Discover more than 20 gifts for people who love green.

Green is the color of nature. It is often associated with life, youth, serenity, hope, and wealth. It is a beautiful color loved by many people.

In psychology, green is connected to calm, optimism, and motivation. It is the birth month color of May. Of course, this color is also deeply rooted in many cultures. Holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, and Ramadan are associated with green.

The varied shades of green make it a perfect color for creative gifts to give to the ones you love. Your favorite environment friendly, nature enthusiast, energetic or artsy folks will love these exciting gift ideas inspired by the vibrance of their favorite color. Waste no time, give this list a look to find the right gift for that someone you love who finds joy in the beauty of green.

Green Color Gifts

1. Gettati Folding Patio Chair

Let’s start our gift guide for green lovers with something useful. Who doesn’t love sitting outside? Why not gift this green lawn chair to that person who enjoys the outdoors in their lush green yard. It even folds so they can easily move it to the cool shady spot or the hot sunny space. It is a fantastic chair they will love to use every time they are outdoors.

light green folding chair
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2. Cactus Mug

Get your green on by paying homage to the plant and your style with this excellent cup. Whether your friend is obsessed with green color or a cactus lover, this cute mug will definitely make her smile. You could even pair it with the green warmer for an even better green gift.

teal and gold cactus mug
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3. Acrimet Facility 3 Tier Letter Tray

You know that co-worker with papers all over their desk? This gift is just what they need. Not only does it showcase that green shade they love, it will also help them stay organized. Give them this letter organizer to keep their papers together and their fashion on point. It is a must-have addition to their workspace.

desktop tray
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4. Himawari Laptop Backpack

When your favorite color is green. Why not carry your daily essentials, books, and laptop in this canvas backpack? This bag has spacious compartment with multiple pockets for easy storage. It is ideal for a student or a working traveler to store their computer. This bag even comes with a USB port to keep your tech gadgets charged and ready to go.

dark green backpack
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5. Romwe Women’s Boho Floral Sundress

Hey ladies, is green your color? Or, maybe you think green will look stunning on her. Either way, this lovely dress is sure to please. It’s even got a nice floral pattern any woman will appreciate.

green floral polka dot dress
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6. PAPERAGE Dotted Journal Notebook

Appointments, journaling or note taking, this could prove useful for people who often write stuff down. Fans of green will be delighted by this little find, be they a young child, grandparent or someone in the middle. Why not pick this up and give someone a gift that’s both practical and colorful.

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7. Emerald Birthstone Earring

Emerald is the birthstone of May, and is said to promote good health. So if you want a gift someone born in May, or for that health conscious person, this is an excellent choice.

emerald may birthstone earrings
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8. Leaf Plush Pillow

If you are into everything green. Get this leaf shaped pillow to add green aesthetic to the room. It is velvety soft and looks fun in any room.

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9. Lacoste Men’s Chrono TR90 Watch

For the men who love green. This watch gives him the opportunity to sport the color he likes most while keeping track of the time during his day to day activities. He will be thrilled to have this fresh new addition to his wardrobe for sure.

mens watch
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10. VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer

Cold coffee is such a disappointment. Anybody who wakes up with a fresh cup of java can agree. That’s why this coffee mug warmer is such a genius gift for your coffee-loving friends. What makes this gift even more thoughtful is that it is energy efficient with smart controls and three temperature settings. Yes, this gift goes green in more ways than one.

mug warmer
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11. Green Stationery Set

Whether working at home or in the office, this is the type of office supplies that will come in handy. The stationary set comes with binder clips, push pins and an assortment of assets useful for that office worker in your life. Not only will it be useful, but they will also love it because you chose it in their favorite color green.

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12. sixthreezero Around the Block Men’s Cruiser Bike

Here’s something for the men out there, and it’s green in more ways than one. Check out this sweet bike! It just might tick all the boxes for finding that brilliant green gift. Get some exercise or go to the corner store, this is an awesome green bike to save fuel energy and go green.

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13. Avocado Socks

Socks make a simple but practical gift because we all need them and we all lose them at some point or another. Present your lover of green with these warm, comfortable socks that suit their color preference just so. After all, who can pass up the wonderful combination of comfort and fashion?

funny socks
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14. Building Brick Letter Board

Once in a while a gift pops up that could truly be for anyone. This green letter board is one of those. Grab this up for kids learning to read and spell, coworkers at the office, or a family member. The uses of this letter board are endless; from writing messages at work, grocery lists on the fridge, or a teaching tool. Not to mention it comes in green, which will make someone’s day.

magnetic letter board
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15. Colwelt Garden Tools Set

The outdoors are full of lush magnificent green. For those who enjoy gardening, they may want tools that match their outside settings. Present this toolset to them to complement their beautiful garden and express the joy of the color green. Your favorite gardener will surely make the most out of this sturdy and functional choice of gift with five garden tools and a carrying bag for safekeeping and transport.

gardening tools
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16. Herbivore Botanicals Jade Facial Roller

Another awesome gift in green theme. This facial roller could complement the face mask quite nicely, or make a great gift on its own. Not only is it green in color but it is made of a green stone, jade, which is said to manifest peace and lessen stress. Give this to anyone who loves to relax, or you think needs to. The will love the at home facial massage this roller delivers, ensuring that they feel better inside and out.

green jade facial roller
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17. Hooded Towel for Kids

When your kid loves green so much. Here is exactly what they need to dry off and stay warm after having a splash at the pool or bath. This towel even has a hood for added warmth and quicker drying.

kids hooded towel
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18. TeeTurtle Reversible Turtle Plushie

Have a little fun with this adorable turtle. It is soft and squishy and good for all ages. Even a big kid at heart will love this fun fluffy friend. Bring this plushie to anyone who loves turtles, needs a little cheering up, or favors the color green.

cute turtle plushie
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19. Camping Double Hammock

Swing high in the trees with this amazing gift. It can easily be taken on camping trips and comfortably fits two people. Experience the beauty of nature’s green in this hammock designed to match. You will undoubtedly be giving a gift that will make lasting memories.

hammock for nature lover
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20. boscia Matcha Green Tea Facial Mask

Shades of green embody the environment and good health. This facial mask is certain to be a hit with anyone who connects with the color green in those ways. Make this a creative choice for someone that strives to stay beautiful and healthy. The green tea and green plant based ingredients will make their skin look and feel good as new.

green tea mask
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21. Green Mound Juniper Bonsai

You don’t want to miss giving a live plant for people who love green. Let’s brighten up their house with this beautiful bonsai. It can live inside or outside depending on your friend or family’s preference. Passionate plant enthusiasts will appreciate receiving this juniper tree as vibrant decoration for any space.

live juniper bonsai
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gift ideas for green color lovers

That concludes our list of best green themed gifts. Thanks for reading.

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