Browse through our gift guide to discover what’s the best gifts you can give to college-bound students. Here we have brought together a list of going to college gifts that college students need the most. Whether they are attending classes in campus or learning remotely in 2023, these are the must-haves for surviving college from freshmen year to senior year. Featuring 30 useful college gifts suitable for guys and girls. Read now to get awesome gift ideas that college students will really appreciate.

Practical Gifts for College Students
Practical Gifts for College Students

Most Useful Gifts for College Students 2023

Whether it is for your college-bound son, daughter, brother, sister, or best friend, these stuff are what they would actually use in college.

1. Labelife D210S Label Maker

Going to college means moving out from the comfort of one’s own home. Give the college students a hand in getting organized with their new life. One of the best college life hacks is sorting and storing dorm supplies using labels.

This portable label maker by Labelife lets you print out durable laminated labels effortlessly. Just type on the keyboard, choose a frame, and set the margin to make your own labels. Stick on any flat surface like file folders, notebooks, drawers, bottles, food containers, and so on for easy sorting and neater storage.

Labelife D210S Label Maker
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2. Cactus Pen Holder Desk Lamp

Gift your college student a proper lighting for studying. It’s a useful going to college gifts that college students really need, no matter they are staying at the dorm or living at home this year. This cute cactus touch lamp with storage holder will brighten up their day. It has three level of brightness and a flexible gooseneck to direct light exactly where you need it.

Cactus Desk Lamp | Useful college gifts
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3. Vera Bradley Recycled Lighten Up Reactive Grand Backpack

Your college-bound daughter will need a sturdy bag to carry her books, laptop, and other college essentials. A good backpack made it to the list of best college girl gifts in this year. She will love this Vera Bradley backpack in sunny floral print.

It is really lightweight thanks to the fabric made from recycled bottles. And, the beautiful exterior, spacious interior, padded compartment, and multiple storage pockets make it perfect for college use.

Vera Bradley Backpack | Useful college gifts
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4. Dorm Cooking Electric Hot Pot

Here’s another gift approved by college students. This multi-functional electric cooker makes dorm cooking easy. Features dual adjustable modes and non-stick frying surface. It is great for heating up food, cooking ramen, frying eggs, sauté, and more. Also, we love its mini size that’s just perfect for kitchen with limited space.

College Cooking Electric Hot Pot | Useful college gifts
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5. Kodak Mini 2 Retro Instant Photo Printer

Help them to print out memorable photos in their college life. This powerful printer can be easily paired to any mobile device to print out clear pictures. It is one of the most popular tech gift that college students really need.

Kodak Mini Photo Printer | Practical going to college gifts
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6. BURGA Protective Phone Cases 

College students can’t live without their smartphone. They need it for tracking time, connecting with others, learning, and entertainment. Get a premium phone case by BURGA to protect their smartphone.

BURGA offers maximum protection to your phone without compromising on the style. They are slim, shockproof, and really tough. Your college student is going to love its trendy designs from chic marble and vintage floral to sophisticated animal prints and more.

Burga Protective Phone Cases

7. Samsonite Freeform Double Spinner Wheels

According to many college students, a durable suitcase is one of the best going away to college gifts for both guys and girls. It’s useful when they are packing for college. They can also use it repeatedly for years to come.

Samsonite Suitcase | Practical going to college gifts
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8. Self-Care for College Students

Worrying about your college-bound kid who is leaving home for the first time in their life? Send them off with this helpful book. It is one of the most useful gift for new college students. This book will “take good care” of your college kid by giving them self-care tips and hacks to deal with busy college life, both physically and emotionally.

Self-Care for College Students (Useful off to college gifts)
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9. Nautica Men’s Townsend Casual Lace-Up Shoe

Best gifts for a guy in college — Preppy shoe for him to walk in style. Minimalist style suitable for campus wear, it is also super lightweight for walking, biking, and a light jog.

Nautica Men's Casual Shoe (Useful off to college gifts)
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10. College Storage Utility Caddy

A stylish and useful dorm room essential. This clear storage basket has two compartments and drainage holes perfect for carrying toiletries and skincare to the bathroom.

College Utility Caddy (Useful off to college gifts)
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11. Wireless Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Combo 

Gift your college guy a good wireless keyboard with bright LED backlit. The unique purple color looks awesome and the quiet keys ensure smooth typing experience without the noise.

