Latest Christmas holiday gift guide for tween girls. Tweens are not an easy group to buy for when it comes to holiday shopping. These middle-schoolers are not small kids, but not really a teenager yet. But don’t worry, we are to provide some inspiration. In this article, you will find a list of popular Christmas gifts for tweens. These ideas are cool, trendy, and super cute. They are going to bring a big smile to the tween girl in your life.

Most Popular Holiday Gifts For Tween Girls

1. Sequin Mini Backpack

Mini backpack is one of the most popular fashion accessories for girls this year. Get this chic backpack for her this Christmas. She will definitely adore the pretty pink glitter design. Check out our collection of mini backpacks for tween girls.

Sequin Mini Backpack
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2. Sure-Grip Stardust Roller Skate

Girls want to look good everywhere they go. When it comes to skating, nothing beats a pair of glitter skates. With this pair cute skates, you can roll-up in the rink with style and hit the street with great comfort.

Sure-Grip Stardust Roller Skate
Blue Glitter Skate
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Pink Glitter Skate
Pink Glitter Skate
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3. Avocado Plush

She will want to hug this superfood to sleep at night. It’s super soft and huggable!

Avocado Plush
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4. “You’re Pretty Much Magic” Trinket Tray

Tell your middle schooler she is pretty much magic. She can place her earrings, necklaces, and other small gems on this unicorn tray. Our unicorn gift collection is great for tween girls too.

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5. Heart Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

An inexpensive tech gadget perfect for the young girls. It is a heart-shaped speaker with a dazzling display that can dance to the rhythm of the music that is playing.

Heart Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 
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6. Small Wallet

We love the embroidered cherry pattern and the soft peachy pink color.

Small Wallet
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7. GirlZone Hair Chalks

A set of ten fantastic temporary hair coloring chalks for your tween to color her hair the wildest way she can imagine.

GirlZone Hair Chalks
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8. Cute Bunny Hoodie

An all-white soft bunny hoodie that will keep her warm and cozy this winter.

Bunny Hoodie
look at the tail!
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bunny ears hoodie
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9. Tonnier Ice Crack Watch

This watch tells time with style. The kid will love the blue transparent bands and the unique dial featuring ice crack design.

Tonnier Ice Crack Watch
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10. Bow Motif Necklace

Because bow pendant necklace looks sweet on every girl.

Bow Motif Necklace
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11. Rose Makeup Brush Set

For the beauty lovers, you can get this gorgeous rose brush set. They are in different shapes and sizes perfect for applying different makeup products. Read here for more beauty gifts for her like this.

Rose Makeup Brush Set
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12. Cat Notebook Set

Middle schoolers love cute stationery. This leather cover notebook is a great choice.

Cat Notebook
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13. Unicorn Wearable Blanket

Lounge at home the magical way. Use this unicorn blanket to keep yourself warm through the chilly holiday season.

Unicorn Wearable Blanket
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14. Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit

Help your middle schooler paint her nails the professional way. This kit comes with a 60-page instructional book, 6 nail polishes, nail art dotting tool, and over 250 stick-on stencils.

Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit
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15. Poop Emoji Ceramic Mug

Make drinking more fun. No more bad days when you use this mug for your favorite morning beverage. If you like emoji, check out these emoji gifts for middle schoolers.

Poop Emoji Ceramic Mug
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16. Deep Sea Sandscapes in Motion Desktop Decor Toy

Watch the sand art moves slowly to form mesmerizing views like waves and mountains.

Deep Sea Sandscapes in Motion Desktop Decor Toy
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17. Lime Crime Plushies Eyeshadow Palette

A colorful and fun makeup palette for her eyes, cheeks, and beyond. Four highly-pigmented colors to create a vibrant look.

Lime Crime Plushies Eyeshadow Palette
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That concludes our list of best holiday gifts for tweens. Thanks for reading and have a happy Christmas!

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