Discover some of the best gifts you can get for veterinarians. In this gift guide, you will find veterinarian appreciation gift ideas that fall into one of these categories: funny, cheap, sentimental, unique. By the way, you might also be interested in checking out these cool ideas for veterinary technician.

Whether you’re shopping for your pet’s vet, or your peer, family, friends, or boss, this list below will provide some inspiration about what kind of gift to buy.

Funny Gift Ideas for Veterinarians

Funny items that bring laughs and chuckles. These gift ideas below will humor the DVMs themselves and those around them.

Funny Veterinarian T-Shirt

This t-shirt is a cool gift for veterinarians who are fans of hugely popular 90’s sitcom Friends. It even features a snippet of the the sitcom’s theme song — I’ll be there for you — with the letter O in “you” replaced by a paw print. It works just as well for vets who aren’t Friends fans thanks to its straightforward meaning. You can find this vet t-shirt on Etsy.

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Veterinarian Superpower Tumbler Mug

Because vets are superhero to animals and pet owners. They have healing power to make animals feel better.

Super Vet Mug
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Vet Life Coloring Book

Coloring books are not for kids only. Given how stressful the veterinarian profession is, these adult coloring books will do wonders in helping the vets to release stress. #vetlife is a snarky coloring book. The vet can spend time getting lost in the world of coloring after work. To complete this unique vet present, pair the book with a box of colored pencils.

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Vet Swearing Coloring Book

Just like the previous coloring book but with more swearing. Get this adult-oriented coloring book for your veterinarian boss, peer, spouse, or friend. Find more coloring books like this in our adult coloring books article. This coloring book is a a funny thank-you gift idea for vets.

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You Are Turtley Awesome Motivational Mug

From saving the lives from pet dogs and cats, to farm animals, reptiles, and marine animals. Vets are turtley awesome!

Turtley Awesome Mug
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Sentimental Gift ideas for a Vet

Sentimental gift ideas that will make the vets go awww…

Rose Gold Veterinarian Bracelet

A meaningful bracelet for veterinarians. This sentimental bracelet is rose gold in color and features the heartbeat on one end and a paw print on the other. If you’re looking for a jewelry gift the veterinarian will love, definitely give this bracelet a look.

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Are you a fan of rose gold? You will probably love these rose gold office supplies too.

Sentimental Veterinarian Figurine

Probably the most sentimental gift idea in this veterinarian gift guide. This handmade, handpainted wooden figurine features an angel who’s embracing a puppy. The angel represents the veterinarian and the puppy symbolizes the animals that the vet has taken care of. This figurine will work great for all types of gift-givers, but it will work exceptionally well as a sentimental gift for the vet who is your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, dad, mom, sister, or brother. In my opinion, this is the best gift idea for retiring vets.

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Veterinarian Prayer

A great present for vets of Christian faith. This prayer wall décor is accompanied by aesthetically-pleasing background graphics. The vet can hang this on the wall or put it on their desk to remind them of their significance. This is another great gift idea for a veterinarian’s retirement party.


Personalized Veterinarian Cartoon

A cute and deeply sentimental gift for the veterinarian in your life. What makes this cartoon print unique and meaningful is the option to personalize. Things that you can personalize are the DVM’s name, skin tone and hair, veterinary clinic’s name, and the message on the message board. You can even add additional animals and little cartoon kids for free. This is an excellent personalized gift for your vet.

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Affordable Token of Appreciation for Vets

These are some inexpensive gift options for when you have a budget to keep. Despite their cheap price tags, they are definitely gifts that the DVMs (vets) will appreciate. These are some good gifts from kids.

Veterinary Symbol Keychain

This cheap and meaningful keychain is designed for the men and women who work in the veterinary field. It features the veterinary symbol and a paw print. Aside from bearing symbolic meaning, the keychain also helps keep the veterinarian’s keys from going missing. This keychain is a great gift idea for a graduating vets, veterinary technicians and veterinary admins. This item is available on Amazon.

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Animal Paperclips

Yet another fun & cheap veterinarian gift idea. These paperclips help keep the vet’s papers or documents organized. They are colorful and happy-looking. Some of the paperclips’ designs are bunny, penguin, horse, turtle, elephant, cat, and dog. These will be some fun gifts coming from the kids.

Animal Shaped Paperclips
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There are many types of veterinarians. Aside from the common ones we’re accustomed to who treat household pets, there are also specialists who focus more on farm animals or marine animals and invertebrates. This lanyard is perfect for the latter thanks to its Japanese-inspired ocean wave design. Of course, it will work just as well for the vets who are saviors of cats and dogs. There are other cute designs available — find out more via the link below.

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Cat Gel Pens

Cute gel pens with cat design. The vets and their staff can use these adorable pens to write notes, client information, etc. These inexpensive pens are excellent bulk gifts for vet clinic. These pens can be found on Amazon.

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Unique Veterinarian Appreciation Gift Ideas

Gift ideas that are interesting and unique.

Bunny Paperweight

Just look at how simple and cute this set of bunny paperweight is. The vet can use these paperweight bunnies the way it’s intended for — to keep papers down or use it as a small décor item on their desktop. This is a cool Christmas present for your pet rabbit’s vet.

White Rabbit Decor
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The E-Myth Veterinarian

The E-Myth is a hugely popular book series about small businesses and entrepreneurship. It takes a non-technical layman approach to teaching entrepreneurship. This particular E-myth book is written for both aspiring entrepreneurial veterinarians and vets who are already running their own clinics. If you have an entrepreneurial veterinarian friend, this book IS the perfect gift for them.

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Washi Tape

Washi tapes are just too awesome: they’re cute and their uses are endless. The veterinarian can use these tapes in their clinic and daily life. This idea truly shines when the vet is into scrapbooking or bullet journaling. Washi tapes are also versatile art & craft supplies. So you know what to do if the vet you’re shopping for is into DIY craft and art projects. These tapes are also some practical white elephants gifts for your vets. Find this gift on Amazon.

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And that wraps up the list of some of the best gift ideas we think a veterinarian will find interesting. Personally, my favorite gifts are the E-Myth book, washi tape, coloring books, and wooden figurine. What about you? What is your favorite gift?

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