Spread the holiday cheer with these totally cool Christmas gifts for your girlfriends. Because your gal pals are important people in your life, don’t get a lame gift to embarrass you both. Read here for 16 unique and awesome Christmas gifts for girlfriends. From fashion items, room decorations to accessories and more. Excite her this holiday and make her scream in joy!

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Cool Christmas Gifts For Girl Best Friends

1. Rainbow Motivational Tote Bag

Because your girlfriend is awesome AF she deserves to get this cool tote. It features an eye-catching graphic of rainbow stripes with a motivational quote that reads “You are awesome. Keep that shit up”.

2. Happier Than A Turtle Box Sign

“Today I will be happier than a turtle on an escalator”. Is there anything happier than a turtle on an escalator? Get this cute sign for your girlfriend this Christmas. Remind her to stay happy every day.

This sign is made with high-quality wood, painted in a distressed style. It is designed to freely stand on its own or hang on the wall.

Happier Than A Turtle Box Sign
Happier Than A Turtle Box Sign

3. Best BFF of The Year Mug

Another cool Christmas gift for your gal pal because she is the best BFF you have ever had.

4. Sweary Enamel Pin

The not-so-subtle accessory for her jacket, backpack, hat, and more. Black and white design. It looks super cool and stylish.

(For the friends with potty mouth, read this post for more gift ideas for people who love to swear.)

Profanity Enamel Pin
Enamel Pin

5. Pink Girls Neon Sign

For her woman cave, femme den, she shed, whatever you girls call it. This neon sign will make her room looks really awesome. Lightweight, pretty color, bright. It is a unique gift for girlfriends this holiday.

Neon Sign
Pink Girls Neon Sign

6. I Only Have Time for ONE Glass of Wine Bottle Glass

Cheers, ladies! One serving of wine from this funny wine glass is enough for the day.

This wine bottle glass has extra large capacity. It is another cool gift approved by girlfriends.

Original Huge Wine Bottle Glass
I Only Have Time for ONE Glass of Wine  Bottle Glass

7. Slay Swimsuit

For the fashionista and frequent beachgoer. She is going to love this retro-inspired one-piece swimsuit. High leg, low back design, with a gold statement. It definitely looks sassy AF.

Slay Swimsuit
Slay Swimsuit

8. Gold Badass Necklace

Classy with a bit of badass-y — this is the coolest necklace for your girlfriends this Christmas.

9. Christmas Theme Paper Clips

Another cool little gift for your girlfriends — a pack of 20 pieces holiday themed paper clips in gold.

10. Meditating Buddha Poster

Bring peacefulness to any room with this unique Buddha poster. Features a powerful quote that reads “Let that sh*t go”. Hang it on the wall to feel the Zen effect.

11. I Woke Up Like This Beanie

Stay warm and looking cool this winter with this beanie hat. It is made of soft, stretchable fabric to fit all head sizes.

I Woke Up Like This Beanie
I Woke Up Like This Beanie

12. Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget Pouch Case 

A multifunctional storage case made of soft silicone. Features vibrant colors and pop bubbles. She can use it as pencil case or cosmetic organizer.

Also, this colorful pouch can be doubled as a sensory fidget toy for adults.

(If you think your friend constantly work under pressure, try gifting her with these stress-relieving gifts.)

13. Stay Sassy AF Mug

Another cute mug to remind your favorite girl to stay sassy AF.

14. Welcome Bitches Doormat

Look no further if you are looking for a hilarious and cool Christmas gift for your best friends. This doormat is an excellent choice. Get the fun way to greet the bitches who pay a visit. She will definitely love it!

Welcome Bitches Doormat
Welcome Bitches Doormat

15.   Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Charm

A beautiful charm featuring hamsa hand and evil eye. Amazing design, vibrant colors. Made of sterling silver, it is finely crafted to fit both necklace and bracelet.

Hamsa Hand Charm
Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Charm

16.   Tea and Happy Things Teapot

For the tea lovers — a beautiful teapot made of white ceramic with a bamboo handle. Clean Danish style design with a nice message. It reads “Come, let us have tea and talk about happy things”.

Tea and Happy Things Teapot
Tea and Happy Things Teapot

That concludes our list of 16 cool gifts for girlfriends. Thanks for reading and have a happy Christmas!

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