Wireless Keyboard Set
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12. Gradient Felt Letter Board 

What’s the best stuff to give for a friend who is leaving for college? Give her this light-up message board to decorate her room. She will love its pretty color and romantic LED lights.

Dorm Room Decor Board
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13. College Laundry Hamper Bag

College supplies students actually use — getting your dirty clothes to wash is easier by carrying them in this extra large backpack.

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14. Pukka Pad Carpe Diem Spiral Notebook

Cute school supplies are fun and cheap gifts that college students really need. These colorful notebooks will make writing homework extra fun.

College Writing Notebook
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15. Everything is Figureoutable Sign

Entering college can be overwhelming. It’s a good idea to give inspirational gifts for college students. This wooden box will keep your thoughts positive and encourage you when things get tough in college.

Dorm Decor Sign
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16. Hobed Life Soft Pastel Fur Reading Pillow

Here’s a must-have for your dorm room. You will need it when you are watching TV, reading, and studying from bed. And, yes, it supports your back and arms with the ergonomic design.

Reading Pillow
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17. Top Ramen Soup Socks for College Students

Get to know your ramen when entering college. These socks recommend the top ramen for surviving the college. It is definitely a funny off to college gift loved by boys and girls.

Ramen Socks
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18. Tie Dye Pajamas Set

Practical college gift that girls really use. Let her lounge in style with this soft cotton pajamas. She will surely love the cool tie-dye design.

Tie Dye Sweatsuit
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19. Amazon Basics Reversible Microfiber Bed-in-a-Bag

A good quality bedding is another must-have dorm essential. This black and white set with geometric pattern is suitable for your daughter or son who is going to college this year.

College Beddings
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20. Faber-Castell Metallic Highlighters

School supplies for college that they will really use. Add a pop of sparkle to your reading materials with these metallic highlighters. They make note-taking super fun!

Faber-Castell Highlighters
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21. UV Sanitizer Box

It’s important to keep your stuff sanitized. Use this UV box to disinfect cellphone, keys, wallet, and etc. The UV-C waves will kill germs in 10 minutes.

UV Sanitizer Box
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22. adidas Essentials Hoodie

Classic Adidas fleece hoodie to keep him warm and comfortable. A thoughtful gift to give for your boyfriend who is going to college.

adidas Essentials Fleece Hoodie
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23. Elephas DLP Portable Projector

This year’s best gifts for a guy in college. With this portable video projector, he can have fun movie nights with friends at the dorm. Features clear resolution with projected screen size up to 200 inches. This small projector is also built with a powerful rechargeable battery.

Mini Projector
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24. Budget-Friendly College Cookbook

Most students probably don’t have enough money to spend on good restaurant food. Help them to eat better with this cookbook. It has recipes to make healthy and delicious food on a very small budget. From breakfast to desserts, learn how to cook with minimal ingredients and appliances.

Budget-Friendly College Cookbook
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25. Good Vibes Rainbow Tote Bag

Yes, college students need some good vibes in their daily life. And, this bag is great for hauling books, laundry, gym stuff, and even groceries.

Good Vibes Rainbow Tote Bag
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26. Friendship Quote Scented Candle

A cheap and funny gift for best friend who is going off to college. This candle will fill her room with calming lavender scent. It will also serves as a reminder of your friendship.

Our Friendship Funny Candle Gift

27. Turquoise Marble Texture Basket Bin

A clutter-free room will make you feel fresher and happier. Also, keeping things organized will help you to be more productive.

College Storage Basket Bin
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28. To Do List Pad 

Your future starts meow! Use this pad to keep track of your tasks and schedules. Cat-loving college girls will definitely appreciate this writing pad.

To Do List Pad 
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29. Vaeqozva USB Rechargeable Personal Blender

With a portable blender, they can make nutritious smoothies wherever they want.

Rechargeable Compact Blender
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30. Monitor Stand Desk Organizer

Raise their computer screen to keep eye level straight. Minimize hunching and bad posture when using the computer. And, they can use this stand to store some stationeries and small items.

Metal Monitor Stand
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31. World Map Desk Mat

Add some style to their desk. This waterproof rubber mat is large enough to fit a laptop, mouse, and keyboard.

Large Mouse Pad
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32. Blu Monaco Gold Metal Desk Organizer

Gold desk organizer that is functional and chic looking. One of the best college girl gifts of 2023.

Metal Desk Organizer
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33. Kuston Sports Gym Bag

When your college guy is hitting the gym or going for a weekend trip, he can carry his essentials in this duffel bag.

Gym Bag
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