Pick the right Christmas gifts for tweens made easy with our list here. Discover 16 super cool stuff loved by girls from 9 to 12 years old. We know you have a big kid who has moved beyond the toy phase but isn’t old enough to be a teen. She is in the transitional time which makes her hard to shop for when it comes to Christmas present. This holiday, prove to your tween girl that you are super cool by getting her what’s on her Christmas wishlist. Here are 16 best Christmas gifts for tween girls aged 9-12. Scroll down to discover now!

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

Below are some super trendy and cool Christmas gifts for tween girls.

1. JanSport Girl Power Mini Backpack

Mini backpacks is on trend now. How can your tween not have her own mini backpack? This stylish backpack by JanSport makes a fantastic gift for your tween girl this Christmas. Its design looks awesome and it has surprisingly roomy space to carry her essentials.

2. Roller Derby Candi Girl Lucy Roller Skates

This retro skate will make your tween put aside her phone and have fun spending time outdoor.

3. Hello My Love Coffee Mug

Send your tween a big heart this holiday. This chic mug makes drinking more fun.

Looking for something more inspirational? Check out these inspirational coffee mugs from our collection instead.

4. Inflatable Lounger

Great for a day out with family and friends, this inflatable hammock chair will have her lounge comfortably on the lawn, in the woods or by the sea.

5. Flamingo Planter Pot

Bring in a little tropical warmth to her room this winter — a pink flamingo planter to hold a small plant or little succulents.

(If you are a big fan of this tropical bird, see here for a large flock of flamingo stuff.)

6. Good Books

6a. How to Code: A Step-By-Step Guide to Computer Coding

Learn software concepts and develop her coding skill by following the step-by-step instructions. By the time she gets to the last page, the young master coder will have a website built by herself.

6b. Chicago Treasure

This beautifully illustrated book is perfect for kids to dive into joyful Chicagoland and become the main character. Inside this whimsical world, you will find photographs of Chicagoland children of diverse backgrounds and abilities are placed into the art illustrations and photography of the city’s main tourist attractions.

The kids are the story, the book is their adventure, and the dreams are unlimited. This holiday season, give a gift that truly gives back. All author proceeds go to social service organization The Chicago Lighthouse and Access Living.

For our readers, you can use this coupon code CTBLOG15 for a 15% discount on your purchase at Everything Goes Media.

7. Karaoke Mic

Connect to your phone’s singing app and sing your heart out. This wireless mic can be used as speaker, player, and recorder. The Bluetooth connection covers a great range perfect for singing at home, outdoor, or during the family road trip.

8. Unicorn Lip Balms

Lip balm is one of the most affordable Christmas gifts for tweens. This set of three lip balms are made with non-toxic formula suitable for kids. They come in delicious fruity flavor to keep her lips hydrated and smelling good. The bonus tube cap designed as a unicorn finger puppet will surely make your girl happy.

9. World Domination Journal Book

A faux leather journal with 256 lined pages for the tween girl to write down her secret plan for world domination.

10. Hogwarts Express Ticket Luggage Tag 

For the next family vacation, she can hang this unique Hogwarts Express train ticket tag on her luggage.

(Don’t miss out this post if you are looking for Harry Potter gifts)

11. Japanese Food Socks

Socks are lame but sushi socks is another story. When you have smiling salmon sushi, shrimp sushi, and vegetable sushi on your feet, you will be happier.

If you are interested in super cute Japanese-style stuff, we recommend reading this article on kawaii school supplies and accessories.

12. Unicornbot Kit

The coolest toy for the tween girls. This interactive robotic unicorn allows her to build and code for custom actions. She can also program the magical horn with different colors and make it navigate obstacles and pick-up objects. A fun and cute STEM gift for tweens.

13. Pink Lip Purse

The not so kiddy-like sling bag for your preteens. This pretty pink purse with gold chain looks great with any casual or dressy wear.

14. Plush Unicorn Hoodie

The adorable wings at the back and the charming horn of this comfy hoodie will give a magical touch to every outfit.

15. Mandala Designer Sand Art Kit

Make your own beautiful Mandalas with the colorful sand. It calms your mind as you slowly pour the sand to create your one-of-a-kind Mandala.

16. Hair Chalk Pens Set

She is going to enjoy transforming her hair into different shades. Eight vibrant colors that are easily blendable. Add dazzle to your look by wearing the colorful beads. Also, feel free to use this temporary coloring chalk as face paint.


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