10 Best Gift Ideas for a Picky Mom. When it comes to picking a gift for mom, you wanna make sure she loves the gift. Even for a picky mom who is hard to buy, you still care what she thinks. Need some ideas? Here, we have brought together a list of 10 that can help you out. Scroll down to discover best gifts for picky mom suitable for birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas and more!


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1.   Love Pearl Wish Necklace

Let’s start the list of gifts for picky mom with jewelries. It is wiser to choose plain, simple style jewelries. This unique Love Pearl Heart Necklace Gift Set makes a fantastic choice. This set includes a pretty locket, a 18″ long chain, and a can containing an oyster that produces pearl in it. Ask mom to make a wish before she opens up the can to get the pearl. Who knows her wish might come true…

Wish Pearl Heart Pendant Necklace Set
Love Pearl Heart Pendant Necklace Set
2.   Best Mom Apron

For mom who loves cooking and baking. A pretty apron like this will definitely make her happy. Feminine, floral design that features red statement decorated with pink flowers and twigs.

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Best Mom Floral Apron
Best Mom Floral Apron
3.   Dinner

Mother loves spending time when her kids. For her birthday or Mother’s Day, no matter how busy you are, try to book a nice restaurant and bring her out for dinner. I am sure she will be very happy.

4.   Great Mom Picture Box Frame + Memorable Picture

Moms love looking at their child’s pictures. There is no exception for picky moms. You can get digital photo frame, family tree picture frame or just a normal picture frame to frame memorable picture of you.

Primitives by Kathy Box Frame
Primitives by Kathy Box Frame
5.   Vacation/ Getaways

A vacation makes one of the best gifts for picky mom. Send her to her dream destination or somewhere special. Book flight ticket, hotel and cover her travel expenses. I’m sure even the hardest mom will appreciate this. (Of course if you can share the cost with your siblings is way better!)

Some websites to look for cheap fares: Skiplagged, ExpediaTheFlightDeal.com


Shacke Luggage Tags
Colorful Shacke Luggage Tags for easy spotting of baggage
6.   Electronics For Mom

Help mom to get connected, get her a mobile device. Apple Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab are great if you higher budget. If not, Amazon Fire is a decent choice. It is a powerful tablet at low price (below $50). Features beautiful 7″ display, updated user interface of Fire OS 5 and 8 GB internal storage. Allows you to enjoy fast surfing, reading, listening, watching huge selection of movies, and more.

Amazon Fire
Amazon Fire
7.   Treat to Spa

Picky mom also needs mommy’s time out for hanging out with friends, a day in spa, shopping, or just relaxing. It would be wonderful to buy her a complete spa package that includes massage, facial, manicures and pedicures, and body treatments. I am sure she will appreciate this kind gesture of yours.


8.   Handmade Gift

If you are crafty, you can make a scrapbook, bookmark, paperweight, vase, or jewelries for her. You can even paint, bake or make canned sauces. Anything within your imagination works!

Always My Family Scrapbooking Box Kit
Always My Family Scrapbooking Box Kit
9.   Anti-aging Skincare

Even picky moms want to age beautifully. Skincare with anti-aging function is another excellent gift for picky mom. You can get face cream, serum, face mask, body lotion and etc for her. She will love this deep moisturizing and rejuvenating shea butter hand cream. Made with all natural ingredients, rich in shea butter, cocoa butter, and aloe vera. Helps repair cellular degeneration and sun damage .Makes skin look younger, softer and healthier.

LiveFresh Natural Shea Butter Hand Cream
LiveFresh Natural Shea Butter Hand Cream
10.   Gift Card/ Cash

We have come to an end of the list of gifts for picky mom. If you think the above gifts are too risky, you can always get her a gift card or send her money instead. For gift card, be sure to get the one from the place where she often shop. While, for cash money, to make it nicer, you can put it in a pretty money envelope like the one below.

Japanese Decorative Money Envelope
Japanese Style Money Envelope decorated with crane and twisted cords

That concludes our list of 10 Best Picky Mom Gift Ideas perfect for birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas. Thanks for reading!

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