We have hunted down 18 best gifts for the fireman and firewoman in your life. Firefighters are the unsung heroes who risk their lives saving people from fire hazards and other dangerous situations. Every day, they run into danger from putting out fire, carrying the victims out from an accident scene, and rescuing a tiny kitten stuck on a tree. They are brave people who deserve a great gift for the awesome works they have done.

Show appreciation to the firefighters in your life, make them feel warm after putting their lives on the line at work. After all, our heroes are normal human beings who also need to be loved and pampered.

Below are some cool gifts to make firefighters happy. They are the perfect treat on a special occasion like firefighter graduation, Christmas, or the firefighter’s birthday. Keep reading to check out our top picks for the firefighters.

Firefighter Gift Ideas

Firefighter Gifts for Men and Women

1. Fireman’s Prayer Box Sign

We all know that firefighting is a high-risk job. This distressed-style wood sign reads the prayer of the fireman. It is powerful and inspiring. It will give them the courage and strength that they need. A thoughtful gift that fireman and firewoman will appreciate.

Firefighter's Prayer Plaque

2. St. Florian Firefighters Coin

A small appreciation gift for the brave hearts. This sentimental keepsake coin features the image of St. Florian, the Patron Saint of Firefighters, on one side. On the other side, it has a prayer to protect your fireman.

Firefighters Gift Coin
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For Firefighter Dad

3. Firefighter Parking Only Parking Sign

When you are looking for something funny to make your fireman LOL, you can’t go wrong by placing this sign on his usual parking spot.

Firefighter Parking Sign
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4. Custom Name Fireman Pint Glass

If you are looking for personalized gifts for firefighters, why not give your firefighting dad this beautiful pint glass engraved with his name? Because his work is mentally and physically exhausting, it would be relaxing for him to enjoy some beers in his own glass after work.

Custom Pint Glass
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5. Fire Department Bottle Opener

Inspired by the color palette and style of the fire department, this wall-mounted bottle opener is sturdy and functional. Mount this on the kitchen wall for firefighter dad to uncap their bottle of beer with style.

This idea is also perfect for the crew. It’s fun and inexpensive. If the fire department is holding a holiday gift exchange this could be a fun idea for the exchange.

Fire Department Bottle Opener
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6. Cuff-Daddy Fire Extinguisher Cufflinks

Your firefighter dad looks handsome in his uniform. For special occasions when he ditches the uniform for a dressy suit, make sure he looks sharp with this pair of cufflinks. It’s not just any random pair of cufflinks. These cufflinks are little fire extinguishers — a nod to their firefighting career.

Fire Extinguisher Cufflinks
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For Female Firefighters

7. Best Firefighter of the Year Mug

A meaningful gift to give the female firefighter because she who saved many lives deserve this mug.

Local News Best Firefighter Mug for Women
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8. Keep Calm Firefighter Notebook

She won’t be able to refuse this red planner. The life-saving girl definitely needs a proper notebook to keep her life organized. And this firefighter gift will help her to do just that — plus the retro design of the cover looks really pretty.

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9. Firefighter Drop Earrings

Another cool firefighter gift for her. Your firewoman can wear this pair of cute earrings when she is off duty.

Firefighter Earrings
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10. Snarky Firefighter Coloring Book

This is a fun coloring book filled with firefighter themed jokes and swear words. It is an inexpensive stress relief gift that will make them smile. This gift may be cheap but it packs hours of harmless fun. Get a box of coloring pencils to go along with the book. The firefighting men & women will definitely love this unique present.

Firefighter Coloring Book
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For New Firefighters

11. Ergodyne Arsenal Firefighter Gear Bag

Let’s take a look at this practical firefighter graduation gifts that they can actually use. This super-tough bag has more than enough room for storing the fire gear.

Firefighter Rescue Bag
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12. Fireman Porcelain Coffee Mug

This ceramic mug is perfect for him to enjoy his favorite beverage. This idea is versatile. You can give this as a welcoming gift or to congratulate a new firefighter for joining the fire dept. It is also a great gift for the firefighter’s promotion. This mug is also a perfect retirement gift for the men & women in firefighting.

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Fireman Mug
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13. Pine Ridge Fire Department Coasters

If they like to have some friends to hang out at their house, get these rustic, beautifully detailed coasters to entertain the guests.

Fire Department Coaster Set
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14. Fire Dept Pen Set

A simple and nice gift for firefighter graduation. This black-inked pen glides on smoothly and it has a stunning fire department Maltese Cross design on it. This is definitely a nice gift that the firefighters will surely appreciate.

This pen is also suitable for events like firefighter’s retirementĀ or farewell (transfer, career change etc).

Fire Dept Pen
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For Firefighter Boyfriend

15. Keychain for Firefighter

You can’t go wrong with this keychain that carries a message to remind your firefighter to stay safe. This inexpensive item is a great just-because gift for your firefighting SO. The words “Be safe. I need you here, with me” are engraved on the tag. It is something sweet and meaningful for your boyfriend who is an aspiring firefighter.

Firefighter gift keychain
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16. Fire Fighter Man SocksĀ 

This sock is so soft and so heartwarming at once. It is written with the perfect description of all that a fireman is.

Fireman Socks
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17. Fireman Emergency Flask

We all know there is this guy who needs this special fluid emergency flask. It will come in handy when he needs to unwind.

Funny Flasks for Firefighters
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18. Fire Hydrant Storage Container

How cool is this metal water hydrant that can be used as a storage container, garbage can, or a puppy pee post? This container definitely has its practical uses. But at the same time, it’s also a novelty/ gag gift. Get this bad boy for someone who has a sense of humor.

Fire Hydrant Container
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Did you manage to find a good firefighter gift from the list of ideas above?

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A collection of some of the best gifts for firefighters. These ideas are great for the fireman or firewoman's birthday, graduation, Christmas, etc.

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18 Gifts for Firefighters