Hello cat lovers! We love cats’ everything and everything cats. When the days get chilly, we want to wrap ourselves in cat sweatshirts and hoodies. We have rounded up 15 super cute and cool cat outerwear. You can browse through this collection and find your favorite cat hoodies with ears, cat hoodies with pouch, and unique cat sweatshirts.

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Cat Sweatshirts and Hoodies For Women

Below are some cute cat sweatshirts for ladies.

1. I’m A Cat Hoodie with Ears

This black hoodie with cat ears is the perfect (purr-fect?) way to keep a cat lady warm.

2. Isaac Morris Pusheenicorn Cat Unicorn Hoodie

Wear this Pusheen cat hoodie when you want to transform into a magical cat with a horn. Definitely check out this hoodie with cat ears if you’re a Pusheen fan.

3. Romwe Pink Cat Face Sweatshirt

We adore the heart-shaped nose. Minimalist cat face sweatshirt for cat lovers who like to keep a low profile.

4. Embroidered Cat Pullover Sweatshirt

Secretly show your love for cats on the elbow with this embroidered cat sweatshirt.

5. Santa Claws Ugly Cat Sweatshirt

If you’re looking for something unique to wear to an ugly sweater Christmas party, you’ll want to give this ugly cat Christmas sweater a look.

6. Cat Crop Hoodie with Ears 

A black cat hoodie with cat ears and crop design for a more edgy look.

7. Cat Hoodie with Pouch

This cat pouch hoodie is designed with a carrying pouch for your kitty.

8. Verochic Black Cat Sweatshirt

Color-blocked sweatshirt for black cat lovers.

9. Pusheen Unicorn Mermaids Sweatshirt

Another great cat sweatshirt for Pusheen lovers. Look closer to see the popular webcomic cat, Pusheen with unicorn horn and rainbow mane, and also Pusheen with a mermaid tail.

10. Cat Print Sweatshirt

Simple and cute cat print sweatshirt.

11. Kawaii Cat Sweatshirt with Ears

Kawaii-style cute cat sweatshirt with cat ears (and nose, and mouth, and eyes).

12. Sidecca Cat Pattern Pullover Sweatshirt 

There are a lot of playful cats printed on this all-over cat sweatshirt.

Cat Sweatshirts and Hoodies For Men

If you’re feeling left out a crazy cat gentleman, don’t be. Here are some unique cat sweatshirts for men to cheer you up.

13. Voodoo Cat Men’s Sweatshirt

Black cat hoodie with all-over print.

14. Cool Kitty in Galaxy Hoodie

This vibrant all-over print cat hoodie definitely looks cool on the guys.

15. Funny Cat Riders Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

The most adorable cat-themed ugly sweatshirt.

And that wraps up the list of awesome cat sweatshirts and cat hoodies for people who love cats. Did you find a good cat sweatshirt that works for you? What is your favorite sweatshirt from this list above?

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