Funny and Sweary Profanity Gifts: Ideas for People Who Love to Swear

Find out the best profanity gift idea for your friend who loves to curse. You love her for who she is; she is potty-mouthed, she has no filter, and she shows her real color at all times. This is who she is. To make her laugh, why not getting a fun gift filled with profanities. Let’s take a look at our collection of 25 inappropriate and obscene gifts for women who love to swear.

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25 Swear Word Gifts for Girlfriends who Love to Curse
25 Swear Word Gifts for Girlfriends who Love to Curse

1. Wise Woman F This Shit Wine Glass

When things don’t go smoothly in life, take out this glass and enjoy the wine. You will definitely feel better after a glass or two.

Wise Woman Wine Glass

2. The F Word Doormat

Not your ordinary doormat. It welcomes your visitors in the “warmest” way.

Entryway Doormat

3. Offensive Profanity Pencils

She will need these pencils to write out nice sentences.

OffensiveProfanity Pencils
Set of 20 Sweary Pencils

4. BodhiPaw Obscene Bunny Mug

Yeah, we all know she cannot hold back to show her real emotion.

I Do What I Want Funny Bunny Mug
I Do What I Want

5. Middle Finger Lapel Pin

A cool enamel pin for her backpack, hat, or jacket.

Middle Finger Lapel Pin
Emoji Finger Enamel Pin

6. Get Sh**t Done Journal

We need to get sh*t done no matter what.

Get Sh*t Done Journal
Get Sh*t Done Unicorn Journal

7. Bitch Repellent Candle

Lit this merlot scented soy candle in your room to repel bitches.

Bitch Repellent Candle
Nola and Neighbors Candle

8. F Off Stud Earrings

Even the potty-mouthed ladies love floral design, feminine style jewelry.

F Off Stud Earrings
Vintage Mint F Word Earrings

9. Hidden Curse Word Socks

Because everyone needs cute socks.

Blue Q Ankle Socks

10. Coffee Chaos Cuss Words T-Shirt

This tee totally describes who she is.

Coffee Chaos Cuss Words T-Shirt
Women Statement Tee

11. Inappropriate Neon Sign

It looks cool in any room.

Neon Sign
Pink Neon Wall Light

12. Zen as F*ck Journal

The road to serenity is ahead. This is an uplifting guided journal for practicing the mindful art of not giving a thing.

Zen as F*ck: A Journal for Practicing the Mindful Art of Not Giving a Sh*t
by Monica Sweeney

13. Bitch Word Necklace

Glam AF necklace for your girlfriend.

Bitch Word Necklace
Bling Bitch Chain Necklace

14. Sweary Table Coasters

We are sure your guests will know what to do.

Bamboo Coaster Set

15. “Droppin’ a New Recipe” Mitt

Let’s start cooking something nice like what you imagine a good wife can do.

Blue Q "Droppin' a New Recipe" Mitt
Blue Q Oven Mitt

16. Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes

Use this notepad for effective communication.

Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes
Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes

17. Sleeping Eye Mask

Please restrain yourself from disturbing me.

Sleeping Eye Mask
F Word Silk Mask

18. Attitude Curse Word Socks

We need to secretly curse when we are at work. These five pairs are perfect for the five f*cking working days.

19. Gratitude Journal

This journal is designed for the overstressed friend. Features gratitude pages with prompts and corresponding pages with areas to include important things to do. It is a great book to help your friend to find a way to laugh at the crazy days in life.

A Gratitude Journal for Tired-Ass Women
by Crazy Tired Beetches

20. Middle Finger Mug

Serve a nice cuppa and surprise your guest. Looking for a mug to bring to work? Check out these G-rated funny mugs with clean jokes.

Middle Finger Mug
Thumbsup UK

21. The Finger Puppet

If one middle finger is not enough to express your feeling.

Obscene Finger Hand Puppet
Mini Hand Puppets

22. Lip Balm

We swear this is the best ever for your lips.

23. A Swear Word Coloring Book

Relax after a long day. Color the sweary mandalas and cuss words in this book.

A Swear Word Coloring Book
Adult Coloring Book

24. Middle Finger Gnome Statue

Save your energy, let this gnome speak for you.

Middle Finger Gnome Statue
Gnome Garden Decor

25. The Finger Washi Tape

Let’s admit it. You can’t complete your craft project without this washi tape.

Washi Tape
Middle Finger Washi Tape

That concludes our list of 25 swear word gifts for people who love to curse. Thanks for reading.

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