Get ready for the first day of school, here are 12 cool back to school essentials that you can get for your teen girls. Help her restock school supplies, get her stylish outfits for school and more to start another great school year. These back to school gift ideas are suitable for middle school and high school girls.

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1.   Statement LUNCH Lunch Bag

Cotton lunch bag with cool design that your teen gonna love. Roomy enough to pack lunch, snack, utensils and more. Water-resistant lining for easy clean up.

Statement LUNCH Lunch Bag (back to school essentials)
Statement LUNCH Lunch Bag
2.   Arrow Design Pencils

Unique arrow pencils that comes in the set of 4. Colorful and cute. Let your teen girl’s good ideas fly with these cool pencils.

Arrow Design Pencils (back to school supplies)
Arrow Design Pencils
3.   Red Stars School Backpack

Quality backpack is one of the best back to school gifts for teen girls. She will appreciate this lightweight canvas backpack with splash of stars. Spacious main compartment with laptop lining, two side pockets, and one easy access front pocket.

Red Stars School Backpack- Back to school supplies for teens
Red Stars School Backpack
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4.   Hurraw! Lip Balm Set 

Lip balm is another great back to school essential that she gonna need. This pack of 3 natural lip balms will become her new favorites. One tube tinted and two non-tinted. Glides on smoothly without strong artificial smell.

Hurraw! Lip Balm Set (Back to school essentials for teens)
Hurraw! Lip Balm Set
5.   Let’s Do This Pen-To-Paper Mousepad

Let’s make your teen manage her activities better. A cool note pad to write down to-do list. She can start off with clean sheet whenever she wants. An awesome note pad that can be doubled as mousepad.

Let's Do This Pen-To-Paper Mousepad (Back to school essentials for high school)
Let’s Do This Pen-To-Paper Mousepad
6.   Keds Champion Washed Jute Sneaker

She will love new and stylish back to school outfits. This pair of Keds sneaker is a wonderful choice. Simple design, solid white color. Goes well with any outfit.

Keds Women's Champion Washed Jute Fashion Sneaker (back to school outfits)
Keds Champion Washed Jute Sneaker
7.   The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

An informative and useful guide for teens. Written by Sean Covey. This book covers step-by-step guide to help teens improve self-image, build friendships, resist peer pressure, achieve goals, get along with their parents, and more.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Back to school essentials for high school.
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
8.   Fashionable File Folders

Get her ready for busy school works, help her stay organized in style. Super chic file folders in modern white, black and gold design.

Fashionable File Folders (back to school supplies)
Fashionable File Folders
9.   Ombre Capri Workout Pants 

It’s time to back to school, be active and stay healthy. Get this beautiful ombre colored workout pants to start another great school year. Perfect for dance, yoga, running and more.

Ombre Capri Workout Pants. Back to school essentials for teens.
Ombre Capri Workout Pants
10.   Weird Crop Tops Shirt

Short sleeve tee that reads “weird”. Looks cool and fun!

Weirdo Fun Crop Tops Shirt. Cool back to school outfits.
Weird Crop Tops Shirt
11.   Toaster Notes & Sharpener 

Mini toaster for her study desk sounds fun, right? She’s gonna love this cute desk decor that holds two sticky toast notepads, with sharpener and built in magnet to stick those pesky disappearing paper clips.

Toaster Notes & Sharpener. Back to school essentials for teens
Toaster Notes & Sharpener
12.   Fineliner Color Pen Set

The last item in our list of back to school essentials for teen girls. A box of 60 fineliner pens with vibrant colors. Ultra-fine tips great for drawing, writing and coloring.

Fineliner Color Pen Set. Back to school supplies for teens
Fineliner Color Pen Set

That concludes this year’s back to school essential gifts for teen girls. Thanks for reading!

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