Give your best friend the best present ever this Christmas. Impress her, up your BFF score with these cute picks. Here are 18 awesome holiday gifts for girlfriends.

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Christmas gifts for girlfriends

Holiday Gifts for Girl Best Friends

1. You Are My Best Friend Box Sign

A sentimental Christmas gift for your BFF. Show her your love, tell her how much she means to you with this decorative wooden box sign.

You Are My Best Friend Box Sign
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2. Compass Friendship Necklace

Be sure to get a special Christmas present for your female best friend. This necklace is so simple and meaningful she will totally adore. Features a two toned design with a compass pendant that represents a strong friendship. This necklace will become her new favorite.

Friendship Compass Necklace
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3. Good Vibes Sentiment Earbuds

For your gal pals to listen to good music and enjoy the good vibes.

Good Vibes Sentiment Earbuds
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4. Happiness Blooms Daisy Tote Bag

Gift your favorite girlfriend with beautiful daisy bag to make her happy this holiday.

Happiness Blooms Daisy Tote Bag
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5. 365 Days Planner

After the holiday, a brand new year is coming up. Give her a hand in planning, scheduling, and working towards her new year resolution.

365 Days Planner
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365 Days Planner
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6. Canvas Avenue Cat Wooden Earrings

Whether she is a cat person or not, this pair of adorable cat earrings will surely make her smile. It is made to order just for the purr-fect friend of yours. These kitties are beautifully handcrafted using timber plywood and handpainted in a cheery shade of mint.
We also love the seashell earrings and rainbow earrings from Canvas Avenue.

Canvas Avenue Cat Earrings

7. Feline Good Rainbow Cat Mug

Another Christmas gift approved by girlfriends. This rainbow of cats will definitely make her feeling good.

Feline Good Rainbow Cat Mug
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8. Inspirational Pens for Women

Chic pens for the favorite ladies in your life. We really love the quotes.

Inspirational Pens for Women
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9. Pompom Ears Beanie

😍😍We go crazy over pompoms because we think girls look extra cute with it.

Pompom Ears Beanie
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10. Hologram Moneybag

Money, money, money. Who doesn’t love money bag? This purse is definitely an attention grabber.

Hologram Moneybag
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11. Hurraw! Assorted Lip Balm Pack

Lip balm makes one of the best classic holiday gifts for gal pals. She will appreciate these organic lip balms with fun flavors.

Hurraw! Assorted Lip Balm Pack
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12. PopSockets

A useful and inexpensive tech gift for girls. Popsockets makes holding the phone easier. Attach it to your phone to expand the grip, use it as a stand when watching videos or make it as a convenient storage for the headphone cords.

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13. Cactus Humidifier

Heater and the cold wind make our skin super dry in the winter. For Christmas, why not get this stylish cactus humidifier for your bestie? It is USB powered and small in size.

This humidifier is suitable for home, office or car.

Cactus Humidifier
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Cactus Humidifier
can be doubled as nightlight
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14. Fred Tropic Tacks

Sending a flock of flamingos to brighten up her room. And, don’t miss out on these flamingo gifts if your BFF is a flamingo lover.
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Flamingo Pins
Looking cute!
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15. Sassy Doormat

Something cheeky for her entryway if you’re looking for a funny Christmas gift your girl friend will really love.

Sassy Doormat
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16. Plush Cat Paw Gloves

If you are looking for something cheap and functional. A pair of good quality gloves is an excellent choice. These little cat paws will keep your BFF warm and cozy this winter. It has a fingerless design, and also super soft and stretchable.

Odema Womens Cat Paw Glove
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17. Cute Sleepwear

Let me sleep, in style, of course. This jammies is perfect for your fashion-conscious girlfriends.

Cute pajama set
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18. Quirky Saying Pencils

Another cool Christmas gift perfect for gal pals. Be a boss lady. Take control of things that you write and write like a boss.

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Like A Boss Pencils
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That concludes our list of cute Christmas gifts for best friends. Thanks for reading and have a happy Christmas!

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Christmas gifts for best friends
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