In this pilot’s gift guide, we have handpicked a list of unique aviation gifts that will make someone who works with aircraft excited. Expect 18 creative, fun, and meaningful ideas. These cool aviation gifts are perfect for pilots, pilots in training, aviation school graduates, aeronautical engineers, and aviation lovers in general.

Gifts For Pilots & Pilot Students

Below are some unique pilot gifts for birthday, retirement, and so on. These gifts for pilots are perfect for a pilot or pilot student’s birthday, graduation, housewarming, or even for Christmas.

Best Gifts for Pilots

1. Commemorative Challenge Coins

Be sure to get a special gift for your pilot. If you are looking for something meaningful and memorable, there’s nothing better than a challenge coin. It is a custom metal coins that comes in various sizes, shapes (even cutout shapes!). They are typically awarded after overcoming challenges or hardships, or even just for fun. You can create everything you want at GSJJ at as low as $1.925 each.

Commemorative Challenge Coins
Commemorative Challenge Coins

2. Kate Aspen Airplane Bottle Opener

If you are looking for a nice and functional aviation gift for him, let’s take a look at this beautiful airplane bottle opener which costs under $10. This novelty pilot gift is made of metal with an antique bronze finish. It is great for opening a beer and relax after a long flight.

Kate Aspen
Kate Aspen “Let the Adventure Begin” Bottle Opener
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3. Flight Attitude Indicator Clock

Another cool gift approved by pilots. This is a superb clock perfect for any pilot’s room. It looks like an attitude indicator on the cockpit. By looking at it, your aviator will feel like he is flying in the sky. When he is off-duty and stuck on the ground, he will feel much better looking at the clock ticks on the artificial horizon display.

Attitude Indicator Clock Gifts for Pilots
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4. Pilot Parking Sign 

A cute gift for a pilot husband or wife – this special parking sign is designed just for them. Put this sign on the spot where he usually parks his car to make him feel awesome.

Pilot Parking Sign Gifts for Pilots
Aircraft Parking Sign
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5. Cufflinks for Pilots

Aviation theme cufflinks are a wonderful accessory that you can get for male pilots. The below two pairs are unique and good-looking. He will surely adore them.

Aircraft Cufflinks

Fine-polished aircraft shaped cufflinks made of brass and stainless steel. Crafted with fine details, this pair definitely looks smart on his sleeves.

Aircraft Cufflinks Gifts for Pilots
Aircraft Cufflinks
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Vintage World Map Cufflinks

This is another pair perfect for the aviators. Vintage look with the amazing design of the map of the old world. Classy and outstanding.

Vintage World Map Cufflinks Gifts for Pilots
Vintage World Map Cufflinks
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6. The Thinking Pilot’s Flight Manual 

An informative book filled with information that is useful for student pilots and seasoned aviators. Written by Rick Durden, the aviation’s Renaissance Man, who has experience in some 200 types of airplanes. This book guides you deeply into topics that weren’t taught in flight training- everything from how to really do a preflight, through keeping your passengers happy, scud running, precautionary landings, and how to survive a crash.

This book also includes a detailed introduction to flying floats, skis, aerobatics, and classic airplanes. It probes some of aviation’s dirty little secrets, explodes myths, and presents the best, most succinct guide to flying tailwheel airplanes ever written.

The Thinking Pilot's Flight Manual. Aviation Gifts
The Thinking Pilot’s Flight Manual
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7. The Pilot’s Pen Night Writer

Multi-function pen that is useful for them. This pen writes smoothly with the LED lighted tip in the cockpit at night when the light is scarce. It is designed for use in a low light condition, this pen allows users to see where you write when it is dark.

The Pilot's Pen Night Writer Gifts for Pilots
The Pilot’s Pen Night Writer
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8. Pilot Quote T-Shirt 

You can also get this shirt with a famous aviation quote that reads “For most people the sky is the limit. For a pilot the sky is home”. A definitely true statement for the people who love flying. T-shirts are fun pilot gifts that don’t cost much.

