Looking for narwhal gift ideas? Here’s the ultimate list of gifts narwhal lovers will love for sure. In this gift guide, you will find narwhal things that are cute and unique. We have to admit that sea unicorns are magically cute! These cute gifts (narwhal-themed) that we’ve handpicked are hard to resist — especially for someone who loves narwhals. You might even end up buying one of these awesome narwhal things for yourself. You have been warned!

Narwhal Lovers Gift Ideas

Check out these narwhal lover gifts below.

1. Narwhal Mug
Feel the magical vibe when you drink your morning coffee from this cute mug for tea and coffee.

2. Narwhal Jewelry Tray
Let this cute narwhal be the keeper of your little gems and treasures.

3. Narwhal Tea Infuser
Tea lovers will be impressed by this mythical creature that swims in their tea. Best narwhal gift for tea lovers.

4. Motivational Narwhal Art Poster
Hang this on the wall and be inspired. The narwhal poster reads “Be so awesome that people think you’re a myth”. This motivational narwhal gift is an excellent housewarming gift for narwhal lovers.

5. Narwhal Spoon Rest
A playful addition to her kitchen.

6. Decorative Narwhal Planter Gift for Succulent Lovers
Mini plant looks more attractive in this pot. Best narwhal gift for succulent lovers.

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7. Narwhal Night Light
This lovely narwhal will fill your room with a warm ambiance.

8. Ring Holder
Her tusk is strong enough to hold your favorite rings.

9. String Lights
A school of sea unicorns to decorate your bedroom.

10. Tape Dispenser
Reach for the narwhal whenever you need tape.

11. Fred PUSHFINS Pushpins
Stab your papers, notes, and photos in the coolest way. Cool narwhal gift for teachers.

12. Composition Book
A must-have school supplies for the kid who loves unicorns of the sea.

13. Notebook feat. Narwhal Silhouette
A blank, unruled notebook for us to sketch, draw, or write anything.

14. Stay Magical Narwhal Stickers
She will love the brilliant colors and the heavy gold foil accents. This sticker set is a cute and cheap narwhal gift.

15. Pusheen Narwhal Bag Accessory
Add a little fun to your school bag. It will be a big hit!

16. Sea Unicorn Bracelet
Check out the gold and silver version. You definitely need one for yourself.

17. Narwhal Earrings
A darling piece that she will adore.

18. Necklace
Wear it on your neck. It looks adorable and stylish.

19. Adult Narwhal Fleece Robe
I can’t wait to wear this. It is too darn cute!

20. Narwhal Knee-High Socks
Let them swim around freely on your feet.

21. Elf Movie Narwhal Bye Buddy Sweatshirt
For the Elf movie fans. Our favorite part of the movie is when Mr. Narwhal says bye buddy hope you find your dad!

22. Narwhal Onesie Pajama
Wear it and have amazing dreams at night.

23. Narwhal Unisex Novelty Socks
This comes in many sizes. A great gift for the girls and boys who love narwhal.

24. Narwhal Bedroom Slippers
Light up the tusks to see them change colors.

25. Narwhal Rain Boots Gift for Kids
Protect your child’s feet when they are playing outside.

26. Narwhal Pool Float
Get carried away by the sea unicorn — narwhal, anyone? See even more adult-sized pool floats.

27. Small Narwhal Purse
A beautiful coin purse. Cute narwhal gift for women.

28. Elf Movie Mr. Narwhal Pin
A charming piece for the Elf fans. Cheap & cute narwhal gift.

29. Narwhal Tote Bag
A narwhal tote is the happiest way to haul your groceries and other belongings. One of the best cheap narwhal gift ideas.

30. Narwhal Head Gear
The kids who are obsessed with narwhal will be thrilled to get this.

31. Magical Sea Creatures Travel Bag
Declare your love for narwhal even when you are traveling.

That concludes the list of unique narwhal gift ideas. Did you find a narwhal gift that works for your narwhal lover? Did you not find a suitable gift? Let us know!

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