A stylish backpack is a must-have for teens whether you are in middle school, high school or college. The backpack is important for our daily life. We depend a lot on a backpack to carry our books, laptop, and other school supplies. Be sure to pick a chic and fashionable bag as it reflects our style. Here’s a list of 15 backpacks that are not only useful but also look cool.

Cute teen’s backpacks to show off your style below. Scroll down to discover now!

Cute Backpacks for Girls — approved by, well, teens

Pink Backpacks

1. Amber & Ash Travel Laptop Backpack

Let’s start with this lovely pink bag for the girlie girls. It is a smartly designed bag to keep you organized when you go to school. It has a large main compartment with six pockets inside to help you organize everything that you need for the day. There are also five easy-access pockets on the outside.

2. Teecho Waterproof Bookbag

The strawberry season continues although summer has passed. Here are some sweet strawberries to accompany you throughout the new school year. It is lightweight, roomy and looking super cute. Hopefully, the new school year will be kind and sweet to us.

3. Himawari Travel Backpack

For those who love everything pink, you can’t miss out this soft pink backpack. It is the perfect bag for school, travel, hiking, shopping, and other outdoor activities. Minimalist style, lightweight, waterproof. It has an easy access wide opening compartment, two inner pockets, and two side pockets,

Red School Bags

4. JINS&VICO Laptop Backpack for Women

This is one of our favorite backpacks for 2018 back to school season. Why? It is because of the clean and sleek design. Also, the size is perfect for school, the pockets are functional, and the fabric looks nice. What’s more? The gold zippers give it an extra stylish touch.

5. Kaukko Classic Rucksack 

If you prefer something large and has a multipurpose function, pick this rucksack by Kaukko. It is made from high-quality water-repellent polyester fabric. Features a laptop compartment to fit up to 15.6″ laptop, drawstring compartment with multiple pockets inside to store your essentials, two side pockets for bottles, and one outside zipper pocket.

Floral Pattern Backpacks

6. JanSport Superbreak Backpack

These whimsical poppy flowers remind us of those sunny days in spring. The weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming and everything is looking cheerful and fun.

You will never go wrong with this classic-style JanSport. It is one of the most popular backpack brands for teens. The construction is strong, the design is useful and most importantly, it is very comfortable to carry around.

7. Vera Bradley Iconic Campus Backpack

Colorful and comfy backpack by Vera Bradley. Features its signature playful pattern with attractive colors. You can find multiple kissing fishes here.

Crafted from lightweight quilted cotton, this bag has multiple pockets and zip around closure to securely fasten your tech gadgets and organize all your school essentials neatly.

Animal-Themed Backpacks for Adults

8. Flamingo Mini Daypack

A pretty bag for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Features two-way carry design. You can wear it like a backpack or carry it as a stylish handbag.

9. Cat Pattern Canvas School Bag

If you are a cat lover, this is the purr-fect pick for you. You will love the amazing cat graphic of the fabric. If you take a closer look at the bag, you will find these kitties posing differently. Some of them are sitting, some curl up to sleep. There are female cats who are wearing a bow, there are kings who wear a crown, there are also some who wear a fedora.

10. Leaper Stylish Backpack 

It looks like an artist just came to paint a mystical woodland. Immerse yourself in her secret world. You will find a lot of bunnies, ferns, mushrooms, flowers, and stars in her artwork.

11. Canvas Cat School Bag 

Adorable backpack for the cat lovers. It is lightweight and has plenty of space to fit your books, folders and school supply.

We love every detail of this bag. You can touch and play with her ears and hands. It is so freaking cute! I am going to adopt her now and bring it to school every day.

Polka Dot Backpacks For School

12. JanSport Baughman Backpack

This one will keep you happy. It is well designed with spacious and neat compartments. The tough cotton canvas can hold up your heavy textbooks and laptop well.

13. Kawaii Polka Dot Bow Bookbag

We love this pastel blue bag with beautiful details. It combines lace, bow and polka dots. A cute school bag for middle school, high school, and college students.

Other Stylish School Bags

14. Himawari Vintage Bag

Vintage is the new modern. Every fashionable girl wears vintage style outfits. Get this bag to match your outfit. The style looks old school and the colors look pleasing.

15. MGgear Clear Transparent Bag

If your school requirement is clear backpack policy, you can opt for this one. Made of sturdy plastic PVC material, it is a fashionable backpack to stuff your belongings in see-thru style.

Also available in purple.

That concludes our list of 15 best backpacks for teen girls.
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