In this gift guide, you will find small and interesting gifts to put in a man’s Christmas stocking. Exciting stocking stuffers are an excellent way to start someone’s Christmas morning. Get them all pumped up before they turn their attention to the main Christmas gift. These little gifts are great for an adult male of any age and sizes, so they’ll work for your boyfriend, husband, dad, or even your adult son.

Stocking stuffer ideas for men (Holiday trends 2017)

Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Let’s jump right in.

1.   Moscow Mule Shot Glass

A set of two gorgeous Moscow Mule shot glasses. Made from pure copper with lovely hammered details. Great quality, solid and sturdy. Guys will definitely love it!

Moscow Mule Shot Glass. Stocking stuffer ideas for men.
Moscow Mule Shot Glass

2.   Mini Nut Speaker

For the modern guys, tech gifts are always welcomed. Small tech gadget is great for stuffing his Christmas stocking. He will love this adorable nut-shaped wireless speaker. Tiny in size, powerful, and looking elegant. Delivers clear, crisp sound wherever he goes.

Mini Nut Speaker- Stocking stuffers for him
Mini Nut Speaker

3.   You Are My Love Pocket Token

A small love token for your significant other this Christmas. Beautifully engraved with sentimental messages. It reads “You are my love” on one side, and “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be!” on the other side.

This metal token is pocket size and it fits easily into any wallet.

You Are My Love Pocket Token- Stocking stuffers for boyfriend
You Are My Love Pocket Token

4.   Army Man Bottle Opener

You can also get this unique bottle opener as a stocking stuffer for him. This army man is armed for duty, he is ready to open your beer with military-style precision. Made of good quality die-cast cast metal. He is strong and durable. Crafted and styled after the classic green army man figurines every boy grew up with, he will definitely become a big hit in any big boy’s party.

Army Man Bottle Opener (Stocking stuffer ideas for men)
Army Man Bottle Opener

5.   Army Men Socks

Another cool gift featuring the courageous Army Men. Bring back his childhood memories with this crew-cut socks made from a comfy cotton blend. Rich colors, awesome graphic. Comfy and fun to wear.

Army Men Socks (Stocking stuffers for him)
Army Men Socks

6.   Alpine Swiss Super Thin Card Wallet 

A handsome card case for men under $10. Super slim design that looks almost invisible in your pocket. Features two card slots on either side and a top middle opening where you can place extra cards or money bills.

Rich leather, nice color, sleek look.

Alpine Swiss Super Thin Card Wallet. Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men.
Alpine Swiss Super Thin Card Wallet

7.   My Boyfriend Knows Everything Mug

Cute mug for your boyfriend this holiday season. Huge capacity; it holds 22 ounces of beverages. This mug reads “I don’t need Google. My boyfriend knows everything”.

My Boyfriend Knows Everything Mug. Holiday gifts for boyfriend. Stocking stuffers for boyfriend.
My Boyfriend Knows Everything Mug

8.   The Original Bear Paws Shredder Claws

This pair of ultra-sharp shredder claws will become his favorite BBQ tool. High heat-resistant, hard, strong. It helps him to transform into Wolverine. Shred, cut, lift and grab hot meat from the grill with ease.

The Original Bear Paws Shredder Claws- Stocking stuffer ideas for men.
The Original Bear Paws Shredder Claws

9.   Kattee Men’s Travel Toiletry Bag

Fantastic holiday gift for the frequent travelers. Durable canvas toiletry bag with nylon internal lining and genuine cow leather stitching handle. Top zip, roomy compartment. It is large enough to hold shampoo, shaver, toothbrush, toothpaste and more toiletries for his trips.

Kattee Men's Travel Toiletry Bag. Stocking stuffer ideas for men.
Kattee Men’s Travel Toiletry Bag

10.   Dream Big T-Shirt

You can also get him a nice shirt this holiday. This simple statement tee is perfect for men of all ages. Black and white, minimalist style. Wear it and be inspired!

Dream Big T Shirt
Dream Big T Shirt

11.   A.J. Morgan Castro Round Sunglasses

Good-looking sunglasses for men. Retro style, great colors, fits well. An inexpensive pair for the fashion-forward guy in your life.

A.J. Morgan Castro Round Sunglasses (Stocking stuffer ideas for guys)
A.J. Morgan Castro Round Sunglasses

12.   CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

For him to enjoy complete relaxation and have a good rest. Comfy headband with a removable speaker for him to enjoy music on the bed. The cushioned, contoured headband dips down over the ears to provide a perfect fit. It stays in place even when you toss and turn in the bed. Finally, a pair of luxurious sleep headphones to take you to the dreamland peacefully.

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones (Stocking stuffer ideas for men)
CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

13.   Slouchy Knit Beanie Hat

You can also fill his Christmas stocking with this stylish beanie hat. Keep him warm and looking hip this season. Criss-cross basket weave knit, baggy style. Soft and stretchy suitable for all sizes.

Slouchy Knit Beanie Hat (Stocking stuffers for him)
Slouchy Knit Beanie Hat

14.   Pac2Go Portable Charger

Techie guys will love this gift. Give him extra batteries to stay connected with the world. Ultra slim power bank with built-in proprietary software to control temperature, voltage, and current. It is capable of providing 7500mAh power.

Fast charging, multi-port, four LED light power indicators to show charging status and remaining battery power. This power bank also has a detachable hook for users to hook it on the backpack.

Pac2Go Portable Charger (Stocking stuffer ideas for men)
Pac2Go Portable Charger

15.   Woody’s After Shave Tonic

A practical gift for men — excellent after shave tonic containing a cooling blend of aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E. It soothes and mends damaged skin, leaving your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Woody's Men's Grooming After Shave Tonic. Holiday gift guide. Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for men.
Woody’s After Shave Tonic

That concludes our list of 15 best stocking stuffers for him. Thanks for reading.

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