There’s no reason why your cat should be left out from the fun of un-stuffing a Christmas stocking. If that is what you’re planning to do, your cat’s secret plan to get rid of you by tripping you over has just been resumed. Jokes aside, it’s fun to shop for your cats. As a cat lady myself, there’s no greater joy in seeing my cat’s excitement as he plays with his new stuff and starts to purr. In this guide to pet stocking stuffers (cat edition), you will find unique ideas that many cats will love. As no cats are exactly identical, be sure to check out the full list of stocking stuffer ideas below. But first, please look at my cat.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank my cat Chester for making an appearance in the cover image above. He was also previously featured in my review for the Eternity Rose.

Stocking Stuffers for Cats

Let’s face it, some cats will never let you hug them no matter how hard you try, but at least you can make them feel happy with these little things. Love is about giving, am I right? Let’s get started already, your cat is impatiently wagging her tail.

Oh, be sure to get a really big stocking for another purpose — your cat might want to hide in the stocking and be a stocking stuffer itself. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these stocking stuffers for cats.

1. Simulation Fish Plush Toy

Fish are typically placed very close to the top on a cat’s list of favorite things. Not my cat though, he doesn’t enjoy eating fish very much. But don’t worry if your cat has similar eating behavior because the pair of fish below is actually plush toys in disguise. Scallion and ginger included — such a steal. These toys are bite friendly and are drowned in the catnip aroma. If your cat is one of those cats that respond positively to catnip this toy set will be a guaranteed hit and you can stop reading now because you have found the purr-fect stuff.

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2. Shark Pet House

As cat lovers and owners, I’m sure you are familiar with how cats operate. They eat, they play, and they hunt. Most of the time though, they laze around and they nap. When these little feline creatures rest, they prefer a tight space that makes them feel secure. You don’t normally think of the mouth of a shark to be a safe place, but in this case, it is! This shark is the perfect safe house for the cats during the cold months. Its adorable shark exterior is perfect for taking photos with your cats. Inside the shark is a warm and soft bed your cat will love. The bed is removable and washable.

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3. Red Heart Yarn Ball

Some cats love to play with yarn balls. Yarn balls are easy to DIY, all you need is some yarn. Your cat probably won’t be needing the whole thing, so you can use the rest of the yarn for knitting or other craft projects that use yarn.

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4. Easyology Cat Toys Interactive Pizza

These adorable feline creatures don’t always do things according to human logic. You can buy the biggest, grandest cat condo for them, but they’ll probably prefer the greasy pizza box. While we can’t help with the greasy part, we can get them a pizza box that has a pizza bed in it that is also an interactive toy, that’s quite a mouthful.

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5. PAWZ Road Cat Sleeping Bag Self-Warming Kitty Sack

There’s something magical about cats and the color pink. This gorgeous self-warming kitty sack keeps your cat warm and provides the perfect hideout for him. The sack has a pair of cat ears and a tail. It is made of velvet material that is soft to the touch. Note that the entrance to the sack doesn’t stay open like it is shown in the picture below, which makes it an even better hiding spot for the cats. It is available in beige, brown, gray, and pink (shown below).

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6. PET SHOW Interactive Catnip Cat Toys Ball

Cats are obsessed with ball-shaped things that can roll around easily. Many of them are born excellent soccer players. Another thing that can excite them is feathers, perhaps a trait inherited from their bird-hunting ancestors. These simple toys combine some of the things that a cat love: ball shape, feather, catnip, and bright colors.

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7. Lorde Cat Bowl

Upgrade her food or water bowl. These bowls don’t just excel in the looks department. Yes, their pastel colors and cat ears are attractive and could be compelling reasons why you should buy them, but they are so much more. They are made from melamine which is approved by the FDA and is non-toxic. You can wash them by hand or in a dishwasher. They are anti-slipping. The bottom of the bowl is silicone feet that prevent the bowl from moving around.

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8. BALLMIE Cat Toys Cherry Tomatoes

Your cat will love these little cherry tomatoes. Have you seen the curious looks on their faces when you put a cherry tomato in your mouth? Now they can get their own cherry tomatoes to sniff at, kick around, and bite on. And yes, these little tomatoes are catnip toys.

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9. Pettsie Cat Collar

I never thought that it’d be possible to find a sentimental gift for cats. That is until I found this series of pet collars by Pettsie. This company produces cat and dog collars that have sentimental value. While the design of their collars is appealing (with unique pattern and clever use of wood), what makes the product stands apart is the matching bracelet for the pet owner. To be honest that got me sold instantly. To wear matching jewelry with your cat is the sweetest thing a cat owner can experience. If you have a cat lover friend, consider getting this for his or her birthday — they will love you for this, seriously!

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10. Sojos Certified Organic Catnip

Personally, the organic label isn’t that important to me when shopping for catnip. What I really like about the Sojos catnip is that it provides brand recognition and gives you additional information about how it’s harvested (by hand) and where it was grown (in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State). Compared to a pack of what looks like dried herbs from an unknown source, this beautiful well-packaged product from Sojos gives cat lovers the ease of mind that it will be safe for their cat masters to enjoy.

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11. Kitty City Pop-up Cat Cube

Pop-up cat cube. Portable cat hiding spot with funny graphic on the outside, show the inner ambition of your little feline creature: the king of beasts. The cube is storing friendly thanks to its foldability. Its lightweight material is also easy to clean which is a must if your cat has furball (as most cats do) or bladder problem. Other than that, this item is also budget-friendly which means you can make use of your underutilized budget to get other fun toys for your kitty.

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12. Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash Heated Cat Bed

A heated cat bed. A cat magnet during the cold months. Meant for indoor use. This cat bed will warm up to your cat’s body temp. It’s comfortable and has various sizes available for you (and your cat) to choose from. Not recommended for cats who have the tendency to bite wires. It does need a nearby wall outlet. This won’t exactly fit into a Christmas stocking (unless it’s huge) but I think it’s a pretty cool bed and that your cat will most definitely love it.

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So what do you think of these ideas? Did you find anything fun for your cats? Do you think you have a better idea? Share with us on Pinterest. You can find me on Pinterest here.

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