The best part of going back to school is shopping for new school supplies. Standard stationery supplies are so lame, they are not for cute people like us. We must make sure our school supplies look cute so that we can survive the whole new school year. If you are looking for cute AF school supplies, you cannot miss out on Japanese-style school supplies. They are popular for being kawaii. Below is a list of kawaii stationery that you can buy from Amazon. Let’s grab these super cute school supplies before the new school year begins. Check them out now!

Kawaii Stationery Supplies

1. Suck UK Sushi Tapes

Treat your journal and art projects with the famous Japanese delicacy. Four sushi rolls to add a kawaii vibe to your stationery collection. The glittering washi tapes from our back-to-school teacher supplies post are really cute too, be sure to check that out.

2. Sushi Pattern Composition Notebook

The notebook is one of the must-have school supplies. Why use a boring notebook when we can have a super cute notebook featuring different types of sushi? This sushi notebook will definitely make doing homework extra fun.

3. Kawaii Sushi Sticky Notes

Another kawaii stationery item you don’t want to miss. Take out one sheet of sushi every time you want to make a note. Stick it anywhere you want to remind yourself of the important task to do.

4. Kawaii Sushi Mechanical Pencil

Bring the writing experience to the next level when you have these adorable mechanical pencils. It has an exciting appearance and is nicely built for smooth writing without breaking the lead.

5. Sushi Cat Keychain

Who fancies a cat sushi? Hang it on your favorite backpack and bring them to school. They are the purr-fect snack to play with when boredom strikes in class.

6. Milk Carton Pencil Case

When you have collected countless kawaii school supplies, you got to get these unique milk cartons to store all of your cute pencils, kawaii pens, highlighters, markers, and other school supplies.

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7. Sonix Stationery Kawaii Notebook Set

Because one adorable notebook is never enough. This set of three notebooks make sure you have enough space to write down your creative thoughts and ideas.

8. Fred Ramen Sticky Note Pad

Ramen is one of the most important college essentials. Ramen notes? Yes, they are equally important too. They are useful for writing reminders of any kind or as a decoration for the room.

9. Alpaca Rollerball Pens 

Let the alpaca runs wild when you are hit by a flash of inspiration. Smooth black ink, comfy grip. A herd of 8 in rainbow color for writing, sketching, and doodling.

(Calling all llama lovers! Look here if you want to get some awesome llama stuff – 24 Best Llama Gifts — Must-Haves for Llama Lovers)

10. Sakura Cherry Blossom Paper Clips

Glam up your desk with these charming cherry blossom paperclips. Features three beautiful colors to hold your loose papers in place.

(See here if you are into pretty floral school supplies)

11. Lucky Cat Sticky Notes

Adopt these cute kitties today. Let them sit on your desk to bring extra luck. If you are a cat lover, rollover here to see unique cat-themed accessories right meow!

12. Chopsticks & Sushi Pen Set

This pair of pens topped with savory sushi charms definitely look awesome! It is another unique desk accessory you should add in your back-to-school supplies list.

13. Traditional Japanese Pattern Washi Tapes

We can’t get enough of pretty decorative tapes. Use these colorful Japanese style washi tapes to add a playful vibe to your work.

14. Japanese Scenery Hardcover Journal 

Let’s go to Japan! A lovely notebook featuring picturesque scenery of a traditional kabuki opera in a mountainous region.

15. Japanese Maneki Neko Foam Stickers

A bunch of lucky cats to attract the positive vibes we need.

16. Ooly Note Pals Savory Sushi Sticky Tabs 

Another kawaii school supplies that is oh soy awesome! These assorted sushi sticky tabs help you to mark pages, leave simple memo, and jazz up your stuff.

We hope you like the above list of kawaii stationery.

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Kawaii Stationery and School Supplies
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