Looking for some unique cat mugs with cute design? Check out this collection of 19 cute mugs with cat design that will make your drinks taste better. These cute cat-themed mugs below that are perfect for all cat lovers. Don’t hesitate, get yourself a cat mug right meow! It is going to be the purr-fect mug for tea, coffee, milk, or whatever your favorite beverage is.

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Below is a list of cute cat mugs you should check out and buy for a cat lover.

Cat Coffee Mugs

1. Pawsitive Vibes Only Cat Mug

Use this funny cat mug to start your morning right. This kitty is swearing to give you the best pawsitive energy.

2. Hand Sculpted White Cat Mug

This sweet little kitty is saying “I need coffee right meow!”. So, coffee lovers, what are you waiting for?

3. Purrfect Cat Face Mug 

Ladies, this is a very pretty mug for you to sip with style.

It is also available in black, grey, and white.

4. Funny Swearing Cat Coffee Mug

This sweary cat themed mug is for the coffee addicts. This is how we swear when we need our coffee fix right now.

5. Japanese Lucky Cat Mug

Use this adorable Maneki Neko mug to feel extra lucky.

6. Pusheen Mermaid Cat Mug

Because when you are a cat lover who also loves mermaid, you definitely got to own this mug.

7. Best Cat Dad Ever Mug

Yes, this kitty swears she has the best cat dad ever. This funny cat mug makes a great gift for the men who love cats.

8. Black Cat Mug 

Attention, all black cat owners! This adorable cat tail mug is your must-have. This is one of the black cat mugs in this collection.

9. Meow Glass Coffee Mug 

Pretend you are a cat with a pink nose and whiskers with the help of this mug. Drink and smile. 🙂

10. White Cat Mug

A gorgeous cat-shaped cat face mug with an elegant gold handle. This mug is crafted with a tiny cat sitting inside it.

11. 3D Cat Shaped Mug with Stirring Spoon and Lid

This is another cute gift for cat lovers — a 3D cat mug that comes with a spoon and the cat head as its lid.

12. Fishing Black Cat Mug

This naughty black cat is climbing to the rim of your cup, trying to reach for the yummy goldfish inside. This black cat mug is humorous and fun.

13. Kissing Cat Mug Set for Couples

A set of beautiful black and white cats coffee mug for the cat-loving couples in your life. Black and white cat mug — matching cat coffee mugs for couples.

14. Crazy Cat Lady Mug

And, this colorful cat pattern mug definitely suits the cat lady in your life.

15. Siamese Cat Mug

For the proud cat parents who own an affectionate Siamese cat.

16. Pusheen Sculpted Mug

Who doesn’t love this grey tabby cat, Pusheen?

Cat Travel Mugs

1. Cat Quote Travel Mug

“Weekends, coffee, and cats”. Yes, this is how I want to spend my weekends.

2. Crazy Cat Lady Pink Travel Mug

When you are a real crazy cat lady, you got to own this mug.

3. Kitties Ceramic Cat Travel Mug

A whimsical tuxedo cat travel mug that we love. Features two tuxedo kitties hanging out in a garden full of sunflowers.

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