Take a look at these cute beach towels for your next beach vacation. Everybody loves the warm whether. We update our closet with stylish summer clothes. We even have a few swimsuits in different styles for our beach vacation. We shop for nice bikinis, cool sunglasses, and chic hats. What’s there to make our beach look looks more summery and up-to-date? It’s the beach blanket! Girls, in order to snap more awesome pictures and have more fun, it is important for us to complete our beach look with an eye-catching beach blanket.

Scroll down to discover 12 cutest beach towels for 2021.


Best Beach Towels/ Blankets

1. Rainbow Beach Blanket

Colorful beach blanket to make every beach trip a sweet and memorable one. It is big and soft, perfect for enjoying the sun all summer long.

Rainbow Beach Blanket
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2. Anthropologie Sun Star Beach Towel

Whether you are lounging by the pool or the sandy beach, this towel will become your new favorite. The cool graphic and bright colors are attention-getting.

Anthropologie Sun Star Beach Towel

3. Vintage Grapefruits Round Beach Towel

This piece goes well with a retro bathing suit. The lovely design has that vintagey feel that never goes out of style.

Vintage Grapefruits Design Beach Towel
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4. Lemon Life Quote Yellow Beach Towel

Be happy every day. Forget about all the negativities in life. When life gives you lemons… make lemonade!

Lemon Quote Beach Towel Blanket
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5. Giant Burrito Round Beach Blanket

Roll yourself up and become a giant burrito. Isn’t it fun?

Burrito Blanket
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Burrito Blanket
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6. Angel Wings Pretty Beach Towel

This beach blanket is great for taking dreamy pictures. Lie on it and pretend you are an angel.

Angel Wings Towel Blanket
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7. Pink Mandala Thick Beach Towel

This beautiful mandala blanket is one of our favorites. We can use it to lounge, relax and meditate. We can also use it as a room decor.

Pink Mandala
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8. Pink Flamingo Beach Towel 

A must-have for the flamingo lovers. Looks adorable and summery.

Pink Flamingo Round Beach Towel Blanket
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9. Cactus Large Beach Blanket

Something green and fresh to brighten up your day.

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10. Sunflower Beach Blanket

A giant sunflower for girls of all ages. Vibrant colors, eye-catching design. You will definitely love it.

Sunflower Beach Blanket
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11. Pineapple Nautical Beach Towel 

Ladies, let’s take a look at this awesome combination — nautical stripes and pineapple. It is just like drinking a pina colada by the sea. This is one of our favorite activities to do in the summer, agree?

Pineapple Pattern Beach Towel Blanket
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12. Pizza Oversized Beach Blanket

A delicious piece for the frequent beachgoers. Relax on a pizza and get kissed by the sun.

Pizza Beach Blanket
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That concludes our list of 12 trendy and cute beach blankets for girls. Thanks for reading.

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