There are many reasons why backpacks are so hugely popular among adults, teenagers, and kids. One reason is there are just so many backpacks with cute and cool designs to choose from! Besides the unbeatable aesthetics, backpacks are also highly versatile — they just gobble up what you put in, they don’t discriminate what you store in them. You can pretty much bring a backpack everywhere: school, college, work, library, the park, office, and even to the cafe. Not to mention that backpacks are probably the most ergonomic of all the bag styles, and definitely one of the most spacious.

Cute Backpacks

Anyway, if you’re shopping for a good backpack that matches your style, below are some of the best (and cute) backpacks you should check out. The list is long and has something for everyone: kids, tween girls & boys, teen boys & girls, college students, adults, etc. You’ll also find backpacks in various designs, colors, and styles; Some are bold and cool, some are unique and vintage. Some bags are branded and more expensive, while some of the brands are lesser known but cheaper. Be sure to check them all out.

Collection of 20 Cute Backpacks For College and School

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1. Cute Pineapple Canvas Backpack

JanSport Marley Backpacks

This is not an ordinary JanSport backpack, this is a special square-shaped JanSport backpack with cute pineapple pattern all over it. This bag is versatile and functional. You can carry it as a tote using its large-haul handle, you can also use it as a backpack. It is made of good-quality material as you can expect from JanSport.

Cute JanSport Pineapple Punch Marley Backpacks
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2. Cool Black Polka Dot Printed Backpack

Roxy Women’s Carribean Printed Backpacks

If you love beautiful things that have a retro feel, this aesthetic Roxy backpack is perfect for you. The polka dot design is cute and the faux-suede trims make this printed backpack looks vintage. If you’re doing backpack shopping for Back To School, this bag will slay the first day of school.

Trendy Roxy Women's Carribean Printed Backpack - Polka Dots
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3. Stylish Geometric Holographic Backpack For College

Harlermoon Geometric Holographic Series Backpacks & Bags

Our backpack is the one accessory that we carry almost every day. We have to make sure it looks cool and aesthetically-pleasing. This futuristic piece is made from luminous leather that reflects light and changes color in a different angle. It definitely looks modern and trendy. This fun backpack is definitely cute in a cyberpunk way.

Cool Harlermoon Geometric Holographic Reflective School Bags Backpacks
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4. Cute Strawberry Milk Canvas Backpack {Daypack}

ZOMAKE Milk Carton School Backpacks

Do you fancy a box of strawberry milk? Here’s a cute milk carton shaped daypack to carry your everyday essentials. Adorable design, vibrant colors, large capacity. This colorful backpack has a wide top opening for you to load your stuff with ease. It also expands well to fit your belongings. An excellent backpack for kids and girls who are attending elementary or middle school. It is also suitable for high school teen girls who have a cheery and bold personality. Finally, a cute backpack worthy of the cute school supplies you have collected.

Cute ZOMAKE Casual Travel Backpacks
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Kawaii Milk Carton Daypacks Backpacks Bags
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5. Colorful Maximalist Vera Bradley Backpack

Vera Bradley Hadley Backpacks

Commute with style with this purple Vera Bradley backpack. This quilted bag features Vera Bradley’s signature lightweight cotton with its classic micro-square diamond stitch for an embroidered appeal and durability.

Vera Bradley Hadley Backpacks For Travel Work School
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6. Cute Fashionable Convertible Mini Backpack

SEALINF Girl Bling Convertible Mini Backpacks

For the girls who love bling. This mini leather backpack allows you to “leave” a little sparkle wherever you go. The colors are amazing and the 3-way convertible shoulder straps can transform it into a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag. Go back to school (or college) with a bam with this fashion statement bag.

Cute SEALINF Bling Convertible Mini Backpacks
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7. Glamorous Gold Backpack School Bag {Cute!}

JanSport Gold Stars Super FX Backpack

A touch of gold is always a good idea. Fill this bag with your favorite chic gold office supplies to feel extra glam.

JanSport Gold Stars Super FX Backpack Glamorous Bag
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8. The Avengers Captain Marvel Canvas Backpack Bag For Teens & Tweens

Vans Captain Marvel Bag

Because we want to be as cool as Captain Marvel. Be a proud Avengers fans without cartoon graphics — it’s all about the color scheme and symbols.

