Mini backpacks are cute and practical when you don’t have that many things to keep. In general, mini-size backpacks provide less storage space than small backpacks, but those two terms, mini and small, can sometimes mean the same thing. Anyway, if you’re shopping for a small or mini backpack, you’ll want to check out this list of cool mini backpacks below.

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Mini Backpacks: Cute Bag Collection

1. JanSport Cute Mini Pineapple Backpack

You’re known for having a unique style, check out this cute pineapple backpack by JanSport. This pineapple bag is one of the many backpacks in JanSport’s half pint mini backpack collection. So definitely check them out.

2. Loungefly Star Wars Baby Mini Backpack

Star Wars fans will love this cool backpack. This mini bag features mini Star Wars characters all over it.

3. hotstyle Thunderbolt Small Backpacks

Be loud — just like the thunder during a thunderstorm. But you know sometimes when you’re wearing a backpack for too long and your shoulders feel sore? This backpack’s unique design allows you to hold it like a handbag. Not a big fan of thunderbolt but like the convertible design? No problem, there are other patterns and colors available.

4. Holographic Leather Mini Backpacks

Get yourself some futuristic cyberpunk vibe with these holographic backpacks. Size: mini, style: awesome.

5. Luv Betsey Cute Unicorn Mini Backpacks

For unicorn lovers.

If you like pink but think an all-pink backpack is over-doing it, you’ll love this backpack’s color scheme and design. Color-blocked pink and white front. Black top, sides, and straps to balance things off. A pom pom unicorn keychain is used to accentuate the backpack’s chic design.

6. Weekend Shopper Small Waterproof Backpacks

Not your typical tropical style. Designed for outdoor use, this tropical-inspired waterproof backpack is bold in its choice of colors. Instead of the usual green, the tropical leaves and branches spot sapphire, tangerine, pale yellow, and black colors.

7. Cute Mini Transparent Star Backpack

Clear backpacks are the best way to show off the content of your bag — for example, some cute school supplies.  But it would have been boring without some glittering stars on it — like this backpack has to offer.

8. Cute Watermelon Print Mini Backpack

Forget plain backpacks, this pastel-color cute mini backpack reps the coolest fruit ever especially in the summer — watermelon. There is one big compartment, one smaller compartment, and two side pockets.

9. Kawaii Black Pink Candy Bag

Blending pink and black, this clear backpack is mini in size and big on surprises. Check out this collection of clear backpacks if you’re looking for something in that direction.

10. Kate Spade Botanical Floral Backpack

A designer cute mini backpack by Kate Spade New York. This mini floral backpack is the perfect way to accessorize when you’re wearing a plain outfit that is, well, a little bit too plain.

What is your favorite mini backpack?

With that, we’re wrapping up our list of some cool petite backpacks. Did you find a backpack that works for you? Do you have a favorite? Let us know if you have a better idea you’d to share.

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