Best Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas (2018)

We all work long and hard. It is important to recognize the efforts everyone put in. This March, don’t forget to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day to boost the employees’ morale. Say thanks for the job well done, reward them with a gift. Here’s a list of 20 unique employee appreciation gifts. They are inexpensive, fun and creative. Your employees are going to love them!

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1.   Gold Ducky Quacktastic Awards 

Thank them for the great jobs done, get your employees a recognition gift. This Employee Appreciation Day, award these little duck-shaped golden trophies to the best in your flock. They are adorable and fun. Gonna be a big hit in the office.

Gold Ducky Quacktastic Awards 
Gold Ducky Quacktastic Awards

2.   World’s Best Employee Mug

The best mug for the world’s best employee. Vintage newspaper design, made of ceramic. It is perfect for the morning coffee.

Free Music Album - One With Nature
World's Best Employee Mug
World’s Best Employee Mug

3.   Fancy Diamond Pens

Office supplies is an inexpensive employee appreciation gift. You can get these fancy pens for the ladies in your department. Sparkly diamond with a rose gold accent. These pens make writing more elegant.

Diamond Rose Gold Pen
Diamond Rose Gold Pen

4.   World’s Okayest Employee Travel Tumbler

Another nice recognition gift for employees. This travel tumbler is designed for the world’s okayest employee. It is double walled and insulated for keeping drinks warm.

World's Okayest Employee Travel Tumbler
World’s Okayest Employee Travel Tumbler

5.   I Work Hard Funny Box Sign

A cute sign perfect for the dog owners at your workplace. Made of high-quality wood, it is painted in a distressed style with paw prints. It reads “I work hard so my dog can have a better life”.

Cat version is available too. Click here to check it out!

I Work Hard Funny Box Sign
I Work Hard Funny Box Sign

6.   Destinations of a Lifetime

Book is one of the best employee appreciation gifts. This beautiful coffee table book is suitable for the people from various background. It takes us on a photographic tour of the world’s most spectacular destinations, and inspire tangible ideas for your next trip.

This book is filled with colorful pictures. It is well written with hard service information like when to go, where to eat, where to stay, and what to do to ensure the most enriching and authentic experience. A wonderful book for co-workers. This book is also an excellent retirement gift for a colleague.

Destinations of a Lifetime
National Geographic Destinations of a Lifetime

7.   Willow Tree Abundance

Give your employees a big bouquet of flowers. This lovely figurine will help you to express your gratitude for their hard works and dedication.

Willow Tree Abundance
Willow Tree Abundance

8.   Today’s Plan of Attack Great Big Stickies

Another interesting office supplies that will become a big hit in the office. This unique sticky notepad helps your employees to tackle their daily tasks with military precision. It is fun and functional. A simple and nice employee appreciation gift under $10.

Knock Knock Today's Plan of Attack Great Big Stickies
Knock Knock Today’s Plan of Attack Great Big Stickies

9.   PopSockets

For Employee Appreciation Day, you can also get a small tech gift. This marble pattern Popsockets is useful for the frequent phone users. It expands the grip of the phone and makes holding a phone or tablet easier. You can also use it as a convenient stand to watch videos.

PopSockets White Marble
PopSockets White Marble

10.   The Crazy One Quote Pencils

Here’s the set of five pencils for the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, and the genius who see things differently.

The Crazy One Quote Pencils
The Crazy One Quote Pencils

11.   Coffee Mug Warmer

Let them enjoy hot coffee while they work. This mug warmer heats up fast to keep the beverages hot. It is compact and light. Fits working desk without consuming much space.

Coffee Mug Warmer
Coffee Mug Warmer

12.   Indoor Mini Plant

Place a pot of plant, add a touch of nature to their workspace. Your co-workers will definitely appreciate this kind gesture.

Indoor Mini Plant
Indoor Mini Plant

13.   Fruits USB Flash Drive

These colorful fruits are coming to transfer and store data. They have 16GB capacity to keep your documents safe.

Fruits USB Flash Drive
Fruits USB Flash Drive

14.   Work Hard, Play Harder Tote Bag

Motivational gift for employees — a multipurpose tote bag to motivate them to work hard and play hard.

Work Hard, Play Harder Tote BagWork Hard, Play Harder Tote Bag
Work Hard, Play Harder Tote Bag

15.   The Farting Animals Coloring Book

This is perfect for colleagues who need a good laugh. This funny coloring book lets them release stress by coloring the farting animals.

The Farting Animals Coloring Book
The Farting Animals Coloring Book

16.   Dinosaur Memo Holder

Send out this dino to hold memo for your employees. He can hold notepad firmly in his jaw. He can also carry some pens, pencils and paper clips on his back.

Kikkerland Dino Memo Holder
Kikkerland Dinosaur Memo Holder

17.   Elephant Paper Clips

Small appreciation gift for employees — elephant shaped paper clips.

Elephant Paper Clips
Elephant Paper Clips

18.   Thank You Card

Write them a card, say thanks for something specific would be really nice.

Thank You Card
Thank You Card Bundle

19.   Gift Card

If you want to make things easier, it is always a good idea to get them a gift card.

20.   Long Lunch Break

Last but not least, the easiest way to celebrate the Employee Appreciation Day is to allow them a long lunch break.


That concludes our list of 20 Best Employee Appreciation Gifts. Thanks for reading.

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Employee Appreciation Day Gift Ideas
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