The Avengers Fans Middle School Vans Captain Marvel Bag
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9. Abshoo Cute Unicorn Bookbag For Kids & Tweens

Abshoo Lightweight Unicorn Backpacks For Girls

If you already have a lot of cute unicorn school supplies, you must not miss out on this outstanding unicorn backpack. This is a great bookbag that has a spacious compartment and useful organizing pockets to store your stuff.

Abshoo Cute Unicorn Bookbag Elementary Middle School Girls
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10. Cute Pusheen Cat with Donuts Backpack For Cat Lovers & Girls

Pusheen Cat with Donuts Backpack

This is an ameowzing bag for the cat lovers. The pastel colors are so pretty and the cat graphic looks too cute! Bonus: This bag comes with a donut zipper pull.

Pusheen Cat with Donuts Backpack
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11. Adorable Water-Resistant Cupcake School Bag For Middle-School, Elementary School Students

VASCHY Durable Backpacks

A nice laptop backpack for students. This bag from Vaschy has a roomy design to fit multiple textbooks, binders, and other school essentials. Of course, you can also sneak in a lot of cute, delicious cupcakes in there. Yummy! This design we’re showing here is a little more suited for the little boys and girls, but there are other designs available in this Vaschy backpack series that are suitable for teenagers and adults.

VASCHY Cupcake Backpacks
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12. Large Vintage-Style Backpack for School & Travel

Himawari Vintage Backpacks

Add a pop of color to your life. Carry this vintage backpack wherever you go. The main compartment is big and it has inner pockets in different sizes for organizing smaller stuff. This aesthetic backpack is light, stylish and functional. It is also available in other attractive colors. This is an excellent bag for school, college, and travel.

Himawari Backpacks Vintage Inspired Design Large
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13. Minimalist Herschel Settlement {Salmon} Backpacks

Herschel Settlement Backpacks

If colorful patterns are not your style, go monochromatic with your favorite color. We love the refreshing salmon color of this Herschel backpack and its clean, minimalist design. If you’re looking for something cute but not busy this Hershel bag is just what you need. Its down-to-earth simple design becomes helpful when you’re trying to mix-and-match it with your overall outfit.

Herschel Settlement Backpack
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14. Fashionable Cute Pink x Cherry Backpack for Girls & Women

Joymoze Fashion Women Backpacks

This lovely pink bag has cherries all over it. How much sweeter can it get? There’s something fascinating about having fruit motifs on your bags.

Cherry Backpack Pink School College Teen Girls Teenagers
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15. Unique Colorful Fruity LeSportsac Backpack

LeSportsac Classic Voyager Backpacks

Jazz up your look with this colorful nylon knapsack. The bright and colorful fruit print looks really fun and its size is perfect for everyday use, travel, school, and hiking. A quality (and unique) backpack series by LeSportsac. There are other cute designs available, you can find out more via the link below.

LeSportsac Classic Voyager Backpack
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16. Designer Betsey Johnson Leather Backpack

Betsey Johnson Leather Backpack 

A sweet pink backpack for the girly girls. From Betsey Johnson, this designer backpack features faux-leather construction with quilt detail decorated with a gold bow and heart stud details. This is a great bag to use when you are going for a date, hanging out with your girlfriends, or traveling.

Betsey Johnson Women's Backpack 
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17. Cute Flamingo Backpack for Boys

Teecho Flamingo Backpack

We love the tropical beach vibe because it reminds us of the fun summertime.

Teecho Waterproof Flamingo Backpack boys
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18. Stylish & Unique Denim Backpack

zijie Denim Backpacks

This denim backpack is a trendy accessory to match your baddie outfits. Kick things up a notch by decorating the bag with some cute lapel pins!

zijie Denim Backpack
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19. Cute Kate Spade Women’s Large Backpack {Minimalist Floral}

Kate Spade New York Backpacks

Ladies, if you have extra cash, here’s a designer backpack for you. We love the gorgeous red poppies against the black background with the touch of gold zippers making it looks really chic.

Kate Spade Black Wilson Road Poppy Bradley Large Backpack
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20. Cool Eye-catching Iridescent Mini Backpack by adidas Originals

adidas Originals Iridescent Mini Backpacks

Because the radiant iridescent color makes us happy. You will be amazed by the sturdiness of the clear material and funky color of this bag.

adidas Originals Iridescent Mini Backpack
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