We know that it is not easy to shop for middle schoolers. These tween boys and girls are not small kids anymore but they aren’t old enough to be in their teens. So, what stocking stuffers should you get to fill their stockings for Christmas this year? Well, check out these unique stocking stuffer ideas for tween girls below.

You’ll find a list of 40 creative small gifts to impress the pre-teens in your life. From fashion pieces, school supplies, tech gadgets, cool toys, and more. You are going to make the tween girl smile for sure.

Stocking stuffer ideas for tween girls

Tween Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Let’s get started.

1. LED Heart Decorative Light

A darling pink heart for her room. It creates a warm and cozy ambiance.

Pink Heart Light
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2. Pink Avocados Notebook

For the middle schoolers who love avocado. This composition book is perfect for note-taking, writing homework, and more.

Avocados Notebook
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3. Pusheen Mermaid Plush Keychain 

Who can resist a plushy keychain of a meowmaid riding a seahorse?

Pusheen Keychain
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4. Cute Earrings

These earrings are too cute. You might end up getting more than one pair for her.

Moon and Star Earrings
Moon and Star Earrings
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Enamel Rabbit Carrot Earrings 
Enamel Rabbit Carrot Earrings
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5. Gato Taco Earbuds

For her to enjoy music in a “yummy” way. Features a funny cat avocado and taco earbuds, with a bright pink cord.

Cute Earbuds
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6. Unicorn Snot Pixie Glitter Lip Gloss

Give her smile an extra sparkle. Use this holographic pink lip gloss alone for a high-gloss shine or pair it with your favorite lipstick to glitz things up.

Unicorn Snot Pixie Glitter Lip Gloss
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Unicorn Snot Pixie Glitter Lip Gloss
available in other magical shades
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7. Terrarium Kit 

DIY kit great for the middle schoolers. Learn trendy craft technique, create your own garden in this glass bottle. You can build your own ecosystem by layering the soil and pebbles. Then, arrange and plant your moss. After that, you can place the small plants to complete the tropical setting.

Terrarium Kit
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8. Llama Bandages

For the girls who love llamas. Wear this eye-popping bandage and let’s this llama protects you. Stick them on your blister or small cut to stop the ouchies from bothering you.

BioSwiss Kids Bandages
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9. Scented Gel Crayons

School supplies are cheap and practical. They are useful for middle school boys and girls. So, why not help them to stock up?

Gel Crayons
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10. Pineapple Phone Case

The design is outrageous. Need I say more?

Pineapple Phone Case
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11. Initial Fur Ball Keychain

You don’t want to miss this adorable keychain with pretty letter charm, fluffy poms, and tassel.

Alphabet Initial Letter Keychain
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12. Cute Cat Socks

You might think socks are lame but a set of five cat socks in different colors? You might think otherwise. Whether you are a cat lover or not, these kitties are going to win your heart.

Cute Cat Socks
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13. Melissa & Doug Scratch Mini Notes

Etch words of encouragement with one of these cool scratch notes. That’s right! This is no ordinary notepad, you will have to make use of the wooden stylus that comes with the product to etch out what you want — which can be important notes, wise sayings, or even some doodles. If you’re looking for an edgy gift, here’s an etchy gift.

Scratch Art Notes
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14. Lemon Squishy Toy

Brightly-colored lemon, both on the inside and out. A treat for the eyes and hands. Not your ordinary lemon. Its realistic skin is pink instead of yellow. Inside is bright, almost-neon-like, yellow. Perhaps this is what pink lemonade is made of. Jokes aside, this is a cute soft toy meant to be squeezed for fun and relaxation.

Lemon Squishy Toy
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Lemon Squishy Toy
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15. Plush Earmuffs

The purr-fect earmuffs to keep you warm and cute this winter.

Warm Cat Ear Muffs
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16. Temporary Tattoos 

Have fun playing with these metallic tattoos. 6 sheets of animal tattoos loved by kids. It is waterproof and will keep its flash up to seven days.

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17. Crystal Growing Hedgehog

A creative product that is cute, entertaining, and educational. This adorable hedgehog is part of a crystal-growing kit. By following the instructions provided in the kit, you can grow orange gypsum crystal on the back of the little creature. What is this magic? Well, that’s for the middle-schooler to find out.

Crystal Growing Kit
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18. Bath Bomb with Surprise

2-in-1 present. An extra large 10-ounce bath bomb packed with a surprise necklace inside. Drop it in the water, enjoy the never-ending fizzing bubbles and see the Swarovski crystal pops up when it’s done.

Bath Bomb with Surprise
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19. 3D Butterfly Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are boring. Sticky notes that look like butterflies? Awesome! What’s better is that a single stack of these sticky notes come with five different colors — you’re literally decorating the surface that you’re sticking the notes on with a kaleidoscope of butterflies!

3D Butterfly Sticky Notes
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20. Bread Plush Pillow

We love it because it is a slice of soft bread that has cute expressions.

Bread Pillow
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21. Lip Smacker Lip Balm

Lip balms are must-haves for girls. Get these Crayola-inspired lip balms for your pre-teens this holiday. They come in a pack of eight flavors to delight your senses. These lip balms will leave your lips feeling softer and smelling great.

