Girls, let’s move into your college dorm with style. Decorate your room with pretty and functional dorm room supplies. Fill the limited living space with your personality, add pops of color and fun to the environment.

Check out our list of best dorm room decoration ideas for girls. 20 dorm decor to keep your room organized, functional and looking chic.

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College dorm room ideas | decorations and essentials

Cheap and Simple Dorm Room Decor Ideas

1. XOXO Trinket Dish – For Your Vanity Area

Place your necklace, rings and other small gems on this ceramic trinket tray. Simple design with gorgeous gold foil details. It will definitely make your vanity area looks chic!

Kate Aspen XOXO Trinket Dish. Dorm room ideas.
Kate Aspen XOXO Trinket Dish
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2. Best Dorm Room Chair – Faux Fur Moon Chair 

Extra seat to lounge. Stylish moon chair with mint faux fur and gold frame. This portable chair is great for the small living space of dorm. You can fold and keep it when not in use.

Also available in pink, white, and black.

Mint Faux Fur Moon Chair. Dorm room decoration ideas.
Faux Fur Moon Chair
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3. Pineapple Pen Holder – Keep Your Desk Neat

Good-looking and functional desk organizer is one of the best dorm room decorations. Girls, let’s brighten up your desk with this pineapple pen holder. It looks adorable with the lifelike pineapple texture design. Add some tropical fun to the room.

Pineapple Pen Holder. College desk accessories. Dorm room ideas.
Pineapple Pen Holder
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4. Green Decor Piece For Dorm – LED Cactus Light

Green plant is always a wonderful dorm room decoration. Be creative with the choice of your plant. We love this cactus that can shed warm light at night. 11 inches tall. It is surely an eye-catching piece for your room.

 LED Cactus Light. Dorm decor. College essentials.
LED Cactus Light
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5. Mermaid Makeup Brush Set

Prep for a party or classes with these with colorful brushes. Soft synthetic fiber with stunning mermaid tail handle. 10 different sizes and shapes to create any look you desire.

Mermaid Makeup Brush Set. Going to college essentials. Dorm room ideas.
Mermaid Makeup Brush Set
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6. Good Morning Beautiful Travel Mug

A beautiful mug to greet yourself a very good morning. Made of heat-resistant ceramic with a leak-proof lid. Great for sipping coffee in the room or carrying it around the campus.

Good Morning Beautiful Travel Mug. Dorm essentials for girls room. Dorm room ideas.
Good Morning Beautiful Travel Mug
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7. Cactus String Lights

To make dorm room looks cozier, ambiance light is a must-have. We recommend this cactus string lights. Hang it on the wall to give your room a warm, summery glow.

Cactus String Lights. Dorm room ideas.
Cactus String Lights
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8. Desk Organizer Set

Girls, you will definitely need a good organizer to keep your desk clutter free. This desk set is an excellent choice. It is useful for storing stationeries, letters, papers and more. The color is attractive and the material is sturdy. It also comes with matching mint pens.

Other colors available: aqua, white, orange, pink, navy.

Desk Organizer to keep school supplies. Dorm room ideas.
Desk Organizer Set
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9. Cute School Supplies

Every college girl needs a couple of colorful notes to brighten up her desk.

9a. P.S. Sticky Note

Write down notes, to-do-list and whatever thoughts you have on this vibrant sticky notepad. It sure will catch your attention.

Knock Knock PS Sticky Notes. School supplies for college. Dorm room ideas.
Knock Knock PS Sticky Note
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9b. “Organized Mess” Planner Sticky Note Pack

Planning made easier with this pretty note pack. Features an assortment of memo and sticky notes in different colors and sizes. Perfect for college students.

“Organized Mess” Planner Sticky Note Pack
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10. Good Vibes Only Mug

Mug with an awesome design is another dorm room essential you need. Why not drink with the mug that gives you good vibes only?

Good Vibes Only Mug. Dorm essentials for girls room. Dorm room ideas.
Good Vibes Only Mug
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11. Decorative Pillow

Add a personality to your dorm room with these pillows. They are cool and attention-getting.

