Back to school season is approaching us. Girls, it’s time to do some shopping and get some unique stationeries for the new school year. We all agree that a nice pen helps us write better, right? Here, we have brought together a list of 16 awesome pens with the stylish and cool designs loved by small and big girls.

Scroll down to discover 16 wonderful pens for 2018 back to school.


Pretty Pens for School Use

1. Cactus Gel Pen

Show your love of succulent plant. They are green, cute but not prickly. A must-have school supplies for college and high school girls.

Cactus Gel Pen

2. A Sweet Treat

This is perfect for the sweet tooth. Grab the sugar “coated” cookie stick to write and turn your school life sweeter.
Sweet Treat Cookie Stick Pen 
Sweet Treat Cookie Stick Pen
Cookie Stick Gel Pen

3. Anthropologie Sunset Pen Set

Set of three 0.7mm medium point pen in gorgeous ombre shades. Remind you of a fine summer day watching the sunset by the beach.

Anthropologie Sunset Pen Set

4. Unicorn Rollerball Pen

Attention, unicorn lovers! One must not go back to school without the companion of these magical creatures. Sprinkle some stardust, spread the magical power when you are doing homework.
Unicorn Rollerball Pen
Blue and Pink Unicorns

5. Artone Secret Garden Collection

Lovely floral pen set loved by girls. Set of six black pens in super fine 0.38mm point. They glide on smoothly on paper. Perfect for drawing and writing.

Artone Secret Garden Floral Gel Ink Pens 

6. Crown Design

Charming pens fit for royalty. Adorable design with a gold crown on the top. They look classy and make you feel noble when using the pens.
Crown Pens
Gold Crown and Polka Dots

7. Kawaii Cats We Love

The best school supplies for the cat lovers. These pastel little kitties look super cute. They are 0.5mm ballpoint pens purr-fect for writing and doodling.

CHUANGLI Kawaii Cat Pens

8. Moustache Shape

Add a little fun to your school supplies collection. The unique mustache design looks really cool.
Moustache Shape Pen
Moustache Pen

9. Japanese Dolls

These pretty dolls make a good back to school gift for girls. They dress beautifully and have the sweetest smile that brings a positive vibe.

10. Fun And Flirty

Two pens featuring a contemporary design that looks funky and lively. Medium point, black ink. A nice school supplies for college students.
Fun And Flirty Pen Set 
Fun And Flirty Pen Set

11. Big Diamond

Diamond is a girl’s best friend. Stationery with some bling will make us happy.
Rose Gold Big Diamond Pen
Rose Gold Big Diamond Pen

12. Pilot Juice Pastel Color Pen Set

This is a fantastic set of six gel pens for scrapbooking and art projects. Six soft pastel colors that look amazing.
Pilot Juice Pastel Color Pen Set
Pilot Juice Pastel Color Pen Set

13. Caterpillar Silicone Pen

They are not the creepy crawlies we hate. We can keep these darling caterpillars as a pet in our school bag.

Caterpillar Silicone Pen 

14. Cat Design

Superfine point pens suitable for sketching, drawing, and writing. Ink flows smooth, do not smear.
GANSSIA Colorful Cat Pens
GANSSIA Colorful Cat Pens

15. More Cats

Meow! We are three good cats coming to help you write smoothly and beautifully.
Cat Rollerball Pens
Cat Rollerball Pens

16. Assorted Colored Roller Ball

Ten colored pens with awesome designs. You will love the vibrant colors.
Rbenxia Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens 
Rbenxia Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens
That concludes our list of cool pen collection great for middle school, high school, and college students.
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