When it comes to shopping for stocking stuffers, it can be tricky to find stuff that tweens really love. You want to get some nice stocking stuffers that are both useful and fun but what will make them happy? We all know that tween boys and girls are a bit hard to impress. They have moved out of the toy phase but too young for sophisticated grown-up stuff. Fortunately, you don’t have to pick only one gift, you can mix practical everyday items that she can use with some silly stuff, small makeup, or cool accessories. We have put together a list of cheap and awesome stocking stuffers for tween girls aged 10-12 for inspiration. Scroll down to discover now!


Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Tween Girls

Inexpensive mini gifts to surprise your preteen girls.

1. Nanoblock Hamburger Building Kit

Stuff a mini hamburger into the tween girl’s Christmas stocking. This hamburger has an all beef patty, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. These micro-sized bricks take your building experience to the next level. It offers a greater challenge and finer details. It is definitely fun to put together!

Other food like hot dog, ramen, sushi, and pancake are also available.

2. Cactus Sip Tumbler 

For the tween girls who love cactus. This adorable cactus will keep her hydrated with style.


3. Sloth Tape Dispenser

This sloth dispenses a shiny holographic tape. It looks cute on the desk and will take the tween’s crafting experience to the next level.

4. Dinosaur Brontosaurus Necklace

This dinosaur pendant necklace is so adorable! It’s going to melt the tween’s heart the moment she sees it. This inspirational stocking stuffer idea encourages the tween to become someone everyone looks up to.

5. Pusheen Cat Donut Earbuds

The tween’s music listening experience is never the same again with the companion of Pusheen cat. These earbuds are cute and they deliver good music. Definitely the purrfect stocking stuffer for your tween.

6. Enamel Lapel Pin Set

Preteens love to accessorize their backpack, jacket, and hat with pins. These quirky pins are going to make them smile. The eye-catching statements are perfect to show her girl power!

7. Daisy Dream Motivation Mug

Give the gift of courage and motivation this Christmas. With this lovely mug, your tween will always be inspired to dream.

You can check out more mugs like these in our inspirational mugs collection we published a few weeks ago.

8. Winter Ice Skate Figure Skater Stud Earrings

Winter-themed jewelry is another good stocking stuffer for tween girls. We love this pair of ice skates earrings. The big bows and the sparkly pink crystals caught our attention.

9. Lip Smacker Frappe Lip Balm Collection

She might be a little too young to become a coffee addict, but she will definitely get a kick from using these lip balms. The frappe cup packaging looks really awesome and these lip balms are frappe flavored!

10. Superhero Bubble Bath Bombs

For the girl who is a huge fan of Marvel superheroes. Let her enjoy a bubble bath filled with a little surprise.

11. Mini Retro Robot Speaker 

A compact portable speaker is one of the most popular stocking stuffers for preteens. Surprise her with this tiny robot-shaped speaker that delivers loud sound with powerful bass.

12. Unicorn Winter Hat with Scarf 

The gift of warmth for this holiday season — a 3-in-1 winter accessory to keep her warm and cozy all winter long. It combines a beanie hat, scarf, and mitten into one. It makes a nice gift for unicorn lovers.

13. SmartGames Jump in’ Travel Game

Everyone loves a good game, especially tween boys and girls. Imagine how surprised they’ll be when they see this fun game in their Christmas stocking.

14. Umbra Crowd Photo Display

A simple and functional display rack for her to hold her photos, memo, and postcards.

15. Disney Minnie Mouse Nail Polish Set 

This box contains 18 bottles of non-toxic nail polishes to match the ever-changing mood of your tween.

16. Sakura Souffle 3-Dimensional Opaque Ink Pen Set

Tween girls will definitely love some vibrant colored pens. These pens write well on papers and non-porous surfaces like plastic, glass, tile, and rock. The finished look is a raised line that looks brilliant on both dark or light background.

17. KumiColors DIY Bracelet Making Kit 

With this bracelet making kit, the tween can make her own bracelets for herself, her friends, and her family members. It’s a fun way for the tween to spend her free time. She’s going to love this stocking stuffer for sure.

18. Temporary tattoos

19. Underwear

20. Hair accessories

21. Hand lotion

22. Fragrance/ Body mist

23. Comb/ Hairbrush

24. Nail file

25. Sheet mask

26. Flash Drive

27. Phone Ring/ Popsockets

28. Leg warmers

29. Gloves

30. Crossword Puzzle

31. Books

32. Coin purse

33. Sticky notes

34. Stationery (eg. pencils, markers, erasers, pencil case)

35. Sunglasses

36. Keychain

37. Personalized mug

38. Playing card (eg. Uno, Sushi Go, Exploding Kittens)

39. Travel mug

40. Selfie stick

41. Cable bite

42. Wallet

43. Sleep mask

44. Decorative Pillow

45. Friendship bracelet

46. Gift card to her favorite store

47. Magazines

48. Power bank

49. Pajamas

50. Tote bag

51. Plush animal

52. Cute T-shirt

53. Yoga mat

54. Belt

55. Hair chalk

56. Poster

57. Toothbrush

58. Phone case

59. Trinket tray

60. Candle

That concludes our list of 60 best stocking stuffers for tween girls — approved by tweens.

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