Going to college is a big milestone for a young woman. Celebrate her achievement and send her off with a thoughtful going away to college gift. If you are getting a gift for that important girl in your life who is a college-bound student, you need to see these fun and practical college gifts. Whether she is your daughter, granddaughter, sister or friend, these awesome college gifts will definitely make her smile.

Going to College Gifts for Girls

Many of these gift ideas below will work equally well for guys. However, if you’re looking for more ideas, you can check out our going-away-to-college gift guide for guys and this gift guide for college-bound boyfriend.

1. A Bicycle

Let’s start our list of best college gifts for girls with this vintage style cruiser bike in a pretty yellow color. 7-speed hybrid touring, sturdy steel frame, comfortable seat. This is a perfect bike to give her a nice ride around the college campus, up the hills, down to roads, and anywhere she wishes to go.

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle
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2. Academic Planner

Help the college girl to organize her new life with a planner. We recommend this lovely planner with a practical layout. It has spacious sections to write down to-do list and notes, cute monthly and weekly spreads, as well as space for daily tasks. Added with habit tracker and schedule pages. This planner will help her to track her schedule with ease.

Academic Planner
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3. You Are Awesome Tote Bag

She will love this tote bag with the design of rainbow and a motivational statement. She can use it as a bookbag, laundry bag, gym bag, or a shopping grocery bag.

You Are Awesome Rainbow Tote Bag
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4. Enjoy The Journey Compass Necklace

College is a new stage in life. This beautiful necklace makes a meaningful going away to college gift. Features a cool-looking compass pendant and a dainty necklace. Wear it, navigate the new life with courage and enjoy the journey.

Future Compass Necklace
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5. A Travel Duffel Bag

Get your daughter a good duffel bag, it will be useful when she needs to travel. This dusty pink duffel bag is an excellent choice. It is made of durable cotton fabric. It is spacious, lightweight and good-looking. She will definitely love it.

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BAGSMART Travel Duffle bag
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6. A cute T-shirt for the college girls

College students are fueled by ramen. This cute T-shirt perfectly describes her new life as a college student.

Ramen Life T Shirt | going-away-college-gifts-girls
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7. Pink Mermaid Tea

Enjoy a cuppa in the dorm. Put this delicious tea in the college gift basket. A soothing blend of apple, elderberry, berries, and hibiscus. Steep to a flavorful pink colored tea.

Pink Mermaid Tea | going-away-college-gifts-girls

8. Privacy Bed Tent

This bed tent comes in handy when she needs a me-time to hide away from the world. It features simple design for fast set up and take down. There are four entrance doors and two mesh windows for proper ventilation. The doors and windows can be zipped to block any unwanted light.

Bed Canopy Tent
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9. Good Vibes Only Mug

Give her inspirational mugs that offer good vibes only. Use it to enjoy the morning coffee and the positive vibes it brings. With this mug in her hand, she can go away to college feeling loved and inspired.

Good Vibes Only Mug | going-away-college-gifts-girls
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10. College Backpack

A good backpack is one of the most useful gifts for college students. She will definitely appreciate this good-looking and functional bag by JanSport. It is spacious and tough. It fits a laptop, heavy textbooks, binders and more school essentials.

JanSport Cortlandt Laptop Backpack
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11. Electric Hot Pot Cooker

A multi-purpose cooker great for dorm cooking. Nice size for cooking a quick meal like ramen, pasta, and eggs. It heats up fast and easy to use. Your girl will thank you for it.

 Dezin Electric Hot Pot
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12. Ramen Bowl Set

Nope, college students can’t survive without ramen. It is their staple food. Ramen bowl is definitely in the dorm survival essentials list. Get her this cute bowl set to enjoy ramen the right way.

Ramen Noodle Bowl
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13. 101 Things To Do With Ramen Noodles

Get this recipe book to go with the ramen bowl. Learn how to transform cheap ramen dish into a gourmet meal. Time-saving and low budget recipes inside.

101 Things To Do With Ramen Noodles | going-away-college-gifts-girls
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14. Motivational Water Bottle

Water is important if we want to detox, have glowy skin, lose weight, and stay healthy in general. Encourage the young woman to drink more water by getting a motivational water bottle. She can use this bottle to coach herself towards the daily goal of drinking more water. There is a guide mark on the back to let her know how’s her water intake progress of the day. A going-away-to-college gift that keeps her hydrated.

H2O Capsule INSPO Water Bottle
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15. Pajama Set

It is also a good idea to get pajamas for her to lounge comfortably in the dorm. A funny and comfortable going to college gift she can wear in her dorm room.

Pajama Set | going-away-college-gifts-girls
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16. Showaflops Antimicrobial Shower Sandals

Dorm bathroom is full of germs. Get her a pair of shower sandals to protect her feet from harmful bacteria and fungus. This pair of flip flops will be useful to dorm living college students. It has special drainage hole designs, antimicrobial layers, and slip-resistant soles.

Showaflops Antimicrobial Shower Sandals | going-away-college-gifts-girls
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17. Yoobao M4Pro Portable Charger

College students run on a busy schedule. It is very frustrating to see our electronic devices die when we are running errands. A quick-charing power bank will be helpful to our daily lives. No more running out of battery when we have an extra 10000mAh of battery in hand.

Yoobao M4Pro Portable Charger | going-away-college-gifts-girls
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18. A Multifunction Breakfast Maker

Start your day right. Here’s a mini 3-in-1 station for preparing delicious breakfast with ease. It is built with a toaster oven, frying griddle, and coffeemaker.

A time-saving, space-saving, and useful retro appliance loved by college students.

Elite Gourmet Americana Breakfast Center Station
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19. A Storage Organizer

Another must-have college dorm essentials. She needs a proper place to keep all the makeup, jewelry and stationeries. This stylish organizer will help her to keep her desk neat.

Storage Box | going-away-college-gifts-girls
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20. Decorative Pillow

A simple and easy way to beautify the dorm room is to decorate the living space with a cute pillow. Show off your style using a pillow with a cool design.

Decorative Pillow | going-away-college-gifts-girls
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21. Sakura Zen Garden Set

A DIY mini Zen garden for the desk. It creates a beautiful scenery that brings a peaceful energy to the room. You can play with the objects and rake the sand to clear your mind.

Sakura Zen Garden Set | going-away-college-gifts-girls
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22. Mandala Tapestry

Decorate and make the room looks more welcoming with some cute wall decorations. You can get an awesome poster, tapestry or string lights to hang on the wall.

Mandala Tapestry | going-away-college-gifts-girls
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23. The College Girl’s Survival Guide

This is a helpful book for young women going to college. It contains everything a freshman needs to know when joining college. Topics relevant to college life from social, family, finance, faith and classes are covered. The writer also provides valuable and applicable tips to coach, comfort and inspire the college girls.

The College Girl's Survival Guide | going-away-college-gifts-girls
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24. Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone

Going to college means to live a life away from home. Your college-bound girl has to take care of herself in every way. Get her this book that covers everything from posture to finances, with a hint of motherly sass. Contains fun illustrations, wise advice, and good lessons inside. A good read for kids who are leaving the nest.

Do Your Laundry or You'll Die Alone | going-away-college-gifts-girls
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