In the market for a mug to use at work? You’ll love these funny mugs below! They’re funny, clean (no dirty jokes!), and with a dash of sarcasm. Buy them to keep yourself entertained in the office or get them as gifts for your coworkers. Some of these mugs are excellent gifts for your employees if you manage a small team.

Best Funny Coffee Mugs For Work

Why so serious? Have some harmless fun at work with the help of these humorous mugs.

1. Exhale the Bullshit Mug

Exhale The Bullshit Mug

Even if we join the best company in the world, our workplace is not Disneyland. We will encounter some shitty stuff from time to time. When that happens, take out this mug, drink your favorite beverage and exhale the bullshit.

2. Unicorn Mug for Sassy Employees

I Wish I Could Stab Idiots Funny Unicorn Mug

This is a cute and funny mug for your coworker who is an aspiring unicorn. When we think about the unicorn, we think of rainbows, magic, and all things beautiful. But take note, idiots drive unicorn mad. If she has a horn, she will stab the idiots with her head. Do you like unicorns? You should check out these cute unicorn things.

3. For Coffee Addicts Who Can’t Survive Without Coffee

Don’t Talk To Me Funny Mug for Work

For the coffee addicts at work. Because he is all cranky and easily irritated if you talk to him before he gets his caffeine fix.

4. Work-Friendly Dinosaur Mug

Don’t Tell Me To Smile Dino Coffee Mug

This is the perfect funny mug for that coworker who has a bitchy resting face. Whether she is doing serious business or not, she won’t smile. So you guys better think twice before telling her to smile.

5. Cute Hedgehog Office Mug

Funny Hedgehog Mug for Coworkers

Another fun mug for office use. Don’t come near me when I take this mug out. Today is not a really good day as I am a little on edge.

6. For Workers Who Love Cats

Pawsitive Vibes Only Cat Mug

Kitty is showing you his middle finger and giving you pawsitive vibes only. Let this cute cat mug sits on your desk and this adorable swearing cat will brighten up your day. Swing by this cat lover gift guide if you like cats!

7. Let That Sh*t Go Buddha Silhouette Mug

Let That Sh*t Go Funny Buddha Coffee Mug

In order to live a happy life, don’t let the negative thoughts get to you. Follow the wise teaching of Buddha and let that sh*t go, as told by this humorous mug.

8. Doctor’s Medical Prescription Novelty Mug

The Prescription Coffee Mug

You definitely need this prescription drug when you are feeling sickly and the brain isn’t functioning well in the morning. The drug’s name? Coffee.

9. Sarcastic Mug about the Work Day

Office Chair Novelty Coffee Mug

Ever wonder why you are stuck in the office? There is really nothing nice about sitting in a big office to watch your staff does their work while you are up to nothing but still have to show up at work. Maybe that fancy chair is the best thing about your job. And yes, this is the funniest mug you can get for your boss. Also, check out these Boss’s Day gift ideas.

10. Ruff Mug For Dog Lovers

Dog Lovers Coffee Mug for Work

This is the best mug gift for coworkers who are dog lovers. Dog owners have to leave their furry friends at home and leave for work for hours. We totally understand that mornings are ruff for both the dogs and their hooman.

11. Unicorn Mug to Fend Off The BS

Too Magical For Your BS Unicorn Mug

An awesome mug to place on the desk. The catchy quote will make your coworkers laugh. “I’m too magical for your bullshit”– This inspirational quote will serve as a reminder for having a great day. For even more mugs that inspire, check out our collection of inspirational coffee mugs.

12. Mug For Wine Lovers

Working Nine to Wine Mug

For that hardworking staff who always work his/ her arse off until it’s wine o’clock.

13. Best Office Mug For Coffee Lovers

My Favorite Coworker Novelty Mug

For that co-worker who depends heavily on caffeine intake. We all know that coffee maker is his/ her favorite co-worker.

14. Office Mug for Guys

This Guy Is The Sh_t Funny Coffee Mug 

Every office has that special guy who always comes up with crazy ideas. This is the perfect mug for him.

15. Sarcastic Glass Mug for Sarcastic Folks

Sarcastic Office Mug

Say it with your coffee. Use this funny office mug to prevent others from bothering you at work.

Funny Work Mugs: Sarcastic Saying Work Mug

Funny Travel Mug for Work

16. Sassy Girl Travel Mug

Aunty Acid”Swear Word Supply” Travel Mug

This funny travel mug clearly describes the problem that pottymouthed face. It is a fantastic gift for women who like to curse.

17. Mug For Guys With Beard

Look Me In The Beard Travel Tumbler

A cool-looking tumbler for that guy with a big beard at the office. With this, he can enjoy his favorite coffee with pride. Also works for sassy girls who are bearded, mentally.

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