If you are looking for something special for the dog owner in your life, this gift guide will help you find the perfect gifts for dog lovers in your life. These gifts are quirky, meaningful, and they are definitely inspired by the dogs. Read on to discover 15 best gifts for dog lovers below.

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Gifts for Dog Lovers

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Gifts for Dog Lovers

1. Best Dog Mom Ever Necklace

For the female dog owners in your life. Get a personalized dog themed gift in the form of this beautiful necklace with her initial. Features a delicate gold chain, initial letter pendant, and a cute paw print pendant.

Initial and Paw Print Necklace
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2. Funny Dog Sniffing Welcome Doormat 

An eye-catching mat to place at any dog owner’s front door. It makes a special greeting to welcome guests. A door mat that never fail to make people laugh.

Funny Dogs Doormat
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3. Dog Lovers Quote Wine Glass

A special gift to make the dog lovers laugh. This wine glass says “my dog and I talk shit about you”.

Funny wine glass for dog owners
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4. Dog Mom Keychain

One of the best gifts for dog moms under $10. This keychain is made of solid bronze with a lovely raised paw design. It says “A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart”.

Gifts For Dog Moms
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5. Dog Lovers Mug

5a. Woof Mug

Adorable mug with a big statement “woof”. Lift the mug for a sip and surprise others with the lovable dog face on the bottom.

Woof Mug | Gifts for Dog Lovers
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5b. Best Dog Dad of The Year Mug

When the dog owner loves his dogs so much, he deserves to be awarded “The best dog dad of the year”.

Perfect for dog dads
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5c. Dog Mom Mug

Another cool mug for the dog moms. It is hand-painted with paw prints inside and out. This mug reads “Dog Mom” and “My child has four legs and fur”.

Lorrie Veasey Dog Mom Mug
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6. Furbo Smart Dog Camera

This gadget lets you discover your dog’s secret life when you are not at home. The wide angle HD camera with a built-in microphone to let you view, talk, and listen to your dog. You can also connect to the phone app and toss a treat to play catch.

Dog Owner Camera
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7. Dog Quote Door Stopper

Whimsy décor for dog lovers’ home. This canvas door stopper reads “a house is not a home without a dog”.

Door Stopper with cute quote
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8. Dogs Pattern Apron

Prepare meals happily with dogs around you. This apron is made of cotton with 2 pockets to hold cooking utensils.

Apron with dogs
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9. Earth Rated Poop Bags Dispenser

Biodegradable waste bag dispenser that contains lavender scented poop bags that help take care of the poop smell. This poop bag dispenser is smartly designed with adjustable strap to fit any leash with addition of a small hook to hook the “used” bag.

Dog Waste Poop Bags
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Earth Rated Dog Waste Poop Bags | Gifts for dog lovers
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10. Bags for Dog Lovers

10a.  Don’t Judge My Dog Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

100% canvas tote bag to show off your love for dogs. Great statement, cute graphic. It can be used as a shopping bag, book bag, and more!

Dog Quote Canvas Bag
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10b. Dog Pattern Wallet 

A gift to make your dog-loving friends happy. This chic wallet features multiple dog breeds and two super cute bone zippers. It has multiple card slots and zipper pockets to store your cash, cards, and IDs.

Long wallet with dog pattern
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11. Dog Lover T-Shirt

11a. Nightshirt for Dog Mom

A soft and comfy night shirt for the ladies. Featuring more than 10 super adorable dogs. It reads “She Who Sleeps with Dogs”.

Dog mom pajamas
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11b. Bulldog Men’s T- Shirt

For him who owns a bulldog. This T-shirt is gonna be his new favorite. It is nice-looking, cool, and inexpensive.

English Bulldog Dog Lover T-Shirt
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12. Dog Owner Guide Book

12a. How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend: The Classic Training Manual for Dog Owners

An easy to read, well-written dog training manual for dog owners. By Monks of New Skete. This book covers effective communication with your dog, how to care for your dog, proper use of rewards, grooming, feeding, discipline, and more.

Step-by step, precise, informative. This is a very good book to help develop the best relationship between owner and dog, by understanding your dog and its feeling.

Dog Owners Manual
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12b. How To Speak Dog: Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication

Another good book for dog lovers. By Stanley Coren. This book is about guide on how to “talk” to your dog. It provides helpful tips on interpreting dog behavior; its barks, its howls, its movement of tail, ears and more. Also, covers communication skill of dogs, dog language and more.

With good examples and clear illustrations. A book loved by many dog owners.

Dog-Human Communication Guide
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13. Dachshund-opoly

Monopoly with the dachshund “twist”. Features good dog cards, bad dog cards, different dog rewards, disaster and more. A fun and entertaining board game perfect for family time. This game will definitely become a big hit in families who love dogs.

Dog theme monopoly
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14. Willow Tree Kindness Boy

A lovely hand crafted figurine that depicts the bond between a boy and his dog.  Hand carved by artist Susan Lordi from her art studio in Kansas City, Missouri. This figurine is crafted with the highest level of details, it looks flawless from every angle. This figurine makes a great room décor for boys who love dogs.

Dog and Boy
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This is another wonderful work by artist Susan Lordi. It depicts the friendship and love between a dog and its dog mom.

Willow Tree Angel of Friendship
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15. Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy

One of the best things dog lovers would like to receive is to see their dogs stay healthy and happy. They will be happy if their dogs are happy. Dog toys are great idea. Hide-A-Squirrel is a fantastic dog toy that keeps your dog busy. One just needs to hide the squirrels in the tree trunk and let your dog figure out how to get them out. Squirrels make squeaky sound. Dogs love it!

Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy for Dogs
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That’s our list of best dog lovers gifts specially selected for the dog moms and dog dads. Do you like the above ideas? Tell us what you think!

What’s do you think are the best gifts for someone who likes dogs? Do you know any secret gift ideas that dog lovers will love for sure?

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Dog Lovers Gifts

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