Looking for a cat necklace? You’ll not be leaving this article empty-handed. Bringing love to all cat lovers, this article talks about cat-themed accessories — 16 cool necklaces that will make you fall in love on first sight. As cat lovers, everything related to kitties and cats makes us smile. It’s only natural that we want to wear our feline pride in the form of a cute cat necklace. We have already looked at cat watches collection and cat outerwear, now let’s take a look at some cute necklaces inspired by cats.

Necklaces for Cat Lovers [Quick View]

  1. Meow Star Moon & Cat Necklace
  2. EleQueen Blue Crystals Teardrop Cat Necklace
  3. Lux Accessories BFF Cat Necklace Set
  4. Pearl Cat Head Pendant Necklace
  5. Pressed Flowers Cat Silhouette Necklace
  6. Personalized Initial Cat Necklace
  7. Opal Rose Gold Cat Necklace
  8. Dancing Diamond Cat Necklace
  9. Yin Yang Cat Necklace Set
  10. Dogeared Women’s Meow Necklace
  11. BONSNY Enamel Cat Necklace
  12. Japanese Maneki Neko Necklace
  13. Controse Feral Cat Bones Necklace
  14. Black Cat in Antique Frame Necklace
  15. WRISTCHIE Cat On Moon Necklace
  16. Pink Crystal Cat Necklace


Discover unique cat-themed necklaces that are suitable for both women and little girls. Find the perfect cat necklace that you’re looking for below.

Meow Star Moon & Cat Necklace

How I wish I can be like this cat laying on the moon and playing with the star. This cat necklace features a beautiful dreamy scene that captivated the heart of cat lovers.

EleQueen Blue Crystals Teardrop Cat Necklace

This crystal cat necklace shines with grace. The beautiful cuts of the Swarovski crystals, the sweet bow detail, and the sparkling ears and tail make it looks expensive. It is an elegant piece that matches well with casual and dressy attire.

Lux Accessories BFF Cat Necklace Set

If you and your best friend are crazy cat people, then you should get this pair of matching necklaces. The modern and simple design suits girls of all ages.

Pearl Cat Head Pendant Necklace

Cat ladies will definitely adore this lustrous pearl cat pendant necklace. It looks shiny, dainty, and chic.

Pressed Flowers Cat Silhouette Necklace

If you are looking for a unique gift for cat lovers, this handmade cat necklace makes a purrfect choice. The colorful dried flowers and the brass match well with each other to create a cool, vintagey feel.

Personalized Initial Cat Necklace

This is a special cat gift for cat lovers in your life. It is made of sterling silver, engraved with an initial letter. The detail is amazing. A perfect cat necklace for women and kids.

Opal Rose Gold Cat Necklace

A rose gold kitten is playing with an opal ball. She looks cute and pretty. Definitely give this product a look if you’re a cat lover who’s looking for some rose gold cat necklaces.

Also, if you are a big fan of rose gold stuff, you can take a look at these rose gold office supplies & desk accessories.

Dancing Diamond Cat Necklace

The belly of this cat sparkles all the time because she carries a brilliant dancing diamond that moves constantly. The heart of this diamond cat necklace is, of course, made of cubic zirconia given its affordable price.

Yin Yang Cat Necklace Set

A set of matching cat necklaces for the cat-loving couples. The cat necklace set features a white cat and a black cat that fit perfectly together like a puzzle when they are put together. The perfect gift for cat-loving couples in a long-distance relationship.

Dogeared Women’s Meow Necklace

Because all you need is love and a cat. A quality, minimalist cat necklace from Dogeared.

BONSNY Enamel Cat Necklace

If you want a piece of artsy cat jewelry, we recommend this special cat pendant necklace by Bonsny. It is exquisitely made with colorful enamel painted in a quirky way.

Japanese Maneki Neko Necklace

It’s the Japanese lucky cat. Wear it and feel extra lucky today. This is a rose gold maneki neko necklace.

Controse Feral Cat Bones Necklace

Inspired by the art of tattoo, this pendant features a detailed skeleton of the feral cat. It looks super awesome from every angle. This somewhat scary cat necklace is sure to give its owner an attention-grabbing mystique.

Black Cat in Antique Frame Necklace

This black cat necklace is definitely a charming piece for the black cat owners.

WRISTCHIE Cat On Moon Necklace

A cat and the moon, the two magical things to make your wishes come true.

Pink Crystal Cat Necklace

Show your love for your favorite pet with this pink cat necklace. Features rose gold chain and a cat-shaped pendant adorned with lovely pink crystals and multiple shiny stones.

And with that, we are wrapping up the list for cute necklaces featuring cat design. Did you find anything that works for you or your cat-lover friend? If you’re wondering where to buy these cute products, you can click on the images or the button underneath them for price and other information.

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