Lip Smacker Crayola Lip Balm
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22. Rabbit Fur Ball Keychain

Whether she is a bunny lover or not, she will love this fluffy bunny keychain. Features a soft pom pom with a metal clip. Perfect for organizing keys or accessorizing your bag.

Rabbit Fur Ball Keychain
Bunny Pom Pom Keychain
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23. Supergirl Tote Bag

A foldable book bag with a pretty design and nice sayings. It reads “Super chic, super smart, super strong. This girl is a Super Girl”.

Supergirl Tote Bag
Supergirl Bag
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24. Hair Chalk Set

Girls at her age love experimenting with different hairstyles. She would be thrilled to get this set of blendable hair coloring chalk. Non-toxic, no-mess application, easy to wash out with ordinary shampoo. It comes in six vibrant colors to transform her hair into an exciting new style.

Hair Chalk Set
Temporary Hair Color Chalk Set
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25. Toilet Odor Eliminator Spray

Leave only ocean scent in the toilet. Attack the bad odor with the natural essential oils. Whenever and wherever nature calls, spritz a puffy cloud of ocean breeze before you squat and make your next brick the best you’ll ever lay.

Air Jungles Toilet Poop Odor Eliminator Spray
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26. Warm Fleece Slippers

Fuzzy little creatures to keep her feet warm this winter. It is extremely soft and plushy. Great for lounging at home.

Indoor Slippers
Warm Fleece Slippers
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27. Don’t Just Fly, Soar Hand-Painted Wall Art

Gorgeous wall art to place in the tween girl’s room. The bright-colored quote is hand-painted against the black galaxy background. It looks unique, beautiful, and inspiring.

Dont Just Fly, Soar Wall Art
Inspirational Quote Hand-Painted Acrylic Wall Art
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28. Fidget Spinner Fidget Toy

You can also get a fidget spinner. It is a popular toy among the kids. Super easy and fun to play. This simple toy is designed to keep the player’s hands busy, provide a focal point for busy minds, and help to relieve stress.

Fidget Toy
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29. A Smart Girl’s Guide: Digital World

A good book also makes a great stocking stuffer for pre-teens. This book is a must-read for girls growing up in the modern digital age. It is well written with practical tips and advises. This book guides girls to navigate wisely in the digital world and helps keep them safe from cyberbullying and bad influence.

A Smart Girl's Guide: Digital World
A Smart Girl’s Guide: Digital World
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30. Unicorn Bandages

The magical wound healers that every girl needs. It comes in handy when she has a small cut. A tin of 48 bandages in varying sizes. Colorful and cute. Stick it and let the unicorn kisses make everything better.

Welly Rainbow Unicorn Bandages
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31. Cat Ring

For her with a feline obsession. A charming ring features a cat watching the moon at night. It is adjustable to fit fingers of different sizes. This ring looks simple and delicate.

Cat Ring Adjustable
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32. Be Awesome Today Mug

A nice mug full of positive energy. It is made of ceramic, big capacity. Use it to enjoy your favorite morning beverage and feel motivated for the rest of the day.

Be Awesome Today Mug
Be Awesome Today Mug
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33. Mushroom Push Pin

Fun school supplies that she will love. These mushroom push pins are made of solid resin and metal nail. They are cute, sturdy, and functional.

Mushroom Thumb Tacks
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34. Hello Gorgeous Gold Dots Fashion Pen

Chic pen loved by girls. Black and white polka dots with gold finish. This pen has a nice weight and it writes smoothly. It comes in a matching polka-dotted box.

Hello Gorgeous Gold Dots Fashion Pen
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35. Personalized Mermaid Tumbler

A gorgeous tumbler for tweens who are obsessed with mermaids. It is double walled, non-breakable, and sweat-proof for cold beverages.

Personalized mermaid tumbler
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36. Custom Compact Mirror

One of the must-have backpack essentials for middle schoolers. Two glass mirrors with different magnification inside.

Glitter Mirror
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37. Crown Tiara Pen

For her to write in style. Set of eight fabulous pens in different colors. Fine point, slim body, it writes beautifully. She will love them for sure!

Crown Tiara Pen
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38. Cat Ears Small Wallet

You can also get this lovely wallet for her. Good quality, compact size, pretty pastel color. Features three credit card slots, one change pocket, one full-length pocket for bills, and one photo ID window.

Also available in soft pink, purple, blue and black.

Small Wallet
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39. Screen Touch Texting Gloves

Tech gloves to keep her hands warm this winter. Soft, stretchable, and comfortable. It is made with ten-finger touchscreen technology. This glove works well on a mobile phone, tablet, and other touchscreen devices.

Texting Gloves
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40. American Girl Baking: Recipes for Cookies, Cupcakes & More

An excellent cookbook for tweens who are interested in baking. This book is packed with more than 40 delicious recipes for making cookies, cupcakes, madeleines, fudges, truffles and more. There are step-by-step instructions great for beginner bakers. Girls are going to love their handmade sweet treats coming out from the oven.

American Girl Baking: Recipes for Cookies, Cupcakes & More
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That concludes our holiday gift guide for tween girls. Thanks for reading and have a happy Christmas!

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