Head back to school in style, shop for new supplies that are chic and cool. Top 20 back to school supplies for teens and tweens. Make your friends jealous of your awesome school essentials, stylish backpack, fancy desk accessories and more.

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Back to School Supplies for Teens

Back To School Supplies List – Middle School x High School

1. Happy Face Academic Planner

Get organized with your schedule with this colorful planner perfect for high school students. Chic cover with unruled daily blocks, notes space, monthly and weekly spreads. It has a great layout and spacious design. A perfect notebook to keep track of a teenager’s busy life with style.

Undated Daily Planner Notebook
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2. Motivational Sayings Pencil Set

Go back to school feeling motivated with this set of 30 lovely pencils in different shades of pink. They are imprinted with inspirational quotes in gold.

And, if you are a pink lover, these pink school supplies will make definitely make your school days a lot sweeter.

Motivational Pencils
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3. Starbucks Frappuccino Tumbler

Girls, you definitely need to get this Frappuccino to keep yourself hydrated all day. Cute donut design, fun to use. You can even write your name at the back!

Sprinkles Starbucks Tumbler

4. Tropical Fun Pineapple School Bag

A good quality backpack for teenage girls is a must have. You will love this stylish backpack with summer vibes. Fun design, vibrant colors. Features roomy main compartment, padded laptop pocket, a utility pocket at the front, two side pockets to hold the water bottle, and multiple inner pockets. It fits textbooks, laptop, binders, and more school supplies.

Tropical Fun Pineapple School Bag. Back to school supplies for teen girls.
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4b. Strong Girl Bag

A cute book bag that shows your girl power. It features a retro style graphic with an inspirational statement. This tote bag reads “Wink at challenges. I am a strong girl.”

Strong Girl Bag. Canvas book bag with inspirational quote. School supplies.
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5. Whatever Sticky Note Pad

For whatever notes you need to make. Write them down and stick on wherever you like. A whimsy way to remind yourself of whatever important task.

Whatever Sticky Note Pad. Back to school supplies high school. Back to school supplies for teens.
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6. Narwhal Pushpins

Look who’s swimming your way, ready to pin your possessions with their distinctive tusks. It is the unicorn of the sea — the adorable narwhal who can add a magical touch to your desk.

Narwhal Pushpins. Back to school supplies.
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7. Gold Paper Clips in Marble Holder

Back to school is more exciting with fancy stationeries like marble school supplies. Add a luxurious touch to your study desk with this gold clips in marble holder. It is made of durable steel wire with gold-plating.

Gold Paper Clips in Marble Holder. Fancy school supplies. Back to school highschool.
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8. Diamond Pen

Girls who love gold and rose gold accessories will adore these diamond pens. They are gorgeous, slim, and shiny. Perfect for you to write gracefully like a princess!

Diamond Pen. Back to school supplies.
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9. Personalized Zipper Pouch

If you are looking for a really unique back to school supplies, why not get something personalized? This mesh pouch can be customized with your name or message to keep your makeup, hairpins, earbuds, and other small stuff.

Personalized Pouch

10. Beach Gal Body Mist Collection

This set of three fresh scented body mist makes one of the best back to school gifts for girls. Three different types of scents suitable for teens. They smell lovely, girly, and not overpowering. They are mini in size great for storing in bag and locker. Spritz it and feel refreshed.

Beach Gal Body Mist Collection- Back to school essentials for teens and tweens
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11. Flamingo Pink Folder Set

Another must-have to help you keep organized with homework and notes. Nine gorgeous folders embellished with gold foils. They are surely good-looking and functional.

Flamingo Pink Folder Set. Back to school supplies.
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12. Coffee Flash Memory Drive 

Small tech gadget that you will love — coffee shaped storage drive. 32GB storage capacity, high speed transferring rate.

Cute Coffee USB Flash Drive
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13. Lemon Bandages

Keep this tin of bandages in the school bag. Cheery lemon print to take your ouch away. A must-have back to school supplies.

BioSwiss Bandages
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14. S’ip by S’well Water Bottle

Stay hydrated with this beautiful pastel blue tumbler with floating pineapples. Double walled, vacuum insulated to keep your drinks cold or hot for long hours.

S’ip by S’well Water Bottle- Back to school supplies
S’ip by S’well Water Bottle
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15. Cactus Pen Holder

You don’t wanna miss this cactus desktop organizer that looks stylish and functions well. It is sturdy to hold pens, pencils, markers and more. The two branches are magnetic. You can place paper clips there or hang some stationeries.

Cactus Pen Holder - Back to school supplies
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16. Nivea Tinted Lip Balm Pack

These subtly tinted lip balms are another must-have back to school essentials for teen girls. By Nivea. They are moisturizing and soothing. It comes in 4 fruity scents including cherry, strawberry, blackberry and watermelon.

NIVEA Lip Care
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17. Elf Earbuds

Listen to music like non-ordinary people. This is an awesome elf ear shaped earbuds that let you enjoy music and looking “fairy” good. Excellent sound quality, comfy earpiece, with built-in microphone. You will definitely love it!

Elf Earbuds Headphones - Back to school supplies for teen girls highschool
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18. Outfits for School

Don’t forget to prepare some cool outfits for school.

18a. No Shelf Control T-Shirt

For the nerds, geeks, and any girls who love reading books.

No Shelf Control Book Lover T-Shirt
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18b. Goal Digger Statement Tee

Wear this and be inspired. Work hard towards your goals in this new school year. Be the goal digger that stands out from the crowd.

This statement tee is made from 100% cotton. The font has pink marble pattern detail.

Goal Digger Statement Tee - Back to school outfits for teens
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19. HUMBLE BRANDS Original Formula Deodorant

Teenagers need a good antiperspirant to keep up with their active lifestyle. Opt for this natural deodorant with natural botanical formula. It is aluminum free. (Aluminum is known for causing breast cancer). Now you can stay fresh and odor-free all day without risking your health.

HUMBLE BRANDS Original Formula Aluminum-free Deodorant.
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20. Running Alarm Clock

Unique alarm clock to help you go back to school on time. It will beep loudly and run away from your nightstand until it is caught. No more running late to school!

Running Alarm Clock. Back to school supplies highschool.
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That concludes our list of 20 back to school supplies for teens and tweens. Thanks for reading.

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