Celebrate your 1st Valentine’s Day by surprising your girlfriend with a gift that she really love. If you are wondering what to get your girlfriend for the first Valentine’s Day, browse through our gift guide below to get some inspo. Featuring more than twenty romantic gifts that women actually want. From small and simple gifts, to something sweet and romantic, or some luxury items to pamper her, these gifts are perfect for new girlfriend, partner in new relationship, or couples who have just started dating.


1st Valentine's Day Gifts for Her
Best Gifts to Celebrate 1st Valentine’s Day

First Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

1. Romantic Picture Frame

Feel no pressure when it comes to celebrating your first Valentine’s Day as a couple. Get her a thoughtful gift that she will cherish. Show that you care, look through your photo gallery and print out your favorite photo from a memorable day. Insert it in this wooden picture frame and make it a meaningful decoration for her room.

Couple Photo Frame for Girlfriend
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2. Handmade Beaded Heart Earrings

❤️ is the theme of Valentine’s Day. You won’t go wrong by getting your girlfriend a pair of pretty heart-shaped earrings to celebrate your 1st Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day Heart Earrings
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3. Heart Print Satin Pajama Set

Gift with a dash of romance will make your girlfriend smile. She will love this lovely pink sleepwear that feel silky soft on the skin. And, the cute little hearts will wrap her in love for many more nights to come.

Pajamas for women
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4. Sushi Making Set for Two

What about a sushi night to celebrate the holiday? Make it an experience that both of you can enjoy. Sushi making is definitely a fun activity to do when you just started dating.

Sushi Making Kit
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5. Astrology Zodiac Sign Mug

Give your significant other a personalized Valentine’s Day gift in the form of a beautiful mug with her star sign. She can now show off the good qualities of her sign.

Sagittarius Zodiac Traits Mug
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6. Date Deck

Be sure to get a romantic gift to celebrate your 1st Valentine’s Day. Date Deck cards are perfect for couples in new relationship. Turn date night into a game, play the question prompt cards, and have fun discovering your other half. This card pack is travel-sized. You can bring it anywhere to level up your conversations to have deeper connection.

Date Deck (First Valentines Day gifts)
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7. Engraved Moon Lamp

It is the first time you are spending Valentine’s Day together, get something sentimental to express how much you care. The romantic message engraved on this 3D moon lamp will surely touch her heart. It’s a nice lamp to create a romantic atmosphere in her room.

Moon Lamp | New Girlfriend Gift
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8. Himalayan Glow Heart Salt Lamp

More ❤️ to celebrate Valentine’s Day for the first time together as a couple. This natural Himalayan rock salt lamp emits relaxing amber glow. It will fill your partner’s room with extra warmth and love.

Pink Salt Lamp
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9. Jadyn Luna Travel Duffel Bag

Travelling with your partner has positive impacts on your relationship. It helps you tp open up to new experiences, spend quality time together, and build deeper connection to each other. So, why not get a stylish weekender bag to encourage her to join you for a fancy vacation?

Floral Weekender Duffel
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10. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

No matter how long, or should we say how new you are in this relationship, we are sure you want to spend more time with your SO. Don’t hold back, ask her out, and create more beautiful moments. She will have fun capturing down your new adventure with this easy-to-use instant camera. Just snap, shoot, and instantly print out photos to keep the moments alive.

Instax 11
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11. Our Adventure Book Scrapbook Photo Album

This is the first Valentine’s Day you are celebrating with your new girlfriend. Get this memory book to record the special moments. And, there are more holidays you are going to celebrate with her, so this book will be really useful to write down all your adventures together.

Adventure Book for couples | First Valentines Day gifts for new girlfriend
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12. Love You Most The End I Win Travel Mug Tumbler

She could use this tumbler to drink her favorite coffee every morning. It will keep her reminded of your love.

Love Quote Tumbler
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12. Kendra Scott Ari Heart Bracelet

For the first Valentine’s Day, you can also get this sweet heart bracelet by Kendra Scott. We love its dainty style, asymmetrical heart design, and lovely pink color.

Romantic Heart Bracelet
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13. The Couples Bucket List Book

With this book, you can up your date games and never run out of date plans again. It is filled with more than a hundred of date night ideas and activities to take your relationship a step further.

Bucket list book for couples
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14. Couples Gifts Cute Keychain

When it comes to gifting in a new relationship, it’s best to stick to something sweet without being too extravagant. This inexpensive and cute matching keychain set is great for new couples celebrating their first Valentine’s Day.

Cat Couple Keychains
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15. Big Heart Pullover Sweater

When you are thinking what to get for girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. Add a big ❤️to her wardrobe, this knit sweater will be her new favorite.

Valentines Day Outfit Heart Sweater
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16. Birth Flower Tote Bag

17. All My Love for You Couple Glass Set

Make your first Valentine’s Day an extra special day even when you are far apart. This set of couple drinking glasses is a perfect gift for long distance girlfriend. One for her and one for yourself. With every sip, you’ll be reminded of each other’s love.

Glass set for couple
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18. Personalized Name Logo Necklace

Be sure to get something special to celebrate your 1st Valentine’s Day. This handmade necklace will definitely impress her. It is crafted in minimalist style for women to rock their name in style. Each of the necklaces are designed to reflect the wearer’s individuality and it resonates with personal meaning.

Personalized Necklace
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19. Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask

Help her to unwind after a long day. Self-care items are must-haves for women. This eye pillow contours to your face. It applies gentle pressure to calms overactive minds, soothe headaches, and help you fall asleep faster.

Sleep Mask
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20. Stress & Anxiety Relief Intention Candle

Give her room a calming scent with the help of this candle. It is made with metaphysical crystals, herbs, and aromas to bring Zen feeling.

Scented Candle
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21. Flower Bouquet Building Sets

Flowers represent love and compassion. It is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift for the person that you love. DIY your own flower bouquet this holiday. These building block flowers never fade and they can serve as a symbol of your love long after Valentine’s Day.

Flower Bricks
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