It is fun to introduce some vintage flairs into our homes by adding some retro appliances. The funky and colorful retro décor has a big comeback in the home décor world. People are enjoying their exciting colors, nostalgic design, and charming details. While you might not want to go all out to decorate the whole house based on a specific time period nor you want to fill the space with a specific color, you can always opt to add some retro touches inspired by the bygone era.

It is exciting to bring splashes of colors to our living space. The easiest way to infuse a retro accent — to place a few retro items here and there in the house. We can get some cool-looking and functional retro home appliances to go with our modern space. Their aged style and playful hues look so cozy and inviting. If you are looking for inspiration, here are our top picks on retro appliances and accessories found in the market.

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Best Retro Home Appliances

Unique Retro Home Appliances

1. Smeg 1950’s Retro Programmable Coffee Maker

Color your life with this pastel blue Smeg coffee maker. Let this gorgeous babe takes your morning coffee game to the next level. It combines a retro look with modern functionality. Simply make a cup of coffee that tailor to your own unique taste and start your day fresh.

Smeg 1950's Retro Programmable Coffee Maker
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2. NorthPoint Island Breeze Vintage Lantern

Not ready to change your lighting fixtures to the retro style? This beautiful green lantern will do the trick. It is also available in other nostalgic colors like pink, light blue, orange, lime green, and cream white.

NorthPoint Island Breeze Vintage Lantern
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3. Vornado VFAN Jr. Vintage Air Circulator Fan

Keep this mini fan in hand. Its classic design and cream color blend well in any room. When the weather turns warm, you will be thankful for the cool breeze it provides.

Vornado VFAN Jr. Vintage Air Circulator Fan
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4. Retro Bluetooth Speaker

A vibrant red radio speaker for you to enjoy music like the old days. Features rich and clear sound, 8 hours playtime, portable design. The vintage radio’s FM function instantly takes you back to the good old days of radio channel surfing. It is a fun retro appliance that everyone should get.

Retro Bluetooth Speaker
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Also available in other vintage colors
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5. SINGER Simple 3223Y Handy Sewing Machine

For those of you who want to learn sewing, an easy-to-operate sewing machine will be helpful. A trusted brand like Singer with multiple foundational features and appealing candy color? Double yes!! Ladies, let’s make this your new must-have home appliance to shop for. We are sure this solid piece will make you more eager to start your new sewing projects.

SINGER Simple 3223Y Handy Sewing Machine
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6. Remington Limited Edition Retro Hair Dryer

This is a perfect hair styling tool to blow your own 1950s pin-up hair. It has modern construction and a powerful motor. It is definitely a great hairdryer for girls to create fabulous looks from any era.

Remington Limited Edition Retro Hair Dryer
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7. Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock

A pretty alarm clock with the 80s feel to it. It looks cute on the nightstand, it also works great for the heavy sleeper. Non-ticking motion, twin bell design. No more waking up late for work.

Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock
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8. Byron Statics Walkman Cassette Player

Jazz up your day with music from the past. Bring your favorite cassette tapes back to life with this walkman. USB powered, crisp sound, loud speaker. It also features AM/FM radio, recording function, and built-in microphone & speaker.

Byron Statics Walkman Cassette Player
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9. Alytimes Typewriter Music Box

This is a lovely home decor to add old-fashioned charm. Its overall look is adorable and it plays a relaxing melody of “Fur Elise”

Alytimes Typewriter Music Box
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10. Rotary Design Retro Landline Phone 

Ring, ring… Hello, retro is calling. This classic phone in mustard color has a fun 1960s feel. It is a chic piece to add to any room or office.

Rotary Design Retro Landline Phone 
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11. Studebaker Classic Portable AM/FM Radio 

The look of this radio caught our attention. The design, the color, and the sound made us happy.

Studebaker Classic Portable AM/FM Radio 
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12. Nostalgia Vintage Professional Popcorn Cart

Nothing will make your entertainment room pop quite like this old carnival-style popcorn cart. Movie time will be more exciting when friends and families gather around. This popcorn maker can pop up to 32 cups of delicious popcorn to serve your guests.

Nostalgia Vintage Professional Popcorn Cart
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13. Daewoo Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

Don’t you love the passionate red color and the classic retro design of this microwave? Get one today and be inspired to make the 1950s style dinner as seen in old movies.

Daewoo Retro Countertop Microwave Oven
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14. Victrola Suitcase Bluetooth Turntable

Add a pop of color to your living room with this 3-speed turntable. It is an absolute classic loaded with modern features.

Victrola Vintage Bluetooth Turntable 
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15. Old School Manual Coffee Grinder

When you are a coffee lover who can’t live without fresh ground coffee every day. This antique style coffee grinder will help you to grind the beans just right even when the power is out.

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Manual Coffee Grinder
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Retro Kitchen Appliances Under $50

You don’t have to spend big re-doing your kitchen. Let’s transform your kitchen with these joyful, kitsch retro kitchen appliances.

16. Dash Everyday Stand Mixer

This versatile Dash Everyday Stand Mixer is totally adorbs. 6 speeds for all types of mixing. Girls, tie your hair up, wear a floral apron, and bake like a professional 1950’s housewife.

Dash Stand Mixer
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17. Retro Small Toaster

This elegant toaster would be a perfect addition to any retro-inspired kitchen. We love the pastel blue color, its clean lines, and the space-saving design.

Features easy one-touch button, wide slots, and removable crumb tray.

Retro Small Toaster
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18. Nostalgia Hot Dog Warmer 

Set up your own hot dog stall on the kitchen counter. Grill your dogs and warm your buns in the canopy at the same time. And … you be served with nice hotdogs in minutes.

This cute kitchen appliance also makes a good gift for the foodies in your life.

Nostalgia Hot Dog Warmer 
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19. ASCOT Electric Kettle

This is a good quality cordless electric kettle with a vintage aesthetic. We love the shape and its soft green color. Quick boiling, auto boil shut off. A must-have for tea lovers.

ASCOT Electric Kettle 
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20. Dash Compact Air Fryer

Every home should have an electric air fryer. Enjoy healthier fried food at home with no extra calories. Easy to use, easy to clean. It is definitely this year’s most popular kitchen appliance.

Dash Compact Air Fryer
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