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Gift Ideas for Veterinary Technicians

Looking for some fun and inexpensive gift for a veterinary technician? This list of vet tech gift ideas will provide some inspiration. These ideas are practical, versatile, and meaningful. So many of them will work regardless of whether the vet tech is your friend, coworker, parents, spouse, or staff. Check them out now. What gift should you get for the vet tech? Get inspiration from this list of unique gift ideas below.

1. Animal Love Vet Key Chain

An inexpensive gift that will keep the vet techs motivated.

Some gifts are meaningful without being inexpensive. This unique keychain is one such gift. It says “I speak for those who have no voice”. There’s also a smaller charm attached to the keychain that has a paw print on it. Underneath the paw print is the word LOVE in cursive writing. This inexpensive keychain is perfect for veterinary technicians and DVMs.

Meaningful & sentimental gift for the veterinarian technician
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2. Veterinarian Prayer

A deeply thoughtful gift for vet techs of the Christian faith.

This wooden plaque contains The Veterinarian’s Prayer that will provide inspiration to the religious vet technician for years to come.

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3. Paw Heartbeat Necklace

Meaningful pendant necklace for anyone who works in veterinary medicine.

The pendant represents the heartbeat of a puppy. It has a heart shape on one end and a dog paw on the other end. This is a sentimental gift idea that your veterinary tech will love! Save this idea for their birthday, graduation, Christmas, or retirement.

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vet tech gift ideas

4. Great Veterinary Technician: Funny Swear Notebook

Vet tech can be a stressful job. Humor and swearing are some harmless ways to…

…help the vet tech to release some stress. This notebook combines both humor and swearing on its cover. They can use this notebook to take notes or doodle. This is a fun and inexpensive vet tech week gift.

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5. LED Penlights

Good things come in pairs.

Get two penlights in a single purchase: rose gold and white. What is a penlight? A penlight is a pen and flashlight hybrid. But there’s more that makes these pens really awesome vet tech gifts: it has a 5-cm ruler on one side of its body and a pupil gauge on another. This is a cool and inexpensive gift vet techs will love.

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Vet Tech Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

6. Cat Print Water Bottle

Help the vet tech stay hydrated by getting them this cute water bottle.

Thanks to its double-walled insulation, the bottle can help maintain your beverage’s temperature for up to 24 hours. With this bottle, the vet tech can enjoy their favorite drink during any time of the day.


Other designs available
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7. Vet Staff Utility Scissors

A practical appreciation gift for the vet techs coming from the vet tech supervisor or veterinarian.

The vet tech can use this pair of utility scissors to cut gauze, dressing material, wrap and other non-sterile material. Made from surgical-grade stainless steel. It fits in the vet tech’s scrub pocket. Thanks to its round edges, you don’t have to worry about it making a hole in the pocket and hurting yourself.

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8. Self Adhering Bandage for Pets

For the vet technicians who are pet lovers.

These self-adhering bandages will come in handy when a pet gets injured.

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9. Dog Shape Paperclips

These paperclips are an inexpensive gift that the vet tech will appreciate

…especially when this is an appreciation gift coming from a kid. Dog lovers will drool over these colorful dog-shape paperclips.

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Gifts for Veterinary Staff

10. Funny Coffee Mug for Vet Techs

Mugs are some of the practical gifts you can get for the veterinary techs.

This particular funny mug says “I just want to drink coffee, save animals, and take naps.”. Also, check out this funny coffee mugs collection.

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11. Vet Tech Life Adult Coloring Book

Vet tech can be a stressful profession

Help the vet techs relieve stress by getting them this fun #vettechlife adult coloring book. If you want to make this gift more complete, buy some colored pencils to go with it. Also, check out these funny coloring books for adults.

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12. Surgical Scrub Cap

In general, vet techs don’t do surgery. But there are surgical vet techs who are trained and certified to perform surgery. In any case, this surgical scrub is a cute headwear anyone will love. This particular cap shown below features and puppy design, there are also other designs available such as cat, rabbit, owl, etc.

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13. Book: Secrets of a Vet Tech

This book is perfect for vet techs of all levels of experience. Written by a vet tech who takes care of 25 of her own rescue animals, this book provides the methods to care for the animals while keeping the budget in check.

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14. Vet Tech Novelty Sign

A humorous wall plaque featuring dogs and cats. Vet Tech Parking Only is a fun decor item for the vet tech’s living room, bedroom, and studies.

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And that wraps up our vet tech gift guide. What do you think of these gift ideas? Do you think the vet tech in your life will like these gifts?

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