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Every year on the first Sunday of May, families around the world gather to celebrate motherhood. For those of us who are lucky enough to grow up basking in the unconditional love of our mothers, we make good use of Mother’s Day by giving our mom a little something to let them know that we love them. Or perhaps you are a husband who is looking for a Mother’s Day gift for your wife on behalf of your kids. In either case, you will find a list of great sentimental gift ideas in this Mother’s Day gift guide. These ideas are curated for Mother’s Day in mind, but they are just as great for other occasions such as mom’s birthday and Christmas.

This is not the first time we have written about sentimental Mother’s Day gift ideas, we also did a sentimental mother-daughter gift guide a while ago. So hopefully we’ll be able to help provide some inspiration.

And if you’re looking for thoughtful words to share with a mother, make sure you check out these beautiful mother-daughter quotes which are complete with illustrations — perfect for adding to your Pinterest board!

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Best Sentimental Gifts for Mother’s Day

Check out these sentimental mom gifts for Mother’s Day below and let us know what you think!

1. Matching Mom Daughter Necklace

Let’s start the sentimental gift list with this matching necklaces. Features a set of two beautiful butterflies in unique cyan color. The design expresses the special relationship between mother and daughter.

Matching Butterfly Mother Daughter Necklace
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2. Badass Mom Mug

A newspaper style mug for your badass mom. Make her feel cool and awesome when she’s sipping her coffee.

Badass Mother Mug
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Mom will probably love these inspirational mugs too.

3. Mother Daughter Figurine

A sentimental Mother’s Day gift from daughter. This lovely figurine depicts the close bond between a mother and her daughter. It is beautifully crafted and painted in soft pastel tones.

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4. Mom Box Sign

You can also get nice home decor for her. Make her smile with this vintage box sign that reads “You’re the mom everyone wishes they had”. This sign is made of high-quality wood and it is beautifully painted in a distressed style. It is also nicely sized to look great on the bedside table, dressing table, or in the office.

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5. Mom is My Sunshine Tote Bag

A cute fabric tote to cheer mom up!

Mom is My Sunshine Tote Bag
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6. Crown Ring Holder

A ceramic crown for the queen of your life. It is an adorable dish to place your rings, earrings and other small gems.

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7. Mom Quote Keychain

An inexpensive Mother’s Day gift under $10 — a solid stainless steel keychain to tell your mom how much you love her. This is the best cheap sentimental gift for Mother’s Day on this list.

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Meaningful Gifts For Mom

8. Mom Giant Wine Glass

Mom’s life is stressful. She needs to have a glass of wine from time to time. A glass of wine in this wine glass will definitely satisfy her need. This glass holds an entire 25.4 ounces bottle of wine. It says “Mom, for putting up with me, you deserve all the Wine”

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9. Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

This cute coloring book makes one of the best gifts for moms with small kids. It is filled with 30 snarky illustrations that describe what motherhood is really like. Hilarious and fun. Grab the colored pencils and color away from the stress of mom’s daily life.

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10. Personalized Mom Tumbler Mug

When you are looking for a fun Mother’s Day gift, you can’t go wrong with this tumbler. It can be personalized with the names of your mom’s little sh*t, aka, your siblings plus you!

Personalized Mom's Little Shits Tumbler

11. Inspirational Pen Set

Another great gift for working moms — A set of three pretty pens that glide on smoothly. They are colorful and imprinted with sassy motivational quotes. Brighten up her days, add a little extra color to your mom’s work desk.

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12. Funny Mug 

This is for the ultimate ruler in your house. If you don’t listen to her, she might not cook your dinner.

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Sentimental Gifts for Mom from Kids

13. DC Comics Wonder Woman Sticky Notes Booklet 

She is powerful, she can do everything for you. She is the superheroine in your life. Get this Wonder Woman sticky notes pack for her to write down the heroic acts she needs to perform.

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14. Bubble Bath

You can also choose some good skincare for mom. Pamper her with Philosophy Senorita Margarita 3-in-1 shampoo bath gel. It cleanses and conditions skin and hair. Rich lather, moisturizing formula, pleasing citrusy flavor. Use it and leave the bathroom smelling like a margarita!

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15. Mother Daughter Necklace 

A meaningful necklace in a simple design. A big circle interlock with a small circle symbolizes the closeness of a mom and her daughter. This necklace looks chic and nice. It is a fantastic gift for mom from daughter.

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16. Elephant Family Hundle Figurine

A loving elephant family surrounded by love and warmth. They are crafted with fine details and look absolutely beautiful.

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17. A Creative Keepsake All About Mom

The pinnacle of all sentimental mom gifts. Complete this journal with the help of useful prompts. Record the precious moments with mom by describing them in writing. Personalize this gift for mom with your imagination! Fill the coloring pages with creativity and leave heartfelt messages to shower mom some extra love. This is just the kind of gift that mom will love to get on Mother’s Day — personal and emotional.

Creative Keepsake All About Mom
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18. Mom Pocket Token

Sentimental token to express your love to her. Pocket size, solid metal. It makes an amazing small gift for mom from kids.

The back of this coin reads “Mother, when I think of you, I remember the warmth of your eyes and the beauty that blooms like a rose every time you smile.”

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19. Vintage Carnation Floral Tote Bag

A multipurpose tote that mom can use as an everyday bag, grocery bag or book bag. It has a lovely floral pattern featuring carnation flowers. Large capacity, sturdy and useful.

Carnation Floral Pattern Tote Bag
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20. La Chatelaine Hand Cream Gift Set

A trio of luxurious hand creams from the South of France. Made from the finest natural ingredients blended with organic shea butter, Vitamin E, and argan oil. They are moisturizing and nourishing for all skin types.

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More Meaningful Sentimental Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Best Kitchen Gifts with Mom Sentiments

21. Love You Mom Pears

Three of the most darling little pears to make your mom smile this Mother’s Day. Vintage green color, mini in size.

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22. I Love You Mom Spoon

A sentimental gift that mom can use frequently. Practical and cute.

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23. Special Love Poem Cutting Board

A good quality bamboo cutting board engraved with love poem designed especially for the important woman in your life. This is a nice gift for elderly moms from adult daughter. The engraving reads “So much of me is made from what I learned from you you’ll always be with me like a handprint on my heart ~ I Love You”.

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That concludes our list of 20+ sentimental Mother’s Day gifts for mom. Thanks for reading.

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