Discover inspirational teacher gifts that are cheap and practical — coffee mugs. Show appreciation to your favorite teacher — that could be your teacher, your child’s teacher or your husband / wife / mom / dad who’s a teacher. Surprise that special teacher with an inspirational mug that the teacher will surely love. Here are 12 inspirational coffee mugs you should check out.

Best Inspirational Teacher Mugs

Say thanks to the teachers for what they have done and who they are. One of the ideas to appreciate a teacher is by getting him or her a gift. Coffee mugs are versatile and cheap gifts that excel in terms of practicality.

1. The Future Of The World Is In My Classroom Teacher Mug

This inspirational mug is a great mug gift for teachers. On the mug is the wording “The Future Of The World Is In My Classroom”. It is a great message for teachers to remind them that they are contributing to the future by teaching those students they have in their classroom. It is printed with the highest quality material and it will never fade after being washed over and over again. It is both dishwasher and microwave safe as well. It can be purchased on Amazon.

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2. Good Vibes Only Coffee Mug

This simple coffee mug carries a short but profound message “Good Vibes Only.”

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3. I’m A Teacher, What’s Your Superpower Mug

The perfect reminder for teachers that being a teacher is their superpower if they are feeling unsure of it. The inspiring mug is made with porcelain, it is black with a cream colored trim on the rim as well as on the handle. It is dishwasher safe and FDA approved. Remind a teacher their strength by giving them this mug. You can purchase it on Amazon.

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4. Have an Amazing Day Coffee Mug

A daily greeting, a simple wish for the teacher to have an amazing day on every single day. The cute coffee mug‘s message and design emanate a positive vibe.

Have An Amazing Day Rainbow Coffee Mug
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5. It Takes A Big Heart To Teach Little Minds Coffee Mug

Teachers will love this Etsy gift as it is a meaningful mug that has the quote “It Takes A Big Heart To Teach Little Minds”. Those who do become teachers definitely have big hearts. They are the ones who are shaping the future by giving it to these kids with their profession. This is a great inspirational mug for teachers who are teaching kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school. They will have that reminder whenever they sip their coffee.

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6. Caffeinate and Educate Mug

Teachers may be so rushed each morning that they need to be reminded to have their coffee before they start their jobs. That is why this mug is perfect for them so they can remember to first caffeinate and then educate. This humorous mug is guaranteed to put a smile on any teacher’s face. Perfect for teachers who are coffee addicts. Personally, I really love the handwritting-style font on this mug.

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7. Best Teacher Coffee Mugs (Newspaper Headline Design)

For the teacher who you think is simply the best teacher ever.

Best Teacher of The Year Newspaper Style Mug
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8. Education Assistant Mug

Let’s not forget the important contribution of an education assistant (EA, sometimes teacher’s aide or teaching assistant, TA) when it comes to ensuring a teacher’s success in educating their students. One great (and cheap) way to say thanks to the EA is by giving her this inspirational gift mug. “Behind every good teacher is a great EA” is some of the highest praise for an education assistant.

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9. Teacher Nutrition Facts Label Mug

An interesting coffee mug that is inspirational and humorous. Make any teacher smile as it has the ‘ingredients’ of a teacher printed on the mug. On the nutrition facts label shows the composition of a teacher: hard work, encouragement, inspiration, dedication, and education. This ceramic mug is dishwasher safe and microwave safe, and it really is the perfect Etsy gift for all teachers!

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10. Biology Teacher Mug

Being a teacher is hard work, but being a biology teacher is some next-level challenging despite being very rewarding for some. This glossy ceramic mug has a message for biology teachers — that they are completely organic; They are hard-working, multi-tasking, and fantastic problem-solvers that requires caffeine! This coffee lover gift can be bought on Etsy.

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11. Engraved Personalized Teacher Coffee Mug

This personalized bistro coffee mug will be loved by your teacher because you can have it laser-engraved with your teacher’s name and an inspirational note. Your teacher will love this customized mug and remember it for years after. It is dishwasher and microwave safe, and it is made of ceramic. Since it is laser-engraved, the print will not fade. Get this sweet gift on Etsy.

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12. Daycare Or Preschool Teacher Gift Mug

Daycare or a preschool teachers are going to love this Leader of Tiny Humans mug. That is because that is what the teacher is. The teacher is beginning to shape their future and it is not an easy task teaching tiny humans.

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Which mug will you be gifting a special teacher in your life or your child’s life? Either way, it will be loved! You can give the teacher an apple as well in addition to the gift.

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