Discover coffee mugs that inspire. In this post, you will find inspirational mugs that feature meaningful quotes and wise words.

Whether you are a regular coffee drinker or a tea drinker, one mug is never enough. You need some more mugs to start each day fresh. Not sure what mug you should get? Get inspiration here! This post features close to 20 mugs with inspirational quotes or motivational sayings. Some of them have a unique design, some of them have an uplifting message, and some of them are filled with profanity. These inspirational coffee mugs aren’t just cute, they are practical as well. You can also choose coffee thermoses as for the present, thus it would be a really cool gift for coffee lovers.

No more hesitation, get one for your home and another one to keep at the office. Expand your whimsical mug collection today. Or get them as mug gifts for someone you care about. Also, be sure to check out these inspirational mugs for teachers.

Collection of Motivational/ Inspirational Mugs

1. Diamond Inspirational Quote Mug

Get this retro-feel diamond mug to place on your desk. Remind yourself to not give up when you are under pressure at work. Your time to shine will come soon just like a diamond is created under enough pressure and time.

Diamond Inspirational Quote Mug
Diamond is a chunk of coal that did  well under pressure

2.  “Tea Rex” Dinosaur Mug

Add quirkiness to the kitchen with this T-Rex mug. I really love the detailed sculpture, the dinosaur’s tail as its handle, and its refreshing green color. I am sure this buddy will make your day T-riffic. Get your coffee fix and let them hear you rawr!

“Tea Rex” Sculpted Mug
Cute mug: let them hear you rawr

3. Desire of Your Heart Inspirational Mug

This is a gorgeous mug to consume your daily jolt of caffeine. The elegant gold-foil floral design cherishes. Its inspirational message helps us put into focus the plans we make for our future.

This mug makes a wonderful gift for graduates or anyone on their way to higher achievements.

The Desire of Your Heart Inspirational Quote Coffee Mug
Bible quote

4. Awesome Motivational Mug

The world is a competitive place. The fact that you are still breathing today means that you are doing really good. In fact, you are awesome, buddy. Keep that up!

5. F*cking Magical Unicorn Mug

For the aspiring unicorn. Enjoy your cuppa, poop rainbow, and spill your magic dust wherever you go. Because you are magical. More unicorn gift ideas.

I'm Magical Unicorn Inspirational Mug
Magical unicorn mug

6. Believe in Yourself Inspirational Quote Mug For Women

With the gold lettering and gold handle, this mug looks quite sophisticated. It is perfect for the ladies to enjoy her coffee or tea in style. Go gold with these gorgeous gold gifts for women.

7. You Must Not Be Defeated Quote Mug

A motivational mug with a big blob of color. This ceramic mug features a famous quote from Maya Angelou that reads “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated”.

8. You Are Pawsome Inspirational Cat Quote Mug

A simple and cute inspirational cat mug for the cat lovers to enjoy their hot drinks because they are pawsome. This mug is an excellent cat lover gift.

9. Winnie the Pooh Inspirational Quote Mug

This is a beautiful pick-me-up mug for anyone who needs a little push. It features a famous quote by Winnie the Pooh that reads “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

10. Do All Things in Love Motivational Coffee Mug

A cute coffee mug to inspire us to do things in love. Girls will love the pink stripes and the sparkly gold hearts. Pink lovers, check out these pink school supplies — thank me later.

11. Amazing Woman Mug Set

For that amazing woman in your life. This mug comes with a lid that can also be used as a coaster. The lid and the rim of the mug carry a meaningful message that reads “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.”

12. Rise and Slay Coffee Mug

Rise and slay, baby! This mug gives you all the motivation you need to kick start the day. Fuel yourself with caffeine and let the positive energy stream in your blood.

13. Choose Joy Coffee Mug

I already know that today will be a happy day by looking at these blooming flowers and lovely butterflies on the mug. If you like the flower motifs on this mug, you’ll most probably love these floral office supplies.

14. Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart Mug

This mug reminds us to put our whole heart into everything we do.

15. Get Sh*t Done Glass Mug

For the moment after you have completed all the tasks. Sip your favorite beverage and relax.

16. When It Rains Oscar Wilde Quote Mug

This mug features a positive life quote and colorful speckles to warm your heart. The saying encourages us to look for the beauty in life.

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