Make mom feel special on Mother’s Day with a gift that she really loves. Browse through our gift guide below to get some ideas on what’s the best gifts you can get to celebrate Mother’s Day. We have brought together more than thirty unique gifts to show mom you care. No matter what type of mother she is, whether she is a new mom, busy working moms, picky moms, or whether she is in her 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or beyond, we’ve got the right idea to make her smile.

From sentimental items to express your love to practical gifts that she can actually use in daily life, these gifts are perfect for every occasion from Mother’s Day, mom’s birthday, to Christmas.

Read on to find out our special gift guide for every type of mom.

Disclosure: This post contains products that I personally like and may contain affiliate links. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post, at no cost to you. 🙂

Best Gifts for Every Mom

For Mom in Her 20s

1. Benevolence LA Gold Mama Necklace

Mother’s Day is a day to show love and appreciation to all moms. Help her celebrate being a mom by gifting this lovely necklace with “mama” charms. Its dainty design looks simple on its own and it’s also great for layering with other necklaces.

Necklace for mama
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2. Mama Bear Blanket

For your mama bear to lounge comfortably at home. This ultra soft wearable blanket is perfect for cuddling up with in the bed, on the couch, and even outdoors.

Wearable Blanket
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3. Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler

A trendy gift for women in their 20s. This 40oz tumbler keeps her refreshed with fewer refills. It is available in cheerful colors like yellow, peach, pink, blue, lime, and more. Use it to motivate yourself to hydrate all day.

Stanley Tumbler
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4. comiso Bluetooth Speaker Phone Stand

Because we know moms in the modern age need this. She can use it for watching videos, playing her favorite music, and amplifying the sound from phone calls.

Phone Stand
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5. Sweet Water Decor Metal Pen Set

A useful and simple gift loved by mom. This set of three pen glides on smoothly on paper and they provide the best motivation every mom needs.

Women Pen Set
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6. Mama Earrings

Celebrate Mother’s Day with style. This pair of mama earrings looks chic for mother of all ages.

Mama Earrings

7. What Do You Meme? Plush Flowers

If you are looking for something thoughtful for the new moms who just joined the motherhood. Why not provide her with some emotional support? New moms with crying babies and young toddlers will definitely need it. Brighten her days, give these cute flowers to make her smile.

Flowers for Mom
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8. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

We know it’s not easy to become a mom. She is always busy with kids and work, and she just don’t have the time for beauty routine. This set of 4 lip balms will help keep her lips moisturized even with her busy schedules. Just one swipe to soothe the lips and leave your lips with lovely spring-inspired scents.

Mothers Day Lip Balm Set
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For Mom in Her 30s

9. Mom, I Love You Because Fill-in-the-Blank Book

A cheap but meaningful gift moms even mom doesn’t want anything will appreciate. Express your adoration, show gratitude to mom by writing a small book especially for her. It costs less than $15 but it’s full of heart.

Journal for Mom
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10. CASABREWS Espresso Machine

Get this pink coffee machine because it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Up her energy level with a cup of flavorful coffee. Make adjustments according to your taste preferences and make your favorite coffee at home.

Coffee Machine
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11. Badass Mother of The Year Mug

We know how awesome your mom is when she gets awarded with this title.

Badass Mother Mug
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12. LOVEVOOK Laptop Tote Bag

Help her replace her old work bag with this beautiful leather briefcase bag. It’s crafted from durable PU leather that’s water-resistant and scratch-resistant. Features a spacious design with multiple pockets and compartments. This is definitely a stylish bag for working moms.

Women Work Tote
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13. Stress Relief Soy Candle

Bursting with the zesty lemon and calming lavender scents, this candle will take mom’s stress away.

Stress Relief Candle

14. Engraved Acrylic Block Puzzle Piece

A sentimental surprise for mom just because you want to let her knows she is the most important piece of your life.

Mom Sign
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15. NATURE WELL Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

A multipurpose moisturizing skin conditioner for the mom with no time for beauty care routine. This is a luxuriously rich cream that melts into skin leaving no greasy feels. Apply liberally over the face and body to provide intense hydration.

Coconut Oil
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16. JusTea Herbal Tea Trio

We understand that mothers sacrifice a lot for the children, and yes, they need to practice self-care. Help her to unwind after a busy day, make a cup of hot tea and enjoy. This pack of three caffeine-free teas is definitely one of the best stress-reliving gifts for women.

Herbal Teas
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For Mom in Her 40s

17. BAGSMART Travel Duffle Bag

For the mom who love traveling. She could use this duffel bag to store her travel essentials. It is roomy to fit clothes and toiletries. It also has multiple accessory pockets and a separate compartment for shoes.

Travel Duffel
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18. Tell Me Your Life Story

A wonderful gift for mom from daughter. This keepsake book guides mom to record her life story with over 200 thought-provoking questions. Hear mom’s story, learn her wisdom. and deepen your relationship with her.

Mom Story
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19. You Are Pawsome Inspirational Cat Quote T-Shirt

When she’s also mom to kitties, she will definitely love this cute tee.

You Are Pawsome Inspirational Cat Quote T-Shirt
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20. Custom Family Necklace

Personalized gifts always feel more special, and this pretty birthstone necklace is no exception. Customize it with the birthstones and initials of your family members to make it an extra special surprise for your mom.

custom necklace

21. EIGSHOW Professional Makeup Brushes Kit

If she is into makeup, this set of 15 brushes will meet all her makeup needs. They are made from corn silk fiber and birch handles in different sizes.

Makeup Brush Set
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22. Body Restore Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

This is especially great for busy moms who have too little time and yet still need some little me time. Let her indulge in 5-minutes spa escape during shower.

Shower Steamers
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23. Love is All Heart Pattern Tote Bag

Give lots of ❤️❤️❤️ to your mom.

Heart Pattern Tote Bag
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24. Large Capacity Travel Makeup Bag

Best gift for travel lovers. This makeup organizer bag has big enough room for all of her travel essentials. Plus, the large opening design allows quick access to items stored inside.

Makeup Bag
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For Mom in Her 50s and Above

25. QUINEAR Cordless Hand Massager

An affordable luxury gift for moms. What’s better than giving her a hand massage with acupressure and kneading?

Hand Massager
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26. Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story

Another meaningful gift for elderly moms. With over 250 thought-provoking prompts, this book encourages mom to write down her life story starting from childhood memories to profound turning points in her life.

Mom Story Gift Book
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27. Personalized Flower Pot

For mom who loves gardening. Add a whimsical pot to make her garden looks extra cute.

Moms Garden Pot

28. Custom Pet Portrait

When your mom loves her pets so much, get their portraits drawn in fun style to make her smile. It will be a thoughtful surprise that any pet mom would be thrilled to receive.

Pet Potrait

29. Gen Z Dictionary

Because we know women in her age need some updates on current language trend. So why not up her communication skills with latest slang and emojis?

Gen Z Book
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30. Heating Pad

She will thank you for this easy-to-use heating pad. The contoured design, expanded heating area, and adjustable heat ensures a relaxing experience for different therapeutic needs. No more stiff shoulder and discomfort caused by muscle aches.

Heating Pad
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31. Birth Month Flower Bags

This cute floral tote is a practical gift that mom can actually use in her daily life. And, it’s personalized with her birth flower!

august birth flower tote
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32. UGG Soft Faux Fur Reversible Accent Throw Blanket

You really can’t go wrong with a plushy blanket. This lightweight faux fur blanket from UGG is great for an afternoon snooze, wrapping yourself up to watch TV, or snuggling in for a long winter nap.

Throw Blanket
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