As we approach to the end of the year, we share this year’s most popular holiday gifts that you can get for your favorite girl. Show some love to your best friend this holiday season with a thoughtful gift that she really wants.

If you are wondering what is the best Christmas gift for a close friend or what can you send your BFF for holidays, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find 28 awesome pressies for that important friends who are always there for you. These Christmas gifts are incredibly cool and meaningful to celebrate your special bond. Whether she is a girlie girl, techie girl, book lover, or coffee lovers, we have the perfect gifts are every type of gal pals in the list.

Read on to discover these awesome Christmas gifts for female best friends.

Good Christmas Gifts for Best Friends
Christmas Gifts for Best Friends

Best Christmas Gifts for BFF 2021

1. Soul Sisters Gift Necklace

It’s the gift-giving season, gift your bestie with this stylish necklace. It is one of the most meaningful Christmas gifts for a girl best friend. Features a minimalist design with two interlocking circles. It symbolizes how close you are linked to each other’s life; whether it’s in the real life or connecting on the soul level.

Soul Sisters Gift Necklace
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2. Reindeer Holiday Coffee Mug Warmer

Warm her beverage and warm her heart this winter. This beautiful mug warmer is a thoughtful Christmas gift that your BFF will really use.

Coffee Mug Warmer
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3. Words to Live By

Gift your female best friend with a dose of inspiration and strength whenever she needs. This book is filled with empowering quotes by female role models and colorful illustrations to uplift your spirit. It is an ultimate gift for women to women.

Words to Live By
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4. Best BFF of The Year Mug

This is no ordinary mug, this is a special gift for your best friend this Christmas. Because she is always there for you. Whether it is to support your plans, listen to your rants, or doing crazy things together.

She has won your heart and she definitely deserve to get this extraordinary mug.

Best BFF of The Year Mug
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5. Winter Star Stud Earrings

Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there for you. When your favorite girl is miles away, why not send her this pair of sparkly stars. It makes a meaningful Christmas gift for long-distance friends.

Opal Star Stud Earrings
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6. FaceTory Glow Baby Glow Brightening Sheet Mask

A practical gift approved by girl best friends. It keeps her skin soft and hydrated. And, it is also fun to apply together when you are having sleepover.

FaceTory Glow Baby Glow Niacinamide and Cica Brightening Sheet Mask
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7. Coffee Self-Talk: 5 Minutes a Day to Start Living Your Magical Life

For the friend who is feeling lost in life. This book will help her to boost self-esteem, attain new goals, and live a happier life.

Coffee Self-Talk: 5 Minutes a Day to Start Living Your Magical Life
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8. Nine West Women’s Patterned Strap Watch

A beautiful timepiece is a classic holiday gift that never goes out of style. You might not be able to afford an expensive watch for your bestie, you can get her this luxury-looking watch that costs less than $30.

This watch features a gorgeous gradient dial with rose gold-tone hands and markers. It also comes with a matching navy patterned strap.

Nine West Women's Patterned Strap Watch
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9. Blue Rabbit Flannel Women Pajama Set

This pajama set is made of 100% cotton flannel to keep you cozy even in the cold winter nights. With the rabbit and heart print, she can pajamas all day and still looking cute.

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Anseho Flannel Button Women Pajama Set
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10. PopSockets PopGrip

When your gal pal is a sweet tooth and has been complaining about her weight. Give her this cute donut Popsockets. Help her in fixing her craving. Attach it to the back of her phone for a more secure grip and also serves as a reminder of not taking the real sweet-tasting foods.

PopSockets PopGrip
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11. Primrosia 24 Pastel Dual Tip Markers

A popular present for the artistic girls or friends who like journaling. 24 pastel markers with brush end and fineliner point. Flexible tips, pretty colors. They are perfect for writing, drawing, lettering, and highlighting.

Primrosia 24 Pastel Dual Tip Markers
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12. Women’s Laptop Bag Briefcase

Whether she is a college student or a working professional, she will need a good briefcase to carry her laptop around. This stylish laptop bag with roomy compartments can accommodate a laptop, documents, and other accessories.

Kamlui Laptop Bag
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13. SoundBot Shower Speaker

Surprise your bestie with this versatile speaker. It allows her to enjoy favorite music in the shower. This speaker plays loud, crisp, and clear sound. A must-have for the music lovers.