Pineapple Pillow. Dorm accessories for girls room. Dorm room ideas.
Pineapple Pillow
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Just One More Chapter Decorative Pillow. Dorm decor ideas for girls room.
Just One More Chapter Decorative Pillow
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12. Desk Decor – Inspiring Art Desk Stand

Desk accessories to raise your morale. 12 gold stamped card with inspirational quotes. Change the message card whenever you wish and be inspired.

Inspiring Art Desk Stand- Dorm room ideas.
Inspiring Art Desk Stand
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13. Narwhal Light-Up Slipper

A pair of comfy slippers is another dorm room essential you must not forget. Stay warm with this magical narwhal slippers. They are soft and plushy perfect for lounging in the room. When you press their ears, the LED light will be activated.

Narwhal Light Up Slipper. Going to college supplies. Dorm room ideas.
Narwhal Light Up Slipper
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14. Mermaid Tail Blanket 

Use this mermaid tail blanket when the weather gets chilly. Transform into a mermaid and enjoy the day.

Mermaid Tail Blanket. Dorm room decor ideas for girls.
Mermaid Tail Blanket
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15. Makeup Organizer with Mirror

This clear acrylic organizer is another must-have dorm room essential for girls. Features four drawers and seven compartments in different sizes. It also comes with a removable mirror. Store your skincare, makeup, and jewelry in an organized way.

Makeup Organizer with Mirror. Dorm essentials. Dorm room ideas.
Makeup Organizer with Mirror
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16. Art Decor

Forget about sticking those cheap posters on the wall. Let’s start collecting beautiful art for your living space of the next for four years.

16a. Wake Up and Makeup Wall Art

This piece of hand-painted art makes a fantastic decor for girl’s room. It is modern and chic. The simple style matches well with any room.

Wake Up and Makeup Wall Art- Dorm room ideas.
Wake Up and Makeup Wall Art
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16b. Keep Calm and Carry On Wall Art

Keep Calm canvas to remind you to stay motivated no matter how hard things are doing.

Keep Calm and Carry On Wall Art. Dorm room ideas.
Keep Calm and Carry On Wall Art
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17. Wall Decorations

Hang a cool tapestry to give a big personality to the otherwise, small and dull room. It is the easiest dorm decoration idea.

17a. World Map Tapestry

Stylish world map decor with vibrant colors. Suitable for any room.

World Map Tapestry. Dorm room ideas.
World Map Tapestry
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17b. Beach Fun Tapestry

Drift to your dream vacation in this minivan. Do you hear the waves?

Beach Fun Tapestry. Dorm room decor ideas.
Beach Fun Tapestry
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18. Laundry Basket

Keep dirty laundry off your bed and chair. Toss them into this pink laundry hamper with a great reminder that reads “laundry today or naked tomorrow”. One of the must-have going to college supplies.

Laundry Basket. Dorm essentials. College life. Dorm room ideas.
Laundry Basket
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19. Storage Tips

You will need extra storage space for your school supplies, clothes, purses, food and other knick knacks.

19a. 4-Drawer Storage Organizer 

Minimalist gray fabric drawers to store clothing, accessories, and more.

4-Drawer Storage Organizer. Dorm room organization. Dorm room ideas.
4-Drawer Storage Organizer
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19b. Multi-Color Drawer Rolling Storage Cart

You can also add a pop of color to the room with this storage cart. 3 plastic drawers with metal frame and 360-degree rotation wheels. Fits under the desk.

Multi-Color Drawer Rolling Storage Cart. Dorm room organization. Dorm room ideas.
Multi-Color Drawer Rolling Storage Cart
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20. You’re Like Really Pretty Door Mat

Greet yourself at the door with this mat filled with positive energy. It reminds you just how pretty you are.

You're Like Really Pretty Door Mat. Dorm essentials. Dorm room ideas.
You’re Like Really Pretty Door Mat
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That concludes our list of Top 20 Dorm Room Decoration Ideas for Girls. Thanks for reading.

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