Summer is coming real soon. It’s time to update our swimwear and beach gears. If you are going to a beach vacation or having a party, you gotta get some trendy summer accessories. An eye-catching pool float is a must-have for summer 2018. We have brought together a list of 14 stylish pool floats, rafts and inflatables to brighten up your summer days. They are big, chic and super fun.

Scroll down to discover 14 best pool floats of summer 2018.


Coolest Pool Floats that are Insta Worthy

1. Mythical Mermaid

Be one of the most elegant mythical creatures from the sea. Appear in the pool with this mermaid tail pool float. It makes you look magically beautiful.

Mermaid Tail Pool Float
Mermaid Tail Pool Float

2. Glam Pink Shell 

Picture-perfect shell for every girlie girl. It is pink and huge. You are definitely going to love it!

Glam Pink Shell Pool Float
Glam Pink Shell Pool Float

3. A Golden Dragon

Take a gold ride this summer and be surrounded by lots of fun.

Golden Dragon
Golden Dragon

4. Rainbow and Cloud 

Enjoy the sunshine on a cloud with a rainbow over your head. Isn’t that the most wonderful thing one can ever ask for?

Rainbow and Cloud Pool Float
Rainbow and Cloud

5. A Flamingo 

A cute flamingo to let you lounge on comfortably and take amazing photos.

Flamingo Pool Float

6. Giant Unicorn

This colorful unicorn can carry two passengers at a time. Call your bae and have a fun ride together.

Giant Unicorn
Giant Unicorn

7. Rosé Wine 

Party, sun, and wine. What is not to love?

Rosé Wine Pool Float
Rosé Wine

8. Gold Diamond Ring

The biggest bling for any bachelorette party. It will definitely become a big hit!

Gold Diamond Ring Pool Float
Gold Diamond Ring

9. Heart Eyes Emoji Pool Float

A smiling face with heart-eyes. This is the look that best describes your summer vacation mood.

Heart Eyes Emoji Pool Float
Heart Eyes Emoji Pool Float

10. A Fire Dragon 

Do your summer right, set the beach days on fire!

Fire Dragon Inflatable Raft
Fire Dragon

11. A Black Toucan 

Giant toucan to bring out the tropical vibes every pool you hit.

Black Toucan 
Black Toucan

12. Take a Chill Pill 

You’ve worked too hard, it is time to take a step back and relax. Follow the doctor’s order and take a chill pill. Lounge on the raft and enjoy the warm weather.

Chill Pill Pool Float
Chill Pill Pool Float

13. Meow!

This kitty doesn’t hate water. She is the purr-fect float for the cat lovers.

Kitty Cat Pool Float
Kitty Cat Pool Float

14. A Beautiful Peacock 

Literally peacocking and impress everyone in the water.

Peacock Swimming Pool Float
Beautiful Peacock

Collection of 14 best pool floats for summer 2018. Get one today!

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