SoundBot Shower Speaker
SoundBot Shower Speaker
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14. AMASTE Drip Coffee Machine

Add style to your girlfriend’s kitchen. Whether she is a coffee lover or a girl who loves decorating her house, this retro style coffee machine will make her happy.

It has a control panel to adjust the coffee strength and a warming plate to keep your coffee warm. This coffee machine uses rinseable filter, so no more wasting on paper filters.

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AMASTE Drip Coffee Maker
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15. Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

This adorable keyboard is a must-have for every modern girl. It is light and small enough to tuck into your bag. It supports up to two devices simultaneously so you can switch between them with just one touch.

We also love its ergonomic design; the concave arc keycap that feels soft to type on. It is also available in mint and black.

Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard
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16. Pinky Up Matcha Ice Cream Tins Loose Leaf Tea

For the friend who likes drinking tea. Help her to stock up her tea collection with this dessert tea. It contains premium whole leaf green tea with white chocolate curls, candied pineapple, matcha, and almond. Brew sweet and delicious tea with great aroma.

Pinky Up Matcha Ice Cream Tins Loose Leaf Tea
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17. Nite Nite Tote

Invite your girlfriends to a sleepover with this Nite Nite Tote. It is spacious, cute and functional.

Nite Nite Tote
Nite Nite Tote
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18. Friendship Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Another awesome gift for your favorite gal.

Friendship Stainless Steel Travel Mug
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19. Pewter Heart Trinket Tray

Adorable heart-shaped tray for your best friend to keep her blings and other tiny treasures. It is a great addition to any vanity.

Pewter Heart Trinket Tray
Pewter Heart Trinket Tray
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20. COMISO Wireless Earbuds

For the friend who loves to be active. These wireless earbuds let her enjoy music while doing her favorite exercise. The special designed ear hooks fully fit the ears contours, so no accidental falling out during work out.

And, the waterproof design allows user to go on with their fitness routine even in the rainy days.

COMISO Wireless Earbuds
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21. Vintage Clouds Loose Sweater

This lovely knitted sweater made it to the list of most-popular Christmas gifts for women. It is really soft and comfy to wear in the cold months.

Vintage Clouds Loose Sweater
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22. You Make Me Smile Long Distance Friendship Mug

Make your friend drink her coffee and think of you every morning.

You Make Me Smile Long Distance Friendship Mug 
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23. It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara by Elizabeth Mott

Skincare and makeup are wonderful Christmas gifts loved by girlfriends. She will surely appreciate this powerful mascara that lifts, lengthens, and curls her lashes without smudging.

It's So BIG Volumizing Mascara by Elizabeth Mott
It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara by Elizabeth Mott
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24. Casio Candy Color Leather Watch

When you are looking for something inexpensive and cute for your girl bestie. This simple watch by Casio is your top choice.

Casio Light Blue Leather Watch
Casio Candy Color Leather Watch
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25. Lucky Cat Sock

These lucky cats will bring lucks and happiness to your gal pals this holiday. It looks colorful, cute, and fun. If you are looking for cheap Christmas gift for a friend, this sock is an excellent choice.

Lucky Cat Socks
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26. White Marble Desk Accessory Kit

No more using boring stationeries. Glam up your best friend’s desk with this trendy marble stationery set. It includes a tape dispenser, stapler with clips, staple remover, scissors, and ruler.

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Owfeel Desk Accessory Kit
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27. Tropical Makeup Brushes

It’s fun to add some tropical vibes to her vanity desk. Gift her with green professional brushes. Create a flawless look with these 14 makeup brushes made of soft and dense bristles. Each of the brushes is in different shapes and sizes perfect for contouring, blending, and detailing.

Tropical Makeup Brushes
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28. Blossom Bucket Sisters Forever’ Angels Figurine

Best friends are sisters not by blood, but from the heart. This Christmas, give her a sentimental friendship gift in the form of a beautiful figurine. It best depicts your relationship and expresses your love to this special friend.

Blossom Bucket Sisters Forever' Angels
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That concludes our list of 28 Good Christmas Gifts for Best Friends. Thanks for reading and have a happy Christmas!

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