Pilot Quote Shirt Gifts for Pilots
Pilot Quote T-Shirt
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9. Best Pilot of The Year Newspaper Style Mug

When your pilot is really good at flying, he deserves to get this mug.

Best Pilot of The Year Newspaper Style Mug
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10. Airplane and Wing Necklace

A stunning necklace for her who loves flying. Features a sterling silver chain with airplane charm, angel wing charm, and a shiny crystal. It looks chic and sweet. This necklace makes one of the best gifts for female pilots.

Airplane and Wing Necklace For Female Pilots Gifts for Pilots
Airplane and Wing Necklace
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11. Aviation Clusters Pint Set

Make the next drinking session extra fun with this set of four-pint glass with an awesome graphic of flight instruments. It comes with matching coasters, these glasses are beautifully illustrated and sure to become a conversation starter. These glasses are excellent retirement gifts for retiring pilots.

Aviation Clusters Pint Set Gifts for Pilots
Aviation Clusters Pint Set
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12. Jet Paperclips

These paperclips are the best cheap gifts for aviation lovers. Jet shaped paper clips in assorted colors of blue, turquoise, white, and black.

Airplane Paperclips Gifts for Pilots
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13. Godinger Airplane Marble Board with Knife

Gorgeous marble board with a cheese knife for any aviation enthusiast. Featuring a graceful design, this set features handles formed by airplanes in flight and is an upgrade to first class for any kitchen.

Godinger Airplane Marble Board with Knife Pilot Gifts
Godinger Airplane Marble Board with Knife
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14. Hugg-A-Planet Earth Pillow

Is flying around the globe is his/ her dream? Get this globe pillow to inspire. Features 600 up-to-date location labels. It is well made, soft, and colorful.

Hugg-A-Planet Earth Pillow Gift for Pilots
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15. Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

A pair of good quality sunglasses makes a wonderful gift for aviators. This pair of gold and gray sunglasses by Randolph is an excellent choice. Polarized UV protection lens, sturdy metal frame, sleek style. Fits perfectly for any aviators.

Randolph Aviator Polarized Sunglasses Pilot Gift Idea
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16. Airplane Rides Tin Sign

Aviation decor suitable for any room, office, home, garage, and men cave. We love its rusty appearance and distressed color. It will fill your room with an extra cool, retro feel.

Airplane Rides Tin Sign Gifts for Pilots
Airplane Rides Tin Sign
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17. Flight: The Complete History

A very good book on the history of flight from the early pioneers to the latest spaceflight technology. Produced in association with the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum, this book includes the histories and archival image traces the history of flight.

From record-breaking flights and aerial warfare to advances in aircraft design and the race for space, Flight covers the most memorable moments in the history of aviation. Describing the feats of the brave men and women who piloted the early flying machines, to the pioneers of long-distance flight and the test pilots who ushered in the jet age, Flight is a gripping narrative of humankind’s quest to conquer the skies and explore space.

Flight: The Complete History Gifts for Pilots
A Book For All Aviation Lovers
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18. Paper Plane Pushpins

Love looking at planes all the time? Why not get this set of six paper plane pushpins to liven up the workspace. It is an inexpensive gift for pilots. Assign these little white jets to take control of your to-do list and piles of notes. They are made of metal and are sturdy enough to stand strong on the bulletin board.

Paper Plane Pushpins Gift for Pilots
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19. Aviation Mug

Funny gift for pilots. This mug features an eye-catching design with a hilarious statement. It warns people off from the off-duty pilots. It reads “Cranky When Not Flying! If this person is not at any flight controls, back away slowly and find someone else to annoy”.

Aviation Mug Gifts Pilots
Aviation Coffee Mug
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20. Aircraft Assembly Model Kit

Wooden aircraft model kit that is easy to assemble. It comes complete with all pieces pre-cut and easy to follow instructions. It is fun to put together looks handsome on the desk.

Aircraft Assembly Model Kit for Aviation Fans
Aircraft Model Kit
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What Are Your Favorite Pilot Gifts?

Which of the gift ideas above is your favorite? Did you find anything suitable for your pilot friend? Do you have even greater ideas than what we have here? Let us know!

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