler to add some glam to your desk. Sleek and functional.

(Similar preppy style of tape dispenser, pen tray, pen holder are also available)

Rose Gold Acrylic Desk Stapler. School Supplies for Girls.
Rose Gold Acrylic Desk Stapler
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5.   Unicorn Tape Dispenser

This whimsical desk accessory will brighten up your day. When you see this magical creature dispensing rainbow tape on your desk, you will feel happier and work faster.

Unicorn Tape Dispenser - School Supplies for Girls
Unicorn Tape Dispenser
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6.   Hurraw! Lip Balms 

Lip balm is another must-have school essential for girls. This set of 3 natural lip balms will become her new favorites. Three different herbal infusions for smooth and soft lips.

Hurraw! Lip Balms - School Supplies for Girls
Hurraw! Lip Balms
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7.   Love Potion Tumbler

A lovely tumbler to make you fall in love. Carry it to school every day and fall in love with school again.

Love Potion Tumbler - School Supplies for Girls
Love Potion Tumbler
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8.   Decorative File Folders

School supplies that help you to organize in style. Set of three chic folders to keep your notes and homework.

Decorative File Folders. School Supplies for Girls.
Decorative File Folders
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9.   Statement Zipper Pouch

Girls will need a small bag to keep her makeup and small items. This stylish pouch makes a wonderful choice. Black and white design, cool statement. Price under $10.

Be Bold Zipper Pouch. School Supplies for Girls.
Be Bold Zipper Pouch
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10.   Inspirational Room Decor
10a.   Vintage Dictionary Art Print

Wall art with an inspiring quote. Reads “You’re Braver Than You Believe“. Each print is created using an antique dictionary page from the early 1900’s.

Vintage Dictionary Art Print. School Supplies for Girls.
Vintage Dictionary Art Print
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10b.   What You Think, You Become Wall Art

A hand-painted acrylic painting that reads “What you think you become”. Galaxy background, motivational statement. Inspire girls to chase after their dreams.

What You Think, You Become Wall Art. School Supplies for Girls.
What You Think, You Become Wall Art
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11.   Vera Bradley Lunch Bunch

This back to school season, girls can get this Nomadic Blossoms lunch bag by Vera Bradley. Featuring Vera Bradley’s signature floral pattern in gorgeous green tone. Made from durable cotton with insulated and waterproof lining.

Vera Bradley Lunch Bunch. School Supplies for Girls.
Vera Bradley Lunch Bunch
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12.   Blush Dot Clipboard & Note Pad Set

Polka dots clipboard with note pad set. Looks feminine and beautiful.

Blush Dots Clipboard - School Supplies for Girls
Blush Dots Clipboard
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13.   Colorful Gel Ink Pen

Put this in your school bag! Set of 10 colorful pens to make writing more exciting. Awesome design suitable for teen girls, college girls and girls of all ages!

Colorful Gel Ink Pen. School Supplies for Girls.
Colorful Gel Ink Pen
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14.   Cartoon Highlighter Pens

Candy scented highlighters, 6 vibrant colors. Fantastic price under $5.

Cartoon Highlighter Pens - School Supplies for Girls
Cartoon Highlighter Pens
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15.   Midori Elephant Clip

Adorable school supplies for girls. Elephant shaped paper clips that are fun and functional.

Elephant Clip - School Supplies for Girls
Midori Elephant Clip
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16.   Desk Organizer

Plastic organizer to keep your desk mess free. Five compartments with a paper tray at the bottom. Modern, sturdy, useful.

Desk Organizer - School Supplies for Girls
Desk Organizer
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17.   Cupcake Bandages

Try the healing magic of cupcakes in case of emergency. A tin of cupcake bandages makes a fantastic school essential for girls. Sweet design to make cuts and blisters less hurtful.

Cupcake Bandages. School Supplies for Girls.
Cupcake Bandages
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18.   Pink Reindeer Print Laptop Backpack

and… don’t forget the school bag. It is the most important back to school essential that every girl needs. Pick a good quality backpack with a pretty design such as this pink canvas backpack. Featuring spacious main compartment with laptop lining, two side pockets, and one easy access front pocket.

Leaper Canvas Laptop Backpack. School Supplies for Girls.
Leaper Pink Reindeer Print Laptop Backpack
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That’s the 18 awesome school supplies that every girl needs for this back to school season. Thanks for reading.

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