Treat your local librarian to one of these unique gifts for librarians. Show your support to them on National Library Workers’ Day. Be thankful for all the knowledge and help that library employees offer. If you are wondering what do librarians like as gifts, let’s check out our list below. We have brought together twenty good gifts that librarians really like. From books and literary themed items to stuff that remind them of their love on educational career. These presents are great for showing appreciation to library staff. Read now to discover our favorite picks for library workers. These ideas also make good gifts for book lovers in your life.


Gift guide for librarians

Gifts for Librarians

1. Graphique Library Card Notepad

Help your librarians to get more organized in their life. Get this memo pad for them to keep track of their daily tasks. It features retro-inspired library card design with columns and rows to write down your to-dos. This planner notepad will easily be one of the most useful librarian gifts that he/ she will own.

Graphique Library Card To-Do List Notepad | Gift guide for librarians
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2. Best Librarian Ever Keychain

Librarians work hard to keep information, books, and resources readily accessible to the community. They play a critical role in educating youth and transforming lives. They deserve our respect. Be sure to get something special to express your gratitude. This keychain makes a great appreciation gifts for library staff. The beautiful message and charms will definitely bring a smile on their face.

Librarian Gift Keychain
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3. No Shelf Control Book Lovers Tote Bag

A funny librarian gift that you don’t want to miss. We know all book lovers have no “shelf control” when it comes to getting new books. Librarians are no exception and they really contribute to the expansion of the library’s collection.

No Shelf Control Bag | Book lovers gift
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4. Knock Knock Original Personal Library Kit

This personal library kit is on every book lover’s wish list. It revives the old-fashioned library circulation for mere civilians. Sharing books is more fun when you can keep track of them and no more losing your beloved books.

Library Kit
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5. Decorative Book Box with Drawers

How do you appreciate librarians? Get a “stack of books” for them. They will love the antique design of this desk organizer and three roomy drawers that’s useful for storing writing supplies, jewelry, accessories, and other small items.

Book Drawer Box
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6. Book Earrings

When it comes to picking gifts for librarian’s birthday or Christmas, you can’t go wrong with book-themed items. Take a look at this pair of colorful earrings. It is the coolest accessories for your librarian friend to show the world just how devoted she’s to her career.

Library Book Earrings | Gift guide for librarians
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7. I’m Reading Box Sign

Add a little bit of whimsy to their reading nook. This decorative wood sign makes a perfect gift for librarians and book lovers.

Reading Decorative Sign
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8. Librarian Coffee Tumbler

Another fun gift loved by librarians. This tumbler is labelled with librarian nutritional facts. Each of them contains 100% hard working, 100%problem solving, 1100% critical thinking, and 200% mathemagician.

Tumbler for librarians
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9. Socks for Library Staff

When you are thinking to get some useful gifts for male librarians. Why not get these socks that incorporate literary element? It’s gonna be fun to wear them and proudly showcase your love of books.

Library Card Socks
Library Card Unisex Cotton Socks
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Literature Socks
Books & Literature Socks
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10. Customized Book Embosser

Give a personalized gift for the special librarians in your life. They will love to own a custom embosser of their own library.

Book Embosser | DIY gifts for librarians
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11. Just One More Chapter Open Cuff Bangle

Level up your love of reading in a playful way. Show off your inner bookworm by wearing this bangle with a heart charm that says “Just one more chapter”. A cute present that writers, teachers, book lovers, and librarians really wants.

Book lover bangle bracelet
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12. Jane Austen Zipper Pouch

For girls who love books — A zipper pouch infused with classic literature to keep the small things in place. This pouch is small but it is useful for keeping stuff like school supplies and toiletry.

Jane Austen Bag
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13. Retro Typewriter Pen Holder

Add a retro flair to your workplace. This bronze typewriter desk holder is sturdy and good-looking. Its storage area is deep and large enough to accommodate pens and markers. It sure is a gift that librarians can actually use.

Typewrite storage holder
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14. One More Chapter Book Lover Mug

Book lovers can totally relate to this situation. One chapter leads to another chapter and it goes on for hours. You can never get bored of the time spending on reading a book while sipping your favorite coffee.

Book Lover Mug
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15. Cat Throw Pillow Cushion Cover

This cute pillow cover is suitable for both female and male librarians. The color is vibrant and the graphic will surely please any book lover.

Books and cat pillow case
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16. Library Card Coaster

Another inexpensive and fun gift to show appreciation to library employees. They will love having these nostalgic coasters featuring a design of old school library due date card.

Library card coaster set
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17. Library Canvas Painting Prints

Show your librarian how much you appreciate them with this beautiful canvas art print.

Library book poster
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18. Anchor Metal Page Holder

Library is an ocean of knowledge, books are your anchor. Support your local library by giving out a small library staff appreciation gift like this rose gold nautical anchor bookmark. It is sturdy to help holding your book open flat without damaging it.

Metal page holder
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This concludes our list of best gift ideas for librarians. Thanks for reading.


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