When it comes to selecting a gift for the cat lovers in your life, you can’t go wrong with a cat-themed gift.

We have rounded up more than twenty feline-inspired ideas to surprise the cat-loving person. From room decorations, tech gadgets, fashion accessories to DIY cat gifts. These gift ideas are just what you need when you’re shopping for the crazy cat ladies and gentlemen.

Our wide range of gifts are purr-fect for birthday, Christmas, or just because. Read on to discover these awesome stuff loved by cat people below!

Gifts for Cat Lovers

Best Cat Lover Gifts (For Him & For Her)

1. Best Cat Dad Ever Coffee Mug

Let’s start our list with a cool cat gift for men. The minimalist designed coffee mug is perfect for the male cat owners in your life.

Cat mug for men
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2. Cat Sentiment Wooden Box Sign

Another gift approved by cat lovers. It is suitable for both cat ladies and cat men. This vintage sign perfectly speaks the mind of a crazy cat owner.

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3. Pet Paw Heart Necklace

We know necklaces with cat design will make her smile. She will love this pretty necklace with a unique heart charm designed especially for the cat lovers. If you look closer, you can see that there is a little paw within the charm. It is so dainty and charming.

Cat Paw & Heart Necklace
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4. Willow Tree Cat Lover Figurine

This minimalist-style figurine is a meaningful gift for cat owners. It depicts the love and bond between a girl and her cat. Hand-carved with attention to details and painted in soft earth tones. This figurine looks flawless from every angle.

Hugging cat
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5. Cat Head Catchall Tray

When you are a cat person, anything cats will make you happy. You will be more than happy to fill your room with cat-themed décor including this mini ceramic tray to hold your jewelry and other knick-knacks.

Black Cat Tray
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6. Socksmith Cat in A Box Sock

Cats in a box on your feet. We are totally in love with this idea!

Socks with cats
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7. Feline Good Rainbow Cat Mug

Another cat-inspired gift suitable for men and women because these colorful cats make us feeling good.

Feline Good Rainbow Cat Mug
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8. Cat Butt Drink Coaster

For the people who are addicted to cats, even cat butts are cute!

Kitty asses!
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9. You’re Pawsome Tote Bag

Another cute cat lover gift. Let’s carry this bag and feel the positive vibe it brings.

You Are Pawsome Tote Bag
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10. Stay Pawsitive Notebook

We love the whimsical artwork of this notebook. It is a perfect place to write down your thoughts.

Cat Motivation Notebook
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11. Crazy Cat Lady Bandages

This tin of cat bandages is another fun and cheap gift to give to cat lovers. It’s not a joke. Cats have healing powers. When you have these bandages, there are no more ouchies.

Cat Bandages
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12. Cat Stud Earrings

A minimalist cat-shaped earrings in rose gold. It looks so simple and adorable on both adults and kids.

Cat Stud Earrings
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13. White Cat Onesie Pajama

Let’s pretend to be a kitty and curl up comfortably for the night.

Wear this onesie and purr
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14. Cat Sweatshirt

When cat is your favorite animal and you are into everything cats. You will definitely love to add some cat hoodies into your closet.

14. Black Cat Tote Bag

A multipurpose canvas tote bag that can be used as a book bag, grocery bag, gym bag, laundry bag, and more.

White kitty and grey kitty are also waiting for you to adopt.

Black Cat Tote Bag
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15. Meow Beanie Hat

A double knitted beanie that meows! It feels nice, soft and warm. It makes a wonderful stocking stuffer for the cat moms and cat dads.

gifts for crazy cat lady
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17. Cat Ear Headphones

Tech gadget that she will definitely appreciate. This pair of headphones has a cool cat-shaped design, comfy ear cups, and clear sound quality.

Pink Gaming Headset
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18. Chloe Cat Mug

A very pretty cat mug that not only the cat ladies will adore.

Glam cat coffee mug
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19. DIY Cat Posters

If you want to save some money, why not try to DIY your own wall art? Select from this collection of free printable posters about cats and make it a great gift for the cat owners.

All you need is love & a cat

20. Keds Sneaky Cat Sneaker

A pair of stylish shoes by Keds that she will definitely love. Solid cream color with a black kitty graphic. Approved by the crazy cat ladies!

Christmas gifts for cat lady
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21. Cream Cat Smartphone Stand

Let this little feline friend helps to carry your smartphone. It is heavy and sturdy. Stand firmly on any desk to guard your phone.

Cream Cat Smartphone Stand
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22. Cat Ear Headbands

This holiday season, let her enjoy growing cat ears on her head. She will love this gold headband decorated with pearls. It looks really shiny and cute.

Cat Ear Headband
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23. Yin Yang Cats Wrist Watch

Another cat themed gift for men and women — this cat watch features black and white cats in yin yang design. It tells time in the coolest style.

Black and White Cats Wrist Watch
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23. Funny Retro Magnet

Retro style magnet that reads “It’s not drinking alone if the cat is at home“. Handcrafted for the feline-loving wine lovers. Also, it makes a great stocking stuffer. 

Funny Retro Magnet
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24. Japanese Cat Pattern Bowl

This bowl is a nice addition to a cat lover’s collection. It is painted beautifully with cats on the inside and outside of the bowl.

Japanese Cat Pattern Bowl
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25. Funny Cat Lover T-Shirt

The last gift ideas on our list for cat lovers is this funny T-shirt. It has a fun statement and a darling cat graphic. Purrfect tee for the cat ladies!

Funny Cat Lover T-Shirt
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That concludes our gift guide for cat lovers in your life. Thanks for reading!

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