Clear backpacks are clearly the superior backpacks for school and sometimes travel. Why? Well, sometimes due to the school system’s clear bag policy. But more often than not, a cute clear backpack allows you to show off the cute school supplies you’ve curated!

Clear Backpacks

Below are some of our favorite clear backpacks for school and where to buy them.

1. adidas Originals Mini Clear Backpack

We’re kicking off this clear backpack collection with a gorgeous backpack from adidas’ Originals line. Make a bold fashion statement with the adidas branded straps on this kickass backpack. There are four variants available: black, dust pink (shown below), radiant metallic, and white. This is a mini backpack and the straps are not padded, so don’t use it to carry heavy stuff!

2. Rainbow Mini Clear Backpack

Plain clear backpacks look kind of sad. Add some colors to make the backpack look more energetic and vibrant. This backpack below went beyond just adding some colors¬† — the designer decided to use the whole color spectrum. The result is the cute rainbow straps.

3. Rose Gold Clear Bag Set

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a matching set of clear bags? How about some rose gold clear bags? This cool clear bag set comes with a standard clear backpack with meshed rose gold straps and 5 other clear bags in various sizes. These clear bags are ideal for schools that have a clear bag policy.

4. Hoxis Satchel Clear Backpacks

Satchel-style clear backpack – use it as a backpack or turn it into a satchel by taking off the removable faux leather straps.

5. Cute Unicorn Clear Backpack

Horses are great. Magical horse-like creature with a horn on its forehead? The best. This cute backpack is for you if you’d like to show off some unicorn lover pride without going overboard — the black trims and straps help to balance off the whole scheme. Don’t miss these cool unicorn gifts if you’re a unicorn fan.

6. Trail maker Water Resistant Clear Backpacks

Keep a low profile with the help of this simple backpack. Like many other cute clear backpacks on this list, this bag is water-resistant.

7. Clear Holographic Envelope Backpack

Become the center of attention with the help of this rainbow clear backpack. This is the cutest way to make a fashion statement whether you’re in middle school, high school, college, or beyond.

8. LOKASS Transparent School Backpacks

Many clear backpacks share a weakness — lack of compartmental storage. But not these cute backpacks. This clear bag series comes in 5 different colors.

9. Eastsport Clear Top Loader Backpack

Top-loading backpacks are the way to go if you prefer easy access to all your school stuff.

10. Zicac Drawstring Clear Backpack

Clearly the number 1 cute girly backpack on this list of awesome clear backpacks — thanks to its pink & clear combo. The drawstring closure also makes it stand out from the rest of the lineup.

What Is Your Favorite Clear Backpack?

And that wraps up the list of unique clear backpacks. Did you find what you’re looking for? Do you have a favorite backpack from the